The Sunday Giveaway: Two Tickets to see a Valentine’s Day concert at the NY Philharmonic!

If you’re in a relationship, then I hope you’ve realized that good ol’ V-Day is just around the corner.

What have you got planned?

Sure, a dinner is great, flowers are great, and chocolates are . . . well chocolates may no longer be politically correct in today’s sugar-free, gluten-free, taste-free world.

What is never out-of-flavor is live entertainment . . . and more specifically two sumptuous singers and a live massively-sized orchestra like, say, the NY Philharmonic.

And if you haven’t figured out what your doing on St. Cupid’s day, then this is the giveaway for you.  Because I’ve got two tickets to the Valentine’s Day concert of the NY Phil featuring none other than Cinderella and her Prince, Laura Osnes (fresh off my workshop of Somewhere in Time) and Santino Fontana, and I’m giving ’em away!

So what do you have to do to win this giveaway dripping with romance?

Tell me about your best Valentine’s Day ever.  Maybe it was in 1st grade when Jenny Fox said she liked you (yep, that was mine) or maybe it was your first V-Day as a married couple (my new one) . . . but whatever or whenever it was, tell us all about it in the comments below and one of you will win the tickets!

Good luck!


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  • Sarah P. says:

    Hmm, okay, this contest discriminates against those of us who are perpetually single and have never actually managed to have an amazing *romantic* Valentine’s Day, lol…I got nothin. The one time I was coupled during V-Day, it was a long-distance relationship and we couldn’t spend it together…but he did send me flowers and really cute gifts at least, so there’s that? 🙂 Anyway, I try to remember that a day celebrating love in ALL its forms is of course a beautiful thing…and even those of us who just have friends and family to love deserve to take those people out on special “dates” too!

  • Robb Johnston says:

    Mine was based on an adorable lie.

    First year out of college, but I was dating a woman who was still in school. I heard her best friend was to be dateless as she her boyfriend was a timezone away. so I plotted with her. I made it seem like work would keep me from being able to drive back to campus for the evening, so they planned to have a girls night out.

    So they got to the restaurant, and were taken to the table where I was waiting for them with flowers, etc. at which point the friend went upstairs for her actual dinner with other friends, and we had a nice romantic dinner together.

    (I also paid for her friend’s dinner for her help in my subterfuge)

  • Abby C. says:

    Last Valentine’s Day was perfect! Binging both House of Cards season 2 and Valentine’s Day candy with my main squeeze <3

  • Rebecca L says:

    My best Valentine’s day was hands down last year. I was desperately single at the hardest school in the world to find love at (NYU) and thought I was going to have to sit alone with Netflix and a box of chocolate I bought for myself. Instead, me and my best friend got each other Valentines gifts and wrote notes about what we loved about each other, then rushed a show. We managed to get rush tickets to Cinderella at 6:30 PM, and we’ve then since referred to the evening as our “Lovely Night.”

  • Laura says:

    I gave back an engagement ring on Valentine’s Day. Sigh.

  • The first year I (long-distance) dated my now-husband, he sent me what still is, without question, the most beautiful bowl of colorful roses for Valentine’s Day. I never receive flowers, and it was one of the sweetest surprises he ever gave me, cliche though it was. What can I say, once a romantic, always a romantic.

  • Chris G. says:

    I am looking forward to this Valentine’s day, our first in New York! Philharmonic tickets would make it perfection

  • Grant M says:

    I spent last Valentine’s Day at the The McKittrick Hotel with a girl that I had been collaborating with on another production. Tickets had long been sold-out (or wickedly overpriced), so we used our knowledge of who the producers of Sleep No More were to sweet-talk the bouncers to sneak us in the back way to the show, where they ended up giving us a handler and made sure we were able to see all the best parts of the show. Having someone hover killed the romance a bit, but the production was so wonderful that we ended up immediately scheduling another date and, 3 months later, we moved in together. Now we live together and collaborate on a whole host of productions – all because we knew some obscure theatre trivia.

  • Mark Rubinsky says:

    Easy. Last Valentine’s Day my colleagues and I produced our own out of town tryout at the Tarrytown Music Hall of our show “They Called It Rock”. Despite a blizzard the day before, we filled the theater, received an enthusiastic standing ovation and gained new and important insights into the show. It was easily the best Valentine’s Day ever- with the best creators and collaborators in the world.

  • Tess Nielsen says:

    My husband (who is a closet romantic) is a big fan of random, sporadic road trips. I am not. I am a planner (a producer mindset). But I try to have fun and go with the flow when he says “come on, let’s just go for a car ride in the country.” One Valentine’s weekend, we ventured to Lancaster County PA, found the most delightful bier halle, and then spent the night at a country farm turned B&B. With Scary Doll collection and candlelight in the bedroom. So romantic!

  • Eric W says:

    Last year my boyfriend got me an amazing book that he wrapped in incredible home-made wrapping paper made out of a playbill from a show we saw together!

  • Sarah SAfford says:

    My first year as a teacher in middle school I loved showing all the girls and boys in my class how to sew by having them make heart shaped velvet pin cushions for Valentines.

  • Lydia Lilli says:

    When I was 10 years old, my mom gave me a ventriloquist dummy she purchased at FAO SCHWARTZ toy store because I had told her that I wished I had a Valentines Day boyfriend. So she bought me my very own boyfriend— a Charlie McCarthy dummy.

  • Alexa B. says:

    9th grade, had just gotten my first “real” boyfriend a week before, and he had a HUGE teddy bear delivered to my 1st period class. AMAZING

  • Had 33 Valentine Days with my husband Jerry. The most wonderful Valentine
    gifts we ever had was the births of our sons Jake in 1986 and Jon is 1992.
    A Valentine Day Concert like that would be a wonderful night out for two who
    have been together this long…..LOVE to get this one

  • Katie K says:

    When I was in college, my then-boyfriend figured out a formula for the poem “how do I love these? let me count the ways” to tell me how many ways he loved. We’re still friends to this day and agree that it’s still the best Valentine’s present either of us has ever seen.

  • Sean S says:

    Nothing beats going to see the Broadway revival of A Little Night Music Valentines weekend 2010. Sexy, romantic, and the thrill of watching Sondheim and Wheeler’s work on Broadway.

  • ECP says:

    First VDay as a father-to-be. Made me think about–or rethink?–LOVE and boldly going where this man had never gone before.

  • Ian Wehrle says:

    Feb 4th 2007, anonymous, lace trimmed, scented hand made card sent to lost love found through Facebook to be living in London (I was in New York). Message: “An old friend would like your company on the 14th. Look outside your door that morning for more information.” Ten days and 2,000 miles later at 10am in London a vase of flowers sits in front of her door with a note that reading, “A reservation has been made for two at the Pigalle club for 8pm, if you are to be expected, leave one flower behind on your stoop.”

    10 hours and several nervous cocktails later, a delighted and beguiled, blushing and beautiful young couple reconnect after 5 years of separation. The rest is history.


  • Cheryl Dzubak says:

    Boo-hoo. Alas, I cannot say that I have had a very special Valentine’s Day memory. Unfortunately.

  • Christina says:

    He went to all my favorite coffee shops and restaurants and took home my favorite dessert from each! ~<3

  • Lynn says:

    when i was living in Atlanta – a boyfriend said where do you want to go
    Miami or DC for the weekend? (not sure why those were the 2 choices) but i said Miami of course. And we spent 3 days in Miami – stayed at a B & B and went salsa dancing…was really great 🙂

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