Who won the tickets to The Avengers Exhibit in Times Square?

Imagine a group of Broadway Avengers!

The ability to belt to a high C!  To do a triple time step while performing on a raked stage and rapping a Lin-Manuel Miranda tune!  To produce musicals that recoup 100% of the time!

Broadway Powers Activate!

If only . . .

Alas, alack, superpowers don’t grow on trees, so we’re going to have to go back to just working our way to success.

In the meantime, Joshua Desjardins, come on down!  You won the tickets to see The Avengers in Times Square! Email me to get your tickets!

Oh, and for the rest of you . . . if you can’t have a superpower, maybe you could write about people who do.  Because there always seems to be a market for that.  🙂


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– 2 more days to enter Will It Recoup? for a chance to win $500 of Broadway Theater Tickets!  Click here.

– This week on the Podcast:  Broadway gossip columnist Michael Riedel from the NY Post.  Listen here.


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