The Sunday Giveaway: A signed copy of the Side Show cast album!

Thank goodness the business of recording cast albums is a heck of a lot more economical than producing Broadway shows.

Because if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have permanent “records” of seminal Broadway productions, including the rave-received recent revival of Side Show.  

But thankfully there is a unique biz model in the cast album system (especially in the DIY world we live in – I was able to do a cast album of my upcoming Gettin’ The Band Back Together so we’ll have something to sell on first preview when we open on Broadway).

And thankfully, for you guys, I’ve got a free copy of Side Show to give away this week, which happens to be graffiti-ed with the signatures of the Broadway cast including Erin Davie, Emily Padgett, Ryan Silverman and more.  Can you say collector’s item?

You’re gonna want this album – there’s a reason why it hit #1 on Amazon.

So here’s how you get it for free.

Gosh, I love my cast album collection.  I’ve still got hundreds of CDs . . . and maybe a few cassettes somewhere too.  But what if, what if I was trapped on a desert island . . . and what if I had only one cast album with me?  What would it be?

Once On This Island?

March of the Falsettos?

Or, yep, probably, The Complete Symphonic Recording of Les Miserables.

What cast album would you take with you?  Comment below with the one album you’d listen to if you only had one album to listen to for the rest of your life, and you could add to your collection with this free copy of Side Show.


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  • Rachel Weinberg says:

    The 1998 Cabaret cast recording!

  • Allison DeLuca says:

    I would probably bring the Book of Mormon cast album because it would definitely lift my spirits and make me laugh! Plus I can work on learning every harmony in the show!

  • Kristin says:

    OBCR of A Little Night Music!

  • Kara says:

    Probably Next to Normal. I have so many favorites, it’s hard to pick just one, but something about that score just moves me like no other.

  • Joe says:

    Broadway cast recording of RENT.

  • The Original Broadway cast recording of Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince’s masterpiece SWEENEY TODD.

  • Ronald Padgett says:

    The broadway revival of Godspell

  • Sharron Stidfole says:

    Godspell 🙂

  • Jared says:

    This is like picking a favorite child! If push came to shove, I’d say the original cast recording of “Ragtime.”

    Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, and Marin Mazzie for the win!

  • Christopher Dougherty says:

    The Broadway cast recording of Hedwig and the Angry Inch with Neil Patrick Harris!

  • Nicky Sweetland says:

    I would currently bring the 1997 version of Sideshow starting Alice Ripley and Emily Skinner, but may be forced to change my mind if I heard the new one!

  • steve cates says:


  • Scott Francis says:

    The original cast of Sondheim’s FOLLIES.

  • Sarah P. says:

    Wow, this is pretty impossible, but I guess I’d say the (original London cast) Les Miz, because it’s nice and long so I’d at least have tons of songs to listen to the rest of my life 🙂 and they’re all glorious, iconic and moving!!

  • Darby P says:

    Funny Girl for the win!!!!!

  • Randi says:


  • Jen Sandler says:

    The original cast recording of The Music Man! Hearing Barbara Cook & Robert Preston’s beautiful voices would make any island better!

  • Rachael says:

    Next to Normal OBC Recording. I could listen to that every day on an island.

  • Aaron deitsch says:

    Spring Awakening

  • Nate says:

    Would have to be the original cast of Into The Woods. I’ve listened to it many many times and it never gets old.

  • Jacob Sanchez says:

    If I were stranded on a desert island, I would take the new Broadway cast recording of Follies. It is one of my favorite shows and an incredibly underrated piece of theatre. The original cast recording had so many cuts from the score and is one of the legendary must have albums. With today’s technology and the digital age, we were able to get the most complete recording of the show, including dialogue, which is an extreme benefit and advancement in today’s cast albums. 🙂

  • Brian says:

    Company – it’s one of the greatest scores ever written and if i were alone on a desert island it might be nice to hear that you can be just as lonely on an island (Manhattan) with millions of people around you.

