Why can’t we be like the Yankees?

You know what this past Monday was?

That’s right . . . it was opening day for the 2015 Major League Baseball season.

Everywhere I went, people were talking about it.  I woke up to DJs chatting about it on the radio. It was on the interwebs.  And there were dozens of people in the subways on their way up to Yankee stadium to see this official start of the “boys of summer” season.

My favorite story was the employee who wrote a very well worded letter to his boss, explaining why he needed the day off to attend his local team’s home opener.  There’s even a movement to try to make the day a holiday!  And the request went all the way to the White House.

That’s never gonna fly, of course.  If it did, every sport out there all the way down to the Tiddlywinks Association of America would be on the government’s doorstep looking for a holiday.

But it doesn’t matter if baseball’s opening day actually gets the holiday.

They already get the attention.

A coordinated and celebrated opening day puts a big spotlight on the sport, which of course, markets it like crazy.

Which made me think . . . why doesn’t Broadway have an official opening day?  Our industry is a little different, of course, in that we don’t have coordinated openings of shows to point people to the official start of our season.  But so what?  We could do something . . . something to signal the beginning of a brand new season.  I know I get excited when the new season begins . . . I bet a lot of other folks would.  All that we need to do is pick a date and call it that.  Maybe celebrate it with a concert, or a parade, or simply a press release.  It doesn’t matter, as long as we announce it.

The beginnings of anything are always exciting.  But only if we tell people about ’em.


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  • Warming up to the first day of baseball is a far cry from being “…like the Yankees…” ether now or in the days of dynasties. But I totally agree with an Opening Day for Broadway!

  • Steven Conners says:

    A grand opening day to start the season. (When does the season start??) Ought to pass that on to your PR buddies. It is a good idea. It could happen. Ken, you’re on top of it. A real cheerleader. —sjc

  • Jackie B. says:

    I do agree that more CELEBRATING is way overdue for Broadway. As a parent of a theatre kid, I see her friends obsess about actors and celebrate their successes as well as root for their favorite shows to recoup and have long runs. They are teenagers and they check the weekly grosses! It’s fabulous! Let’s keep getting them hooked! Facebook and Twitter have helped fans get instant updates, create excited followers, and learn so much without having to spend the money to get to NYC but yet all they want to do is GET TO NYC! Broadway in the Park is amazing and accessible and the TONY’s are getting good exposure and creating excitement. The early morning network shows and late night are doing a better job inviting Broadway stars onto their programs although most of them are crossover names but it’s a start!
    I love the idea of an opening day and possibly a parade! (Was that ever a thing?) GO BROADWAY!

  • Victoria Medina says:

    Why not something similar to the lighting of the tree event, except held in Times Square? Songs from different shows are featured. Local businesses will be included with contests and special discounts for shows given to the first 50 people and give them VIP status. It could be a real experience. Perhaps include the talk shows to feature the performers. LOL I could go on.
    Events featuring Broadway shows have been done before, so why not? Oh and there is no reason why the event couldn’t include a few, but special, off Broadway shows, after all they may be on Broadway one day or the first place someone will see a live show, audience building and all that. Ok, like I said I can go on, see why I don’t always post. LOL p.s. It should be televised, ok done.

  • Caleb Forlong says:

    I feel like the announcement of the Tony nominations is our ‘season’ begin date. Every show that made the cut entered and the ‘game pool/draw’ is announced. And then follows a constant barrage of media press releases while every show tries to get back into the spotlight before votes are cast.

    I agree the day that it is announced could be made more ‘official’ and with a bit more pomp and circumstance.

  • Although they are not entirely the equivalent of a ‘Broadway Day’, there are similar events elsewhere
    Uitmarkt in The Netherlands http://www.uitmarkt.nl/english
    … and West End Live http://www.westendlive.co.uk
    Come on over!

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