Who won the free pass to the CTI 3 Day Weekend?

So who won this $460 prize?

The truth is?  I have no idea.

Ok, that’s not exactly true . . . I know who won.  I just don’t know their name.

But I do know their email address, because this week’s winner was required to be an email subscriber to this here blog.

So I can’t announce who won . . . but I can send them an email.  So check your inbox for an email RIGHT NOW that says, “It’s Ken and you won!”  If you have that one “golden ticket” of an email, then guess what, you won.  Just follow the instructions in that email and you’re on your way to CTI.

If you don’t have that email, then guess what, you did not win.

But it’s not too late to register for the weekend.  Click here to learn more.

But before you do, go on, check your inbox.  I will wait.


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