  • Emilee says:

    The Last Five Years (original cast recording).

  • Geri W says:


  • Megan says:

    Next to Normal without a doubt. There’s such a wide range of music that there’s a song for being happy, depressed, pissed off and everything in between. Plus who can deny that that is one incredibly talented cast!!

  • Haley says:

    Gypsy-2008 Broadway Cast Recording. We always need a little Patti in our lives!

  • Anne Reeves says:

    Rock of Ages

  • Byron A says:

    The original cast recording of A Little Night Music. The cast was perfection, the score is glorious, and the show remains one of my all time favorites.

  • Wendy Heath says:

    “Company” with Raúl E. Esparza because I would want to keep reminding myself that the important thing is “Being Alive!!!”

  • Nathan Clift says:

    This is the hardest question I would ever have to respond to.

    I would have to say… The OCR of Children of Eden. The music is the best part of the show. Act 1 is sophisticated, simple, and then grows complex yet light. Act 2 is complex and edgy. In a way, it shows the troubles of being human.
    It’s not my favorite show, but it’s music that gets stuck in my head too often.

  • Claire says:

    The London concept cast recording of Chess.

  • Leslie R says:

    The OBC from Taboo- gimme a freak!

  • Kristin D. says:

    Definitely Next To Normal – I could never tire of listening to that recording!

  • Rafi Levavy says:

    You’re asking me to choose a favorite child, but I think I would choose Songs for a New World. (I might choose The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown if there was an actual cast album of that show, but I’m assuming the rules of the game are only existing cast recordings.)

  • Ed says:

    Funny Girl. You can’t go wrong with Streisand

  • Can I have two? A tie between Wicked & Legally Blonde. Both are inspiring in completely different ways!

  • Rachel says:

    Dogfight! If I’m trapped on a desert island I could sing a long to those songs for a long time:)

  • MichaelC says:

    The original cast album of “A Chrous Line”. I’ve worn out vinyl, cassette and CD copies of the album and always keep a new spare copy on CD just in case I lose my iPod.

  • Derek T Pickens says:

    No question, it would be William Finn’s A NEW BRAIN.

  • Tiffany says:

    Parade Cast album!!!!

  • The 2013 revival of Pippin. The voices, the orchestrations–everything about that recording is perfect.

  • Anthony says:

    Such a difficult question.

    Lately I am in total awe of Lin-Manuel Miranda. So until Hamilton comes out, I’ll go with In the Heights.

  • Qun says:

    The Book of Mormon. Funny, smart, and catchy tunes.

  • Brigadoon remains one of the most hauntingly beautiful and romantic scores ever. Who cares if the show runs two and a half hours?

  • Craig says:

    Sweeney Todd!

  • Natalia Orzel says:


    I would have to go with my original cast recording of HAIR. I’ve played it so many times that I’ve memorized where it skips!

  • Jessica says:

    A Chorus Line, because it was the very first Broadway show I ever went to.

  • Jared Goerke says:

    I think i’m gonna go with the original cast recording of On The Twentieth Century. That score does wonders when I am in a bad mood and just brightens my entire mood!

  • Megan S says:

    Next to Normal, hands down. Beautiful soundtrack.

  • Dan Kochanowicz says:

    No contest here–the OCR of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC. My first Sondheim cast recording. I had heard a few snippets of the score on a Carol Burnett Show musical tribute to Sondheim and begged my mom to pick up ALNM at Korvette’s. Listening to it on my sister’s stereo for the first time, it didn’t just open doors and windows for me–it cracked opened walls! My ideas of what a Broadway musical was had been changed forever!

  • Owen Leonard says:

    Definitely Once On This Island, it’s perfect for the island setting! I just love the storyline too!

  • Jenna Rich says:

    Definitely the Bridges of Madison County OBCR. I could listen to “It All Fades Away” on repeat forever.

