Play “Will It Recoup?” and you can win $500!

It’s back!!!

After a three year hiatus, we have revived my Broadway fantasy game “Will It Recoup?” just in time for the spring season.

What you say?  You don’t know what “Will It Recoup?” is?  Allow me to explain.

There are six limited run Broadway plays opening this spring.  Those shows are:

Fish in the Dark
The Audience
The Heidi Chronicles
Wolf Hall, Parts 1 and 2
Living on Love

You’re gonna imagine you’re a Broadway Investor with an option to invest in them all.  And then you’re going to decide which shows, oh savvy virtual Broadway Investor, have the best shot of getting your money back.

In other words, you’re going to decide which ones you think will recoup.

Get it?  Good!

And get this!  The winner of this year’s “Will It Recoup?” will win $500 (!) in the form of a Telecharge Gift Card (theater tickets can’t be expensive when they are free!).

Here’s how to enter, and a few rules and regs:

  • Click the link below, which will take you to the entry form, where you’ll select your “recoupers.”
  • Make sure you fill out the entire entry form, including the tiebreakers.
  • IMPORTANT:  To be eligible to win the $500 smackerooos, you must be a subscriber to the blog.  Click here to subscribe if you are not already a subscriber.  (Make sure the email address you enter on your entry form matches the email address you use to subscribe – it’s how we validate your entry.)
  • Only ONE entry per email address, and per household.  If you enter more than once, ALL of your entries will be disqualified.  Don’t even try!
  • The deadline for entries is Sunday, February 15th at 11:59 PM.
  • The winner will be announced when the last show on the list closes (or announces recoupment).

Got all that?

If so, then you’re ready to enter “Will It Recoup?”

Click here to enter!

And click here to share this contest with your friends via email, Facebook and good ol’ Twitter!  (Add links)

A big time tip – when you’re making your picks, really imagine you’re playing with real cash.  This is as close to Broadway Investing as you can get without writing a check, so choose wisely, my friends.

And good luck!!!



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