April Fools’!!!!

Did I getcha?  Come on, admit it.  I gotcha.

While I’d love to build a new Broadway theater, it’s not something I can do . . . yet.  🙂

Have a fun fools-filled day everyone!



  • R.J. Lowe says:

    Devastated! Absolutely DEVASTATED!!! I was prepared to donate more than my very meager paycheck would allow for this to happen. I’m going to go stress eat a box of donuts!!! :'(

  • Rich Boniface says:

    It is so easy to be fooled…when you want something to be true. You got me.

  • Lynn says:

    best one all day.
    but i was a skeptic. hey we do need more of them….

  • Kathy Hochberg says:

    got me too! but oh how I wish…

  • Ali Skylar says:

    got me…even sent it to friends to click and donate…:). you’re worse than my 16 year old son!

  • Carl Flanigan says:

    Let’s see if the NY Post picks it up!

  • Charles Knouse says:

    got me too, arrrrrrggggggggg!!!!!

    But I love your spirit. Now, how can WE April Fools YOU next year…hmmmmm…..

  • Kelly says:

    That was rough. Was super excited for a new space!! Bummer!!

  • Rhona D. says:

    Well, we can dream, can’t we?!?! Those of us addicted to the theater and the chance to become part of the ‘fabric’, walls, anything from top to bottom, would welcome the chance to do so…Thanks for giving us a ‘brief’ chance to ‘imagine the possibilities’…

  • Dawn K says:

    You know, i should have known when you said “more women’s bathrooms than…” Yup. That should have been the giveaway. But a girl can dream, can’t she? Given the number of clicks, you might have something here…!

  • Ilene Argento says:

    You SORT of gotme! I clicked with anticipation of April Fools! Seriously, though, why DON’T you get a space (between 6th and 8th) and crowd fund it? I think it’s a great idea!

  • Solange De Santis says:

    Hook. Line. Sinker, you stinker. Great joke. Maybe one day … ?

  • Dear Ken,
    I had gone through the whole day unscathed! And then this! It was the photo that
    did me in. Somehow, your plan seemed so — concrete. But the pricetag! I thought it sounded
    right, if one tried to think in those terms, but really hard to fathom how you were going to swing it. Nonetheless, I was going to send you some money, if it wasn’t linked to PayPal. (I have a problem with PayPal’s intrusiveness, but that’s my problem.) I really like the comment from Ilene Argento. It sounds
    like a great idea for you to truly consider. If not Ken Davenport, then who. . .?

  • Christine Garfinkel says:

    That was not nice Ken! You got me hook, line and sinker! I was ready to donate and then some! With all the people you’re going to trick with this April Fools prank, you may want to think about actually doing what you said you were going to do! I believe we can do it together!

  • Ted K. says:

    Well, what will I do with my $50 million now?

  • David Rigano says:

    Maybe I’m gullible… but I figured if there was anyone who could do it, it would be you!

  • Is that your baby picture? You got me! Come to Austin and build a theatre. We desperately need more theatre space!

  • Howard Levitsky says:

    Boy, no one does a better imitation of Ken Davenport trumpeting a wacky and wonderful idea that no one else has gotten around to implementing than…Ken Davenport!

    I was totally fooled. But we all know it’s only a matter of time until you make this happen.

    While I’m writing, thanks so much for the great podcast series! For someone working in the performing end of theater, it’s highly enlightening to hear directly from the people who run the businesses we work for about what’s on their minds.
    I particularly enjoyed the episode with Hal Luftig. What a great spirit he brings to producing theater! How can anyone listen to him for 45 minutes or so without having the urge to jump though the iPhone to shake his hand? Or give him a big hug?

  • Shira D. says:

    Yup, totally got me. But let’s crowd-fund Broadway for real sometime, hm? I’m right there with you.

  • I’m devastated. I will NEVER trust you again on any future April first…

  • Tim Donahue says:

    I was SO excited by the idea of another Broadway house.

    Still, very funny. You suckered me in. I was reaching for my checkbook.

  • Yup! You got me. And even after I posted the announcement that Washington theatres would only be doing 1 play each next season so that audiences would actually have a chance to see the show before it closed. (Actually, we’ll probably top 340). And that DC’s mayor would be exchanging parking tickets for theatre tickets.

    Was digging out the credit card, while imagining my name in one of your women’s bathrooms. Ah, well….

  • Bob Degus says:

    Yeah… yeah… LOL! Too good! 🙂 Award for Best April Fools!

  • DC Copeland says:

    You’re evil. I can never trust you again.

  • Paula B. says:

    I was ready to give. Now I know when April 1, rolls around again, not to believe what you say in the blog.

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