The nuts and bolts (and a few screws too) of a Broadway Budget.

Since I started blogging six years ago, I’ve received countless emails from folks around the world asking for information about Broadway budgets.

“Can I see one?”

“How much does scenery cost?”

“What the eff is a recoupment schedule and how do you calculate it?”

It was all these questions and the e-piles more that got me to hold my very first Webinar last October which I aptly named, Breakin’ Down A Broadway Budget.  And it was awesome.  I put together a PowerPoint, went through an actual Broadway budget line by line, and filled in the online and on-the-phone audience with my tips for coming in under budget.

And odds are . . . you missed it.

You did, didn’t you?   No, no, it’s ok.  My feelings weren’t hurt.  🙂

How do I know you missed it?

Because I’m still getting a ton of budget questions via email.

My first thought was to do another webinar, but there’s no way of knowing if you could make that one either.  And I want you to have this info, because there’s no doubt it’ll save you some money when you’re doing your own show, or when you’re investing in other shows.  (Budgets are the foundations of all businesses, including Broadway – so you better have a good one in place or . . . well, you know what will happen.)

So what I did was package up all the materials from the webinar, including actual Broadway budgets, and make them available to you now.

Click here to get the home study version of Breakin’ Down A Broadway Budget.

In the course you’ll get:

  • My detailed analysis of a Broadway Budget, with illustrations
  • An actual Broadway budget for you to follow along with (and consult with later)
  • My secret to why every show I’ve produced on has come in under budget
  • My email address, so you can ask me any follow up budget questions you have
  • And a few extra surprises I threw in for more

To learn more and to get the course, click here.


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  • Brian Allan Hobbs says:

    I’m fascinated by how a musical budget comes together. Mostly because I’ve run up against producers who don’t budget well and then don’t understand why things can’t get done with the money they have (or don’t). The biggest surprise is producers under-budgeting the music! Out here in the Provinces, you’d be amazed how often I’ve heard of producers asking a music director to music direct, vocal direct, hire and manage the orchestra, reduce and/or re-orchestrate the score (including prepping the parts), and play rehearsals and performances, then offer them $1,000.

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