  • Caroline McFee says:


  • Tom Hartman says:

    The original 70s cast of “Godspell”. Godspell was the first musical I ever saw. I was a freshman in high school and joined the drama club. One of the advisers would do a monthly theater outing for the club. It was in a college production at University of Detroit/Maryville. I cried from “On the Willows There” until two hours after I got home. It was the most moving experience of my life to that point. And it hooked me on the beauty, the joy, the pain, the power of musical theatre. While I loved the OBC of the revival, particularly Hunter Parrish’s “Beautiful City”, every note of the original is implanted in my brain and if stuck on a desert island, the original recording both for the music as it is playing and for the variety of memories attached to it — memories of the two people who were in the cast that I later worked with, of my peers who I attended the show with and of the adviser who took us who has since passed away, “Godspell” would endlessly fill my mind and heart with enough thoughts, memories and emotions that I could live in total isolation.

  • Jeryl M. says:

    Xanadu because I just love the music. When one reviewer said that Xanadu was a great musical based on a stupid movie with great songs, they were right.

  • Thomas Tschinkel says:

    Into the Woods-1987 original cast recording with Bernadette Peters & Joanna Gleason

  • Bryan Austermann says:

    I would be simply wrong to bring anything other than the OBCR of Wicked.

  • Luci Jo DeVoy says:

    Merrily We Roll Along…… I LOVE the 2011 recording, but the original has my heart.

  • Barbara Corey says:

    Sound of Music—I could listen to the CD forever.

  • Richard M says:

    The double disc concept album (yes that’s right the actual record/LP) of EVITA. Julie Covingtons vocals as Eva are exceptional and listening to it on record adds another dimension to the recording – you can’t beat the crackle/hiss from the record which goes so well with such a dramatic opening number. A shame this cast never made it on-stage. Goose-bumps now just typing this.

  • Jessie Kastenbaum says:

    The FUN HOME cast recording!

  • Dean S says:

    Definitely RAGTIME, the last great American musical of the 20th Century.

  • Maddie says:

    The OBC of Spring Awakening. It has the perfect song for every mood and feeling, and each of the characters reminds me of those I’ve known over the years since I first listened to it. It touches me in countless ways, and takes me out of the dark I know well. Getting over a guy? Watching a once important friendship deteriorate before my very eyes? Losing a loved one? Facing a tough decision?Spring Awakening was there, and I couldn’t bear to have it left behind!

  • Sharon Van Vechten says:

    Company OBCR. The entire score and ensemble of actors was incredible and the late great Elaine Stritch nailed the ennui, pathos and acerbic wit in every line of Ladies Who Lunch!.

  • Adam L. says:

    The Lion King Original Broadway Cast Recording

  • Matt Zwyer says:

    The OBC recording of Company, for both artistic and ironic reasons. The original is timeless, like I would be stuck alone. And how the meaning of “being alive” would suddenly ring even more true on so many levels. If you think about it, hasn’t Bobby already planted himself on a metaphorical desert island? How appropriate.

    Also, the real question I have…with what equipment can we play said recording? Record player? CD player? Anything at all? Because if all we have is the recording itself, then for sure Company–every note and lyric is planted in my memory banks.

  • Rocco Severini says:

    Les MIS of course! I mean I know “A little fall of rain” is when she’s dying and stuff but if you’re on a desert island, the idea of rain would be fantastic. “One day more” keeps you going so you never give up! But in all seriousness les Miserables is one of the best shows and albums I have ever heard.

  • Lauren says:

    It’s definitely “In the Heights” for me! A close second is the new Broadway cast recording of “Hair.”

  • I often lament having studied Spanish not French, particularly if I had done so I could better appreciate that sublime Belgian musical artist Jacques Brel in the original form. But alas, I did not. Thus must my mania for his work be sated by the English adaptations in ‘Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris’.



  • Ben says:

    The Parade Original Broadway Cast Recording. Some of my favorite show tunes of all time- “This is Not Over Yet” and “All The Wasted Time” on repeat and repeat!

