Podcast Episode #19 – Lessons in Lyrics and Life from the Legendary Tim Rice.

Joseph, Evita, Chess . . . Beauty and the Mother-Humpin’ Beast.

These are just a few of the shows that Sir Timothy Rice wrote the lyrics to (obviously I got a little excited about that last one), so you can imagine he’s got just a few interesting stories to tell, and truth bombs to toss.

So if you’re a writer, a producer, or just a fan of Jesus Christ Effin’ Superstar, then listen in to hear Sir Timothy talk about . . .

  • The secret ingredient needed for a great musical
  • Which comes first, the music or the lyrics, and more importantly, why
  • Tim’s least favorite of his own lyrics
  • How he deals with getting notes (and if he can take ’em, so can you!)
  • And how the sippy cup may mean the end of Broadway as we know it

Oh, and if you don’t hear me talk for awhile, it’s because I was uncontrollably laughing during one of his stories, so I had to put my microphone on mute.

Enjoy the podcast, and special thanks to Hand To God on Broadway for sponsoring this session!

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(Oh, and PS, if you want to learn more about Tim, read his autobiography.  Click here to grab it.)


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  • DrMike says:

    BEST ANSWER to the “one wish” question yet!

  • Steven Conners says:

    Another fun and informative podcast, albeit this one with a (paid?) commercial for a B’Way show head and tail. With your ancillary projects, consulting, general management, script reviewing, books, tapes, speaking engagements, and now your in the ad business reading advertising spots to hype shows. With all that money coming in you may never need to be a lead producer again, and just invest in shows to keep your name out there. You are one sharp guy and my hat’s off to you. Continued success. —sjc

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