Who won the tickets to Hand to God on Broadway?

When I come up with questions for the Sunday Giveaway, I usually go for something fun or for something that I can learn from.

And this week, your giveaway answers were both.

I asked what the most shocking thing you’ve seen on stage was, and I got everything from full frontal puppet nudity to spewing blood in horror spoofs to domestic violence and more.  There’s no question that taking the audience by surprise and shaking them to the core, whether for laughs or for tears, makes for a memorable performance and instant word of mouth.  But there’s a fine line between when that’s for art or whether it’s shock for shock’s sake.

So shock your audience, but do it because your story demands it.

Hand to God demands it, for sure.

And one of you demanded free tickets and that person is . . . Christina Han!

Congrats, Christina.  Email me for your tickets and enjoy the #$%&ing show!


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