The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Clinton The Musical Off Broadway!

The Clintons are the new Kennedys.

Now listen – don’t get all up in my face about making political statements on this blog.  I’m not.  Yet.

I’m not drawing any political comparisons whatsover.  I’m not saying he (or she) is as good (or will be as good) as Jack and Jackie (can you imagine Jackie as prez?).

The Clintons are the new Kennedys because the world is obsessed with them.  They couldn’t stay out of the press if they changed their names and moved to Manitoba.

So it only makes sense that someone would write a musical about them . . . and that that musical would get a rave in the New York Times.

And it only makes sense that we’d have two tickets to give away to Clinton The Musical!

Ready to win?

Here goes . . .

Believe it or not, Presidents and Politicians have been the subjects of musicals before.  In fact, political musicals have a pretty good track record:  1776, Fiorello! . . . and, uh, Hamilton anyone?  Clinton is in good company.

What other political figure would make a great subject for a musical?  Dan Quayle?  Sarah Palin?  The Weiner guy?

Comment below with your idea . . . and bonus points if you title your show . . . and you could win!


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  • Roger Gindi says:

    Bella! The Bella Abzug Musical.

  • Jared Goerke says:

    Sarah Palin: A New Musical Comedy

    The musical will consist of song such as “Let’s go stand on a dog”, “I CAN SEE RUSSIA”, and last but not least “I’m wanna be the president”

  • Grace Kling says:

    JFK and Jackie O: a Tragicomedy

  • Brian says:

    Jim McGreevey – Not A Secret Ballot Anymore

  • Janet says:

    William Henry Harrison – “In it for the Short Term”

  • Alex says:

    Mitt’s Mitts: A Play in two acts about the struggles of surviving a winter with Mitt Romney

  • Randy Turner says:

    Former Mayor Bloomberg.

  • John says:

    Larry Craig

    The Nance with the Wide Stance

  • Noah B says:

    Supersize Me: The Chris Christie Musical

  • Jeryl Marcus says:

    Big Bully: The Chris Christie Story

  • Bette H says:

    President GW Bush ~ Blame it on Bush
    A Musical Comedy Yea, we can laugh now!!

  • David H. says:

    Has to be Rob Blegojevich…it would be a pretty dark musical in the vein of Jekyll and Hyde, although everyone knows how it ends.

  • Leslie R says:

    Oh Bama- the musical, as of now not quite over!

  • Cyndy Marion says:

    RUDY! : How Rudy Gulianini cleaned up New York!!

  • Shari says:

    A musical about George H W Bush, Jeb Bush and George W Bush and I want to name it AmBUSHed!
    Also, I really loved Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!

  • Candace says:

    “Blow Harder” – The Story of Chris Christie

  • Karl P says:

    “True Lust” – The real story of Jack Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe.

  • Ben Caplan says:

    Caesar Rodney served in the Continental Congress representing Delaware when it came time to vote on Independence. In order to break the deadlock of the other two members of Delaware’s representatives, Rodney rode through a thunderstorm in order to get to Philadelphia and break the deadlock to push for independence. So basically BESIDES being the man who helped spur the vote for independence, he was also the Sheriff of Kent County in Delaware which was one of the more powerful positions of the time. He was also the commander of the rogue Delaware Militia. According to John Adams, “he was the oddest looking man in the world; he is tall, thin and slender as a reed, pale; his face is not bigger than a large apple, yet there is sense and fire, spirit, wit and humor in this countenance.” He was in love with a woman who died soon after marrying someone else and he remained a bachelor until his death (classic badass). ON TOP OF ALL THAT, he had a scar on his face. And let’s be honest, audiences are always captivated by a good scar story.

    So I present: “Hot Rod: The Original American Badass”.

  • Michael DiGaetano says:

    Has to be Aaron Burr… the only vice president to shoot someone (Alexander Hamilton) since Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face.

  • Brian P says:

    Aaron Schock would be a good subject for a musical even if the ending has yet to be determined

  • Lucy Blood says:

    “Marble Palace” – a musical about the Supreme Court. Musical numbers include:
    “The Court of Last Resort”
    “You’ve Got Appeal”
    “Due Process”
    “It’s Good to be Chief”
    “The Constitution Rag”
    “Number Nine”
    “The First Monday Blues”
    “That’s Your Opinion”
    “Life, I Serve for Life”
    “Unanimous Decision -Hardly Never”
    “Seniority counts”

  • Yosi Merves says:

    A musical about Abe Lincoln could be interesting.

    As would a musical about the Watergate scandal.

    In the case of the presidents, I think I would be interested in more dramatic musicals rather than comedic ones. Or at least emulating “1776” which has some comedic elements but is mostly straight-forward.

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    “Sew It Seems” – the Betsy Ross musical!

