There’s no “i” in team. So who the heck is there? Find out at this panel.

Theater is one of the most collaborative art forms there is.  I often say creating a musical is like having 10 people paint the Mona Lisa.  “I like this color.” “But what about this shade?” “Can we talk about the frame?” “We gotta get some light on this @#$@!”

Can you imagine?

That’s why choosing the right team members for a show is a Producer’s greatest responsibility.  All it takes is one sour apple to turn a work of art into a sloppy mess.

If you want some tips on how to pick the right team for your show, from the Director to the Marketing Director, from the General Manager to the Musical Supervisor, then head on over to the Snapple Theater Center this Sunday, April 26th, for the Off Broadway Alliance’s latest panel discussion, “Building the Off Broadway Team.”

If you’ve never been to an Off Broadway Alliance panel before, here’s how they work:

They get all these smarty pants people from the Off Broadway world (in this case Jim Brady from Maximum Entertainment (50 Shades The Musical Parody, Found The Musical, The Lion), Daniel Kuney from Roy Gabay Theatrical Productions (The 39 Steps, Rock of Ages), Robert Levinstein from 22Q Entertainment (My Big Gay Italian Wedding/Funeral, 2015 national tour of Always . . . Patsy Cline), and Martin Platt from Perry Street Theatricals (My Life is a Musical, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Bedlam’s Hamlet and Saint Joan).   Then they get a cool moderator, like Hugh Hysell, who runs the live entertainment dept. of Groupon and is a producer himself.

They’ll talk and dole out tips and advice.

And it’s free.

Oh, and they serve coffee and bagels first.

Also for free.

But you have to RSVP.

Click here for all the details and to make that reservation.

And here’s hopin’ you put together a team that paints the perfect picture.


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