The Sunday Giveaway: A party of TEN to That Bachelorette Show!

I bet you didn’t even know about That Bachelorette Show, did you?

And I bet you didn’t even know I was producing it.

As you probably do know, I created and produced one of Off Broadway’s longest running interactive shows, The Awesome 80s Prom.  Well, after a 10+ year run (!), the 80s are over, kiddos.  The Prom moonwalked through its last show last night.

One of the things I learned in the past decade is that there is always a market for an interactive show that allows the fun, party atmosphere that the Prom had, that Tony n’ Tina’s had, that The Donkey Show had, etc.  Especially with the growing audience of Girls’ Nights Out, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties and the like.

And as a business guy, I know that if you find a market that loves a product that you produce, you should also find a second similar product that they love as well when the first loses its luster, and then a third and a fourth, and so on.

People have been after me to create a 2nd show like the Prom for years, but I just couldn’t come up with the idea (if I only had a dollar for every time someone said The Awesome 90s Prom, I’d be able to buy the 90s).

And then, I was listening to the radio in the shower one morning, and the lady DJs (and we all know it’s the ladies that buy the tickets to a show like this) couldn’t stop talking about the last episode of The Bachelorette.  And bam – I couldn’t believe it had taken me so long to come up with the idea . . .

What if I created a spoof of all the romance reality shows out there?  Take The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire?Average Joe (remember that nugget?), and so forth . . . and throw ’em all in my parody blender, and spoof them like they deserve to be spoofed.

And thus, That Bachelorette Show was born.

That Bachelorette Show is the story of Adriana Orlando, a part time dental hygienist and part time Zumba instructor from Long Island, who after an eight year relationship, just broke up with her high school sweetheart, Giovanni Giovanni (yep – so Italian they named him twice).  So Adriana has put her heart in the hands of That Bachelorette Show, which serves up 10 of the most eligible stereotypes on the planet, from the Wall Street Guy to the Air Force Pilot, the Heart Surgeon to the Farmer.   And the big twist is . . . Adriana doesn’t get to pick her groom . . . you do (and yeah, it’s a Ken D. show so you can sure as heck bet that the voting is gonna be done with your smartphone).

The show starts performances on March 21st and you can learn more (and see the really fun artwork) here.

Fun, right?  Silly, yes.  But it takes a pop culture topic that everyone is still talking about, add comedy, dancing (and yep, a few drinks) . . . and bam, a show is born.

And since shows like these are better in groups, I’m not giving away one or two tickets, but a whole pack of ten!

So let’s get ready to paaaaaaaartay!

Here’s how to win the $500 worth of tickets.

Admit it.  You’ve watched at least one episode of these romance reality shows, right?  The Bachelorette?  Beauty and the Geek?  Boy Meets Boy?  Comment below with one of your favorite moments of a romance reality show (or any reality show) and you could win 10 tickets to see my brand new, shower-inspired show!

Good luck!


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    – Juan Carlos

  • Margie Goldsmith says:

    I watch very few romance/reality shows, but my most favorite moment EVER for any of those shows was last week’s spoof on SNL in which all the women trying to win “the bachelor” kept coming up while another woman was having her few minutes with him and each would very politely say, May I have a minute, please?” It was truly hysterical.

  • Teri H says:

    “Married at First Sight” When Jamie first met Doug and was upset because he wasn’t her type but married him anyway.

  • Lana says:

    The funniest scene on “The Bachrlor” was when one of the girls seemed to have a fake panic attack.

  • Karl P says:

    I loved it when Juan Pablo blew off getting engaged at the end of his season. At least he was honest, unlike some of these guys who are just there to get into show business!

  • Brian says:

    It’s not a dating or relationship show but the gay couples on The Amazing Race are usually the strongest contenders. When Reichen and Chip won is my favorite moment. That they had broken up by the time they collected the winnings gave new meaning to reality.

  • Randy says:

    My favorite moment was on “Temptation Island.”

    When a woman who had absolutely no self-worth because her boyfriend was constantly diminishing her and devaluing her with snide comments and putdowns, she decided that with the support of the guys she was “tempted” by, she dumped him. Live. On national tv.

    And what does he do? He showed what a class act he was by throwing something and walking off the show.

  • Gina says:

    I was just talking about my favorite bachelorette, Trista, the original, who married Ryan on season 1 of The Bachelorette. I googled and was happy to see they are still married and have 2 kids. Probably the only couple from one of these shows that got married and have stayed married!

  • Lisa W. says:

    My favorite Bachelor moment had to be when the Bachelor – Jason Mesnick took back his proposal to Melissa Rycroft, at the after-the-rose show, and ended up marrying his “2nd choice”, Molly.

    They had already discussed it before hand, but Melissa made like it was a shock and surprise to her. Then married her hometown boyfriend, like 6 months later…..true soap opera manipulation at its best.

  • consuelo carpenter says:

    The best reality show moment was on the Bachelor when a contestant said her ovaries are drying up and she needs a rose

  • Rachel says:

    There was a fantastic moment on the first or second season of Beauty and the Geek: they were down to the final two couples, and one of the “geeks” threw the race because he didn’t want the “beauty” he was paired with to win – he felt she hadn’t actually learned the lessons of the show.

  • Rachel says:

    Follow up to the above: I did two minutes of digging on the crazy world wide web and it turns out, that “geek” was Nate Dern, and he is now the artistic director of UCB in NYC – crazy!

  • Sue says:

    My favorite moment has been any time I have watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette with my daughter. She loves these shows, and it’s a blast to comment with her on all the silliness! I will bring her and all of her tweeting friends to your show, Ken, if I win.

  • Cheryl Duch says:

    One of the most entertaining moments was when Bret Michaels chats with the old boyfriends to get some background on his Rock Of Love girls.

  • Alexa Bishop says:

    I used to be a Big Brother fan, and there was this really evil Dr. Will who basically told everyone he was going to back-stab them, and then when he did they were still surprised. I liked how honest and brutal he was!

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