  • Brian Pier says:

    Sweeney Todd

  • John Sweeney says:

    Easy: On the Twentietj Century……or Rags…..or Follies…..or…..damn it!

    Twentieth Century!

  • Chris L says:

    Ugh, I hate these. It’s Sophie’s Choice: how do you choose only one?

    I have to go with the original cast recording of The Music Man for lots of reasons, but mostly sentimental ones. It’s the first musical I remember seeing – Dad took me to a high school production (his co-worker’s daughter was a Pick-A-Little lady). Later, I had the opportunity to musically direct it at the New London Barn Playhouse, and hired Dad (a life-long barbershopper) to coach the quartet. I finally got to be in the show in Branson, MO, singing bass in the quartet. Dad wasn’t able to travel to see it, and he passed away a few years later, but the show has always been my connection to performing with my Dad.

  • Nicole says:


  • Bruce says:

    It would have to be No, No Nanette. Not just for the score, but also for the album cover artwork.

    As second choice would be the original Side Show.

  • James Mack says:

    The glorious “Bridges of Madison County. “. Each time I listen to it, I am amazed by the beautiful music and wonderful performances that, in a perfect world, should still be on display on Broadway –even though I’m stranded on a desert island.

  • Wend H says:

    Would love to take a recording of bare: the musical, but as it wasn’t ever released (to my knowledge) I would instead take the original version, BARE – A Pop Opera

  • Sunday in the Park with George. It constantly speaks to me in new ways as I age and grow as an artist.

  • Michael M says:

    There’s no OCR of Cry-Baby, although I know it would rate high on my list but since I saw it only twice I can’t revisit it to know exactly how high…therefore: Batboy. It makes me laugh, it makes me sing along (with all the characters), it makes me angry, it soars, sparks my imagination and makes me plain old happy.

  • Taylor Clemons says:

    The original cast recording of Next to Normal. I always notice something amazing, that I never did before!

  • Jacob Persily says:

    I was going to say the complete symphonic Les Miserables, and I guess saying your revival of Godspeel is a bit of cop out so I’m going to say OBC of Wicked-If for nothing but the incredible Stephen Oremus orchestrations before he became BFFs with Gaga.

  • Marina Barry says:

    This is so hard — I couldn’t live without the original cast of Sweeny Todd ~ Angela and Len were divine ~ and the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific with Kelli O’Hara.

  • Ray Quirolgico says:

    An impossible question (almost like asking “What’s your favorite musical?”), but in the context of needing company for a desert island entrapment, I would go with the original Broadway cast recording of “RENT.” That double CD set has length, a variety of songs that could almost feel like a cool radio station (if played on shuffle), and a big cast that would make me feel like I have a bunch of friends with me (and none of them would be silent volleyball heads)!

  • Kat White says:

    Aspects of Love…actually Les Miz first, but Ken already said that…AOL is close second though…never got to actually see it…missed it by one night on Broadway…tried to catch it in Toronto, but it closed early there too. That still smarts!

  • rita says:

    South Pacific!!!!

  • Frank says:

    OBC Sweeney Todd!

  • Deborah says:

    Audra McDonald as Bess in PORGY and BESS – and then I would have to swim to the islands where people had spirited away SWEENEY TODD and BRIGADOON.

  • Yosi Merves says:

    At first I was going to say The Lion King OBCR, but I think if i had to only pick one cast recording, I would have to go with “The Secret Garden”. That show has since an emotional impact for me. “How Could I Ever Know,” “Wick”, “Lily’s Eyes,” “Come Spirit, Come Charm” I can’t listen to those songs without tearing up.

  • Daniel Rich says:

    This is a tough one, I have so many soundtracks and always have a hard time choosing favorites of anything! Since it’s one of my favorite shows thought, I suppose I would end up taking my Danish Cast album of Chess.

    Side Show would be a close second though. I make a special trip to NYC just so I could see the show before it closed. I’ve loved the show every since I first saw a production of it several years ago.

