Podcast Episode #7 – All about The Roundabout with Artistic Director, Todd Haimes.

Everyone on the commercial side of the industry thinks the non-profits have it so easy.  They can take donations, stars will work for scale, and so on.  I had a feeling there was another side to this story, which is why for Episode #7, I went to the King of all Non-Profits, Mr. Todd Haimes, the Artistic Director of arguably one of the most powerful non-profit theaters in the world, the Roundabout Theatre Company.

How did it get to the top o’ the heap?

Two words.

Todd Haimes.

It was under Todd’s leadership that the theater emerged from bankruptcy, acquired three (!) Broadway houses, and expanded its mission to produce classic musicals which eventually yielded productions like Cabaret with Alan Cumming.

So how did this all happen?  You’ll find out on this week’s podcast, where Todd tells me . . .

  • Why he’s an Artistic Director that doesn’t direct.
  • The three seminal moments that made Roundabout what it is today.
  • How Roundabout almost went bust . . . more than once, and how his gut turned it around.
  • Why never having a “master plan” was the best plan anyone could ever make.
  • Why he hates premium pricing.

After listening to this podcast, you’ll not only realize how challenging it is running a non-pro in this city, but you’ll also realize how lucky the Roundabout is . . . and how lucky the theater is . . . to have Todd in charge.

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  • David Merrick Jr says:

    Keep these great podcasts coming!!

  • Walt Frasier says:

    I am not sure whose Idea it was at ROUNDABOUT for Kristin Chenoweth to star in ON THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, but that person was a genius. I have never loved her so much on stage as in that production. I might never have given it the chance had I not received some crew discount tickets from a friend. But definitely one of my favorite productions in years – NEW or RENEWED!!!

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