Who won the Valentine’s Day tickets to the Philharmonic?

Ahhh, love.  It’s the stuff that musicals are made of.  (Here’s a tip – every focus group I do about new musicals always ends with the participants wanting to know more about the love story – so make sure it exists in your show and make sure it’s also part of the marketing.)

And there’s a musical or two in the stories you submitted for this week’s contest about your best/worst V-Day.  (Read ’em here.)

But someone and his significant other is going to have a super sweet Valentine’s Day this year, and that person is . . .

Chris G!

Congrats, Chris . . . you won the tickets to the NY Phil Valentine’s Day concert with Laura Osnes and Santino Fontana!

Email me to set up your sexy night.

And the rest of you . . . have a great V-Day this year.  Spend it with someone you love.  And if you don’t have “someone,” remember the phrase “significant other” gets misinterpreted all the time.  A S.O. can be a friend, a parent, or a puppy.  So figure out yours and have a beautiful day/night, whatever you do.


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