The Most Popular Posts of the Month: February

Time for that monthly summary of what got your attention last month here at The Producer’s Perspective:

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It’s not who you know – it’s who knows you. And nobody does if you don’t get out and network.


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  • Anne Reeves says:

    Rock of Ages

  • Ron Emerick says:

    The two shows I’ve revisited in the theater most often in the past 40 years are A Chorus Line and Les Miserables, so I would definitely choose one of those recordings: either the original Chorus Line with Donna McKechnie or the British version of Les Miz with Patti Lupone playing Fantine.

  • Randy turner says:

    Scottboro Boys

  • As a collector of original Broadway play and Motion Picture musical soundtracks since the 1960s, the one album of songs that touches me most contains music that encompasses almost every dream, wish, aspiration, emotion and mindset that we experience in our lives. From the play or the film, FIDDLER ON THE ROOF gets my vote.

    As a side note, I continue to search for the original Les Baxter 1956 theme song recorded on only 1000 45rpm promotional records that were sent to radio station DJs to promote the horror film, THE BLACK SLEEP. This song, titled “The Black Sleep” had nothing to do with the film and it was removed as the title song from the film when it was released. The song and lyrics have haunted me ever since I heard it on the radio in ’56…

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