Fun on a Friday: You can’t buy this kind of publicity.

I had a consulting client come to me recently who said, “Ken, can you help me create a video that will go viral?  Something that can get me a million views and national exposure?  Something that the traditional press that doesn’t usually cover Broadway will go nuts for?”

My answer?  No.

You can’t create something for the sole sake of going viral.  Just like you can’t create something for the sole sake of making money.  That’s exactly when something won’t go viral.  And that’s exactly when something will flop.  Because your intentions aren’t correct.

So, we got rid of his expectations and just worked on his message and the unique aspects of his show, and came up with ten ideas that he wanted to do . . . whether or not they went viral.  Because they were good.  And they served his show.  My most viral marketing “explosion” was my “Virgins Get In Free” promotion for My First Time which appeared on the home page of CNN, and Jay Leno did a joke about it in his monologue . . . and I didn’t expect any of it.  I just thought virgins should see my show before anyone else.  Thankfully, the global press agreed.  🙂

But for something to really go viral?  Well, that kind of stuff just happens . . . like Charlie biting his big brother’s finger, or impromptu wedding-party-dance videos down the aisle . . . or, well, this incredible Jeopardy answer from earlier this week, which has been on CNN, Time, and more.  I knew this one was going to go viral.  And why?  Seven people emailed me about it.  Separately.  It destroyed my law of three (when three people get in touch with me about the same subject, I know there is something to pay attention to).

In fact, you’ve probably seen it already.  But watch it again.  Because it’s awesome.  (Can’t see the video below, click here.)

Happy Summer Friday, everyone.



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