Who won the tickets to The Heidi Chronicles on Broadway?

Ok, one of you enterprising writers out there, please, please, please write a play that takes place in an acting class.  If you need a hysterical scene or two, just read a few of this week’s entries.  Oh man, did you guys make me pee.  My favorite had to be the girl who was practicing fainting and actually fainted . . . to the applause of her classmates who thought she was acting.  Genius!

But in case you didn’t know, I don’t choose the winner of these giveaways by my favorite.  I choose them by random.  And this week, the random winner of two tickets to see The Heidi Chronicles is . . .

Consuelo Carpenter!

Congrats, Consuelo, on winning the tickets and having one of the coolest names I’ve heard in a while.

Email me to get your tickets.

And if you’re interested in seeing Heidi on Broadway, make sure you do so ASAP, because the show just announced it will be closing on May 3rd.  So go!


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