Win $500 in the Second Annual Davenport Songwriting Contest!

Let’s face it . . . a good ol’ “you can do this,” and “your future starts today,” are great motivators to get creative people working.

But sometimes there’s nothing better than this cocktail of a combo for getting people to create:

  • A deadline
  • A performance opportunity in front of a live audience including cool industry peeps
  • Cold, hard cash

And that’s why we’re hosting the Second Annual Davenport Songwriting Contest!

See, I just love it when writers write something new.  Where there was nothing, then there is something. And when there is something, the possibilities are endless.  That was the theory behind starting this contest, and it went so well last year, we’re doing year #2.  Here’s how it works.

  1. You write a song.
  2. You submit that song.
  3. We pick 10 finalists.
  4. Those finalists (hopefully you) have those songs performed on the off Broadway stage of the Davenport Theatre.
  5. We pick one winner, who walks away with $500.

Pretty simple, right?

Well here are some extra tidbits.

This year, the judges of the competition will include:  Ross Weiner, from the writer’s department at the powerful Paradigm Agency, Tony Nominated Director/Choreographer Dan Knechtges, Abigail Katz, the Director of New Play Development at Atlantic Theater Company, and theatrical blogger and sometimes Broadway Producer . . . me.

Oh, and all songs must, must, must be submitted by March 22nd.   You’ve got 4 weeks!


If you attended the concert last year, then you know how fun and exciting it is.  New writers, new voices . . . the future of the theater in one room for one night only.

But that’s only true if you submit a tune.

So go ahead.  Write something new.  Who knows what could happen if you do?  But if you don’t?  Well, I guarantee what will happen.  Nothing.

Learn more about the contest here, and submit a song today!


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