Podcast Episode 6 – Michael Riedel

If you don’t know Michael Riedel and his twice weekly gossip column in the NY Post, well, you’re going to be hooked now.  Every Wednesday and Friday, the entire biz scoops up the Post just to read his scoopy column, where he breaks news, busts chops, and builds careers . . . all in a couple hundred words or less.

But there’s a lot about Michael that you may not know, which is why I sat down with the writer for Episode 6 of my podcast.  And over a 45 minute chat, Michael talked about:

  • Why he never wanted to be a reviewer.
  • What it was like having Arthur Miller work for him.
  • Where he gets his gossip.

And more!

Click the link above to listen,  listen to it on iTunes here (And give me a rating, while you’re there!), read the transcript here, or download it here.


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