Podcast Episode 15 – Dan Wasser


One of the first people that a Broadway Producer hires when he or she sets out to produce a show is his or her attorney.

So, I thought it was about time we heard from one.

It’s a fascinating time in the legal world of Broadway shows, particularly in the area of how money is raised for Broadway shows.  That’s why I picked one of the experts in our industry on financing for this episode, my own attorney, Daniel M. Wasser of Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo!

I’ve worked with Dan for over a decade, and he has given me some fantastic advice over the years.  But one of my favorites is this ol’ chestnut about what an attorney’s actual function is.  “Ken, our job is to protect you in the case of the best case scenario, or the worst case scenario.”  In other words, they’ve got your back if you’re a massive hit or a massive flop (I think he said this to me when I was griping about why lawyer fees were so high – and he got me to shut up for sure, with that one).

Listen to some more of Dan’s advice on this episode, like:

  • When a Producer should hire an attorney.
  • The future of Author Agreements.
  • Could the movie model of paying artists work on Broadway?
  • The most important part of any negotiation.
  • The 3 Ways the JOBS Act could revolutionize Broadway fundraising.
    • This section of the episode is perhaps the most comprehensive explanation of the JOBS Act including crowdfunding and how it relates to us out there.

Broadway attorneys cost about $500+ an hour.  Listening to this episode is free.  Here’s how to tune in:

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