At last . . . it’s Get Your Show Off The Ground – online style.

You gave me an idea.

While typing up my last Get Your Show Off The Ground takeaway blog, I thought . . . since GYSOTG was my first and still is my most popular seminar, why not take this sucker online?

But how would it work, Ken?

I’d give five people anywhere in the world a chance to call in, and present their problem to me and to the other participants.  And that problem could be anything from finding a director, marketing to producers or . . . ooohhhh . . . even raising money.  And then, just like I do in the seminar, I could give them action items on how to crush that problem and eat it for breakfast.  And while they learn what to do to get their show to the next level of development, everyone else in on the call could learn from that person’s issues as well.

So far it’s just like Get Your Show Off The Groundright?

But here’s where it’s different.

In addition to the five “participant” slots, there will be unlimited “audit” spots.

Yep, because we all don’t have to squeeze into my conference room, for the online version, we’re going to allow people to audit the seminar.  That means you can call in and just listen, and soak up all the stuff that the participants and I talk about.   It’s like eavesdropping on someone’s therapy session.  🙂

And the audit slots are only $25.  That’s the cheapest slot available I’ve ever had for one of my seminars.  So pick one up here.

Want to be one of the participants to present your problem/obstacle/hurdle to me so I can help you crush it?  A presenting participant slot is $150, much cheaper than the $350 live version.  There are only five of them available, so get one today.  (UPDATE:  When I announced this idea last week, a few folks emailed in asking to be the first to know, and since they raised their hand first, we offered them slots first, and they bought.  So there are only TWO remaining!!!  So snatch one up now.)

This first ever Get Your Show Off The Ground online seminar will take place on Wednesday, April 29th from 7 – 8:30 PM ET.

And like my other online seminars, if you miss it, but want to listen in later, the audio file will be sent to you first thing in the AM on April 30th.  So you don’t even have to be there on the 29th, and for only $25, you can have an hour and a half of instruction emailed to you the next day.

I’ve loved the other teleseminars and webinars I’ve done over the last year because I’ve been able to connect to so many people all over the world.  I’m looking forward to this being the biggest one yet.

See you all on the 29th!

Get a participant slot here.  UPDATE:  ALL PARTICIPANT SLOTS ARE SOLD OUT!

Get an audit slot here.


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  • Michele Taylor says:

    I am so confused about all this business stuff of getting a play produced or screenplay optioned, I’m not a business mnded person. I want somene to handle all this for me. An agent or a manager, someone who will handle eveyrthing for me so I am free to write. I haven’t written or even had an idea for something with all this business stuff involved. I’m looking for someone like Gordon Mills, manager of Tom Jones. Tom said Gordon did everything for him but sing. That’s who I want. Handle the business so I can wite.And I’m tired of shelling out money for thngs I have not idea what to do with. I’m just about totally computer ignorant.

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