  • Tom B says:

    That’s so hard to choose just one cast album but I think I could survive on an island with the beautiful voices of Kelli Ohara and Steven Pasquale with the Bridges of Madison County cast album.

  • Stewart Eiss says:

    My favorite musical of all time is West Side Story. But I asked myself if I had to listen to one cast recording for the rest of my life would it be that. Because sometimes when you listen to something over and over you can get tired from it . So then I thought of other musicals that might have the type of music that wouldn’t get played out . So I thought of Les Miserables (cause it’s more like an opera ) and maybe over time I wouldn’t get tired of it. And then I thought of West Side Story again. I went back and forth with both recordings. And the winner was
    WEST SIDE STORY !!!!!! Besides I’d be able to dance to that one and stay in shape.

  • Kay says:

    Carousel. Almost any production. Hands down the most varied music. The best musical storytelling ever.

  • Karen Schrempp says:

    FOLLIES because of Dorothy Collins. Only saw the original once but I will never forget the emotions she pulled out of me.

  • Mary Ann says:

    Since it’s a desert island, I would have to say South Pacific with Reba McEntire and Brian Stokes Mitchell. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of that cd!

  • PerinH says:

    The 1995 National Theatre (London) cast recording of A Little Night Music starring Judi Dench.

  • Shawn Mais says:

    Can I take 2 with me? The Symphonic Les Miserable is on my list too. But I’d also like the soundtrack to Bells Are Ringing.

  • Rick Shulman says:

    Sunday in the Park With George. Probably the new London cast recording since there is more music. The more Sondheim, the better.

  • Derrick Weishaar says:

    No one else in my family is theatrical and the first cast album I ever found and loved was Wicked. Of course that would be my answer. Not to be super corny but that show changed my life–little did I know at the time that this one show would lead me to an obsession, passion, and (hopefully) future career in the theatre.

  • Barbara Vaccaro says:

    Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Ben Winick says:

    I’m torn. It would have to be either Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 or The Bridges of Madison County. The former is weirder, but has some of my favorite “character songs” and recitative of any musical I’ve ever heard (“Charming” and “No One Else” stand out); the latter has Kelli O’Hara and Stephen Pasquale.

  • Lisa W. says:

    If I could cheat a little, I’d bring “Broadway the American Musical”, that way I could get a little of a lot.

    But, if I had to bring only one cast album, I’d bring Wicked, because so many of those songs helped me through a really bad time. And it was something that my daughter and I have shared.

  • Shira D. says:

    I would have to go with Once the Musical. There is a song for pretty much every emotion of human experience, and would help me appreciate happy times and mourn in the sadness. Plus, it would remind me of my experience sitting in the audience feeling like I was literally swimming in an ocean of music.

  • Alan Langguth says:

    I guess since the musical I’m writing is still along way off from having a cast recording I’m going to go with SOUTH PACIFIC. The only problem I would have is deciding whether to go with the original 1949 Broadway cast recording with Mary Martin or the more technically perfect 2008 recording: the New Broadway Cast recording.

  • William Cortez Statham says:

    Original 2-disc “Ragtime” OBCR!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ken- you stole my three first-thought choices (though my Disc 2 of “The Complete Symphonic Les Mis” went missing when my car CD changer in my trunk…remember those?…got stolen when I was 16…and that’s the best disc!) So, if I wasn’t to choose “Once On This Island, “Falsettos” or “Complete Symphonic,” I’d next go with “Ragtime.”

  • Seth Duerr says:

    OCR of Sweeney Todd. No contest.

  • Stephanie says:

    I’d bring the Bonnie and Clyde album with me. There’s something about the songs that I just love.

  • Seth Honerman says:

    The original Off-Broadway recording of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. John Cameron Mitchell pours his soul out so that we can have a glimpse of what being truly accepted is like. That, and Stephen Trask has written some truly fantastic rock and roll!

  • Allison M says:

    The OBC recording of Footloose!

