Who won the free signed copy of the new Side Show cast album?

If someone came to me and said, “Ken, I know nothing about Musical Theater, but I want to learn,” you know what I’d say?

Read the 100+ comments about my readers’ favorite cast albums on my Side Show cast album giveaway, and listen to ’em all, cuz they read like a syllabus of “must-listens.”  I mean, seriously guys, you’ve got some great freakin’ taste.  I’m gonna spend the weekend going through your “play list” myself!

I know someone who’s going to be listening to the Side Show cast album this weekend, because he just won this giveaway . . .

Jason Crespin, congrats!  Email me to get your brand spankin’ new collector’s edition recording!

And if you’re looking to add Side Show to your collection (and I’ve heard it – and recommend it for sure) . . .

Click here to get it on iTunes.


Click here to get it on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy whatever it is you’re listening to this weekend!


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