Forget the Alamo. Remember the BlackBerry?

You remember the BlackBerry?

It wasn’t too long ago that the BlackBerry was the coolest device around.  I wanted one big time.  And when I had one, I thought I was the hippest cat around (of course saying things like “hippest cat” immediately disqualifies me from actually being one, so . . . ).

It wasn’t too long ago that the stock for BlackBerry was over $230.  Now, it’s about $10.

And remember AOL?  Everyone was in those chat rooms.  Now I judge people who have email addresses.  (Yep, I’m sorry mom. I’m talking to you too. But it’s called Gmail. And you will love it.)

You couldn’t get in to NYC hotspot Marquee a decade ago.  Now, they’d let you in with 10 friends . . . for free.

All businesses, including the business of show, go through periods of ups and downs.  Broadway is boomin’ right now.  The theaters are full and the vendors are fat.  But this too shall pass, and those who will flourish in the future are those who are forging relationships, instead of pushing them away by thinking things will always be as good as they are now.

And producers aren’t immune to sittin’ pretty.

Think you’ve got it made because you’ve got a hit show?  Don’t get too comfortable, my friend, because someone is around the corner, coming up with the iPhone to your BlackBerry as you celebrate.

Whenever Hal Prince opened a show, he always had a meeting the very next morning about his next show.


Because it kept him humble.  And he knew  . . . a Producer is only as good as his next show.


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  • Tom says:

    Judged for my AOL email address? Maybe that’s why it’s been putting your stuff into spam.

  • Alexis Marnel says:

    i do have a gmail account that i use for work but…I still give out my aol address. For some reason us old timers have a hard time parting with aol. 😉

  • Ellen Cohn says:

    I still have my Blackberry Ken (and don’t mind if you judge me :-). It is a touch screen Blackberry! I still like the buttons and having my phone stay charged for two days. I really am not put out (yet) by waiting an extra 2.5 seconds for information on the web. I also pay a meager $3.45 a month for my old Earthlink email address (remember pipeline? probably not) and thereby enjoy NOT getting hacked and not having Google over my shouIder. Moreover, I like standing out just a wee bit. I am bored by seeing the unimaginative gmail tag and even more weirded out when people say “gahmail”. I think you can be humble and forward thinking without throwing out everything for the next “new” thing (as I cue up vinyl on my turntable). There is data by the way that shows analog sound is more relaxing to the body than digital and am equally grateful that Broadway Musicals still use live instruments and hope they still would even if certain winds blew in a different direction. That said, I get your message completely. I just think you can be as good as your next idea and take your walkman to the gym (yes I still do)!

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