Learn something on your lunch break. TEDxBroadway 2015 videos released!

What I love about all TED Talks is that they’re great to just put on while you’re munching on your turkey on rye or your Caesar salad wrap or your 10 piece McNugget meal with extra salt and a super size Coke.  (Did your mouth just start watering as well?)

And as you ingest all those wonderful nutrients or processed chicken parts, your mind is also fed with brain poppin’ ideas on how to better your life or your business.

Or in our case, how to better Broadway.

That’s the goal of TEDxBroadway, which put on its fourth big show just a few months ago.  And now, all of the videos have been released for your viewing pleasure.

So if you weren’t at TEDx, then this is your chance to  . . .

  • Listen to Elliott Masie talk Big Data and throw a microphone into the audience (it’s a nerf, it’s ok).
  • Hear Leslie Koch talk about what’s happening on Governor’s Island and how that impacts all artists out there (and where the heck it is, anyway).
  • Catch the incredible performances of Benjamin Scheuer or Pasek and Paul.

So sit back, pop a piece of salad or if you’re me, anything fast food and fried, and learn.

Watch all the videos here.


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