  • Miranda P says:

    The Bridges of Madison County! Jason Robert Brown’s beautiful orchestrations combined with the voices of Kelli O’Hara and Steve Pasquale create such an intoxicating soundtrack.

  • Cara says:

    Newsies – hands down! Ballads, dance numbers, funny, heartful, and Jeremy Jordan. It has everything you could need!

  • Michael Landman says:

    Jesus Christ Superstar. I still have the original album from when I was a kid!

  • Patrick McGregor II says:

    The Big Fish cast album!

  • Evelyn Storch says:

    It’s really too difficult to choose just one, but since we must, I’d choose Kander and Ebb’s Curtains.

  • Donald Corbin says:

    2007 Broadway Revival of 110 in the Shade

  • Nelson E. Montoya says:

    The Bridges of Madison County OBCR is so devastatingly beautiful! Definitely my choice!

  • Mark S. says:

    I genuinely cannot decide between the original Toronto cast or the original Broadway cast of RAGTIME, but in the end, I might have to pick Broadway, if only because it’s longer and there’s just more of that incredible Ahrens & Flaherty score to appreciate.

  • Lindsey Wilson says:

    1998 revival of “Cabaret”

  • Jason Crespin says:

    My first thought was to bring the 2008 recording of South Pacific since my surroundings would be the perfect backdrop to this album. However, I must choose the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Into the Woods. The perfect album to listen to over and over again. I would sing a different role each time, and never get tired of it!

  • Phil says:

    Oh my goodness, I put mine through a Sweet-16 style Madness countdown. Ended up being between Spring Awakening and American Idiot… and American Itio won out, but just barely. The wide variety of songs, the fact that Green Day was the soundtrack of my middle school years…
    And I won the AI lottery once and Johnny Gallagher Jr. spit on me because I was sitting in the front row. Changed my life.

  • Sabrina says:

    Hard to pick but I think I’d go with The Bridges of Madison County. I love that Jason Robert Brown score and it’s so beautiful. You could listen to the lyrics time after time, or to the music time after time, and it would never get old.

  • Amanda says:

    In the Heights OBCR. Love the show. It has humor, sincerity, heart. It’s got a wonderful mix of song types. Awesome lyrics and melodies and harmonies. Plus I’d be on an island – “I found my island…”

  • Tom L says:

    Assassins 2004, with Larry Lelli on Drums and Neil Patrick Harris as the Balladeer!

  • Glenn Heath says:

    Given three choices, my desert island collection would consist of Sweeny Todd OBC, HEDWIG w/NPH and my signed copy of Sideshow. It would make no sense to leave that behind, having just won it

  • Ben says:

    Evita OBC – Few albums have, or continue, to capture my imagination quite like this one.

  • Lance Bryant says:

    Lippa’s The Wild Party! Period.

  • Christa deSanti says:

    The original cast recording of Jesus Christ Superstar… one can best Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice. Second Place, West Side Story….Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim. Wow, see what happens when you put two musical geniuses together in a room. Third place, A Chorus Line. Marvin Hamlisch, Marvin Hamlisch, Marvin Hamlisch…and lyrics by Edward Kleban, who we lost too soon to know his full genius.

  • Jeff says:

    No question: RAGTIME Orig Bway cast!!!

  • Alex Bernstein says:

    The Last Five Years.

  • Shane H says:

    While I’ve been going to shows for several years now, I’m fairly new to collecting cast recording albums. I can definitely say the new Side Show is my absolute favorite, both the show and recording. If I leave out Side Show (since this contest is about it), my other favorite is If/Then. The arrangements and harmonies are just amazing!

  • Sierra says:

    Jesus, what a choice. Perhaps then “Into The Woods” so I can try to perfect my one-woman version of “Your Fault” while on the island.

  • Kev says:

    Next To Normal!!!!!!!

  • Melissa says:

    It’s a really hard decision, but I think I’ll have to go with Once. Sometimes I just put it on repeat.

  • Andrew Joy says:

    Big River!

  • Nicole says:

    Probably Next to Normal. There’s a song for every emotion, and it’s my favorite show.

