Who won the pass to the Broadway Stage Management Symposium?

You guys showed some serious Stage Manager love this week.  It’s quite a roll call of names . . . and frankly, now it reads like a list of people I’d like to hire!  This giveaway became the ultimate LinkedIn-like referral!  Need an SM? Check the list, google the name, and hire ’em up.

But who won the free pass, you ask?

Megan Simmons, congratulations.  You just won a $355 pass to the Broadway Stage Management Symposium!  Email me to get your pass.

And for all of you who put up names of your favorite SMs, forward the blog on to them so they can see the props you gave them.  Stage Managers don’t get enough shout-outs, and they’ll love seeing what you did for ’em.

Big Broadway play giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned.


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