The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The Visit on Broadway!

Another week and another big Broadway giveaway here at The Producer’s Perspective!

And this one is for a show that I’m producing!  Yep, this week we’re giving away two tickets to The Visit!  (Click here to read my original announcement about why I decided to produce the show.)

I have to say that being in the room at the “meet and greet” of The Visit was one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced.  You know that childhood game you played with your siblings, “Punchbuggy”?  You know, the one where you got a punch in the arm every time your bro or sis saw a Volkswagen Beetle?  Well, at the meet and greet I wanted to invent a new game called LegendBuddy . . . where you punch someone every time you saw a Broadway legend.  Oh how bruised your arm would be.  Chita!  BAM!  John Kander!  Bam!  Terrence McNally!  Bam Bam!!!  I mean, come on . . .

And one of you is going to get to see the show that these legends have created for free.


Let’s play The Legends of Musical Theater . . .

If you could match one star with one writing team throughout history, who would it be?  Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ethel Merman?  George Cohan and Jonathan Larson?   Match up a Legend with another Legend and one of you will get to see a whole bunch of legends on stage at The Visit!

Good luck.


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