  • Skylar Phillips says:

    What kind of person do you think I am? Original Cast Recording of Into The Woods!

  • Andrea Lucas says:

    The Bridges of Madison County!

  • Todd Morgan says:

    Wow, this is a tough one. Which show would you never tire of? My answer is two-fold. If this happened tomorrow, it would have to be Sweeney Todd. A show that is so musically rich, I can hear individual pieces or the whole show at any given time. However, if this happens five years from now, I hope that is is something new, something being written as I type. One that will also gain that tried and true status.

  • OBC Ragtime. So many legendary singers in that cast, and a haunting score.

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    This question is nearly as hard as “Name your favorite Broadway show.” God, this is hard. I guess, if I had to choose just one, I’d have to go with Rent. It’s helped me through the toughest of times, and it has a lot of songs.

  • Kristen Scheuermann says:

    Would have to be Les Miserables! So many beautiful songs that I could never get tired of listening to it.

  • abe says:

    It may seem like an unconventional choice, but I’m going to go with Bring It On.

  • EllenFD says:

    The 2-LP set (yes, on vinyl) of the original cast recording of SHE LOVES ME. Delight times two!

  • Mark says:

    Ragtime wins handsdown… with a pirated copy of my mixtape of the Best of The Follies recordings!

  • Paul Bieber says:

    You have given me a wonderful hour of thinking! My choice would be the recent production of Porgy and Bess. I own just about every piece of music by George and Ira Gershwin, along with many hundreds of OBC albums. I had the privilege of seeing this show in its preview in Cambridge, sitting in the 4th row. I became part of this production not merely a spectator in the theatre. The music is magnificent, the story and lyrics are poetry and tie that if with the acting and voices of Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis and I have a true life-long memory which I could listen to forever.

  • Jim Leveskas says:

    Sondheim: A Musical Tribute

    1973 Live Recording at the Schubert Theater. Besides the recording, I love looking at the scrabble themed album cover.

  • Paul Sprecher says:

    I would bring with me the original broadway cast recording of RENT!! It reminds me to live each day like “No Day But Today”!

  • Janet Miller says:

    A Man of No Importance

  • karen c. says:

    I usually obsess over the latest recording I right now I would take THE LAST SHIP.

    Of course, if I win, I will take SIDE SHOW.

  • Rex Garrett says:

    Anything Goes 2011 Revival with Joel Grey & Sutton Foster

  • 2001 Concert Recording of Dreamgirls with Lillias White, Audra McDonald, Heather Headley, Tamara Tunie, Norm Lewis and Billy Porter!

  • DrMike says:

    Rent was the first show I saw on Broadway. I was in the Navy, in NYC for the first time and my name was drawn in the lottery. I sat on the second row and was moved in so many ways. Listening to that cast album takes me back to that very special night (and the first of many Broadway visits).

  • Sam Strum says:

    A New Brain: Original Cast Recording. I’ve undergone surgery that saved my life, and in addition to the beautiful melodies, I completely relate to William Finn’s biographical lyrics throughout the entire album.

  • Mr Grumpy Pants says:

    The original Broadway cast recording of “Les Miserables”. I listen to the cd at least once a week.

  • Solange De Santis says:

    Hard to believe there isn’t more R&H on this list, or Frank Loesser, whose “Guys and Dolls” is possibly the most perfect Broadway score ever. Me, I would pick “Camelot,” (Lerner & Loewe) and bear with me. I was eight and it was the second Broadway show I ever saw (the first being My Fair Lady). Camelot’s “problem” – that it was comic and tragic – didn’t seem like a problem to me, just fascinating and deeply emotional. And the score an incredible winner – every song a gem – with Richard Burton, Julie Andrews and Robert Goulet, three awesome voices.

  • Jabeau says:

    I’d pick Jule Styne’s “Darling of the Day”. I’ve never seen the show, but the recording abounds with terrific melodies and lush orchestrations.

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