Enter my Tony Pool and you could win an Apple Watch!

It’s time to put your Tony Award handicapping skills to the test!

Come on, I know you made your picks as soon as Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker spit out the names of those nominees last week.

So now it’s time to put those names into my annual Tony Award contest and see if you could win the big prize!

And yep, that headline was no May Fools’ joke . . . the winner of this year’s pool will win an Apple Watch!  (Everyone say, “oooooooh.”)

Now look, sure this isn’t all fun and games and Apple Watches.  We know that Tony Awards have an impact on recoupment for sure (Best Musical winners recoup 75% of the time, versus the industry average of 20%).  So if you can pick the winners of the Tony Awards, then it also means you’ve got what it takes to be a successful Broadway Producer or Investor.  Just remember when you make your choice (and this goes for making your choices of shows to get involved in as well), it’s not what you think should win, it’s what you think will win.


When you’re ready to enter, click here.

But before you do . . . here are the very important rules and regulations.

  • All questions are weighted the same. It’s just like an 8th grade exam. The person with the highest percentage of correct answers wins!
  • There is a tie-breaker.
  • In order to validate entries, only email subscribers to my blog are eligible. Subscribe to the blog today by visiting www.TheProducersPerspective.com and entering your email address in the box on the right (you can always cancel your email subscription after the contest is over).  If you score a perfect score, but are not a subscriber, no Apple Watch for you!  And that would suck.  Subscribe!
  • Only 1 entry per person. Duplicate entries from an individual will void ALL entries from that individual.
  • Please pay special attention to the final “Verification Page” for further information and validation requirements. If you fail to fill out all the required information, your entry will be invalid.
  • Voting will officially close at 11:59PM on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Everybody got that?

Ok, it’s time to make your choices . . . gooooooood luck!

Enter my Tony Pool today.


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