  • Rick Reynolds says:

    Or “So It Seams” – either way!



  • Melissa says:

    Al Gore

    “What could have been”

  • Eric W says:

    How about a musical about Rick Santorum called “A Big Mess”?

  • Brandon S says:

    Raisin’ Cain: the claymation life and times of Herman Cain (as told by the California Raisins)

  • Caroline M says:

    How about a musical about political satirists? Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver…

  • I’d love to see a Sarah Palin musical. She just cracks me up. I have a cardboard cut out of her that I take pictures with all the time because she’s just so darn cute.

    There are endless possibilities for a title, but the first that came to mind for me is “You Betcha: The Sarah Palin Musical”

  • Emily Brett says:

    With a growing public interest in conspiracy stories, an Edward Snowden musical would definitely be interesting! You could call it “Patriot: The Story of Edward Snowden,” and center it around the interviews from the best-documentary Oscar winner, Citizenfour. The high-stakes nature of the topic would be an interesting translation to the stage.

  • Rick Hinkson says:

    sarah palin is already happening. check out PALIN: THE LIVE TELEVISED MUSICAL CAMPAIGN, written and performed by Erica Vlahinos.

  • Demi Agapitos says:

    “Hello, We’re The Romney’s: A New Musical”
    Oh wait, that already won best musical in 2011…
    How about…
    “I’ll Be Back” a “dramatic” musical about a former governor of California that no one ever understood…literally.

  • Ed says:

    what about a musical about princess Diana. Elton can write all the music. It could be called candle in the wind.
    It could tell the story of her politic life as the princess of England.

  • Carl says:

    Nixon – The Rise and Fall of a Dick

  • Robert D. Carver says:

    30 or so years ago, I came up with the idea for a musical about the first female president, rather similar to “Kisses for My President,” but she doesn’t get pregnant and resign. In fact she’s already a mother, twice: an adult daughter who falls for a Republican operative and a decorated Marine-hero son who happens to be gay.
    One of the second act songs was to be entitled “Party Lines” a conference call between the protagonist, Indira Gandhi and Maggie Thatcher. Another song, for the antagonist and his henchmen was to be “The Cannon Fodder Canon…..”

  • copa says:

    Certainly Will Ferrell did the best non-musical version of George W. Bush, but there’s plenty more to be mined from that guy’s life. From existing sources like the movie “W.” to the documentary “Bush’s Brain” it seems to be a real ‘no-brainer’ (pun intended) for a musical to be made of GWB’s life from this wealth of material. Laughs a-plenty, too!!

  • Sue Cohen says:

    Richard Nixon — the story of his rise and fall in the new musical DON’T BLAME ME (I’m from Massachusetts).

  • EllenFD says:

    Former Idaho Republican Sen. Larry Craig (

    Larry Craig: The Toe-Tappin’ Musical

    Songs: “My Palm is Always Up for You”
    “Toe-ing the Line”
    “Tappin’ Left–But Mostly Right”
    “Can’t Stall My Love for You”
    “Do As I Say…Not As I Toe”
    “Everything’s Great When Urinal the Right Places!”
    “Idaho Potatoes Ain’t Got Nothin’ on What Grew at the Airport”

  • Jessie K says:

    I would love a musical about the women’s suffrage movement, featuring women such as Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, etc.

  • Paula says:

    Gary Hart
    Title: Catch Me If You Can II. (i.e. 2)

  • John Dallal says:

    Jimmy Walker, a flamboyant politician & New York Mayor, from 1926-’32, who wrote the
    lyrics to a popular song entitled ‘Will You Love Me in December as You Do in May?’ was
    well-known as Dapper Jimmy Walker, and I suppose that a fine musical could be done about
    him. Around 1970 there was a short-lived musical which was staged. A title that might be
    used, I guess, could be ‘Mayor Jimmy Walker-A Return Engagement.’

  • fran says:

    What about the women behind some of the political dynasties, such as Abagail Adams, Elinor Roosevelt (Teddy was her uncle), Rose Kennedy and Barbara Bush? I think Sondheim would have a field day with them!

  • Randi says:

    JFK Jr!

  • abe c says:

    “I’ll Be Back: The Grover Cleveland Story”

  • Colleen V says:

    Ruth Bader Ginsberg

    Might as well called it The Notorious RBG Musical!

  • Ethan says:

    Ronald Reagan would be an interesting musical subject, given his background as an actor before becoming a politician.

  • Jared says:

    “I Am Not a Crook,” the satiric story of Richard Nixon’s rise and fall.

  • sheryl wiener says:

    A show about George W and George H.W Bush….”Two Bushes…No Waiting (A new lesbian musical)”

  • Kyrsten Louchen says:

    Toronto Governor and crack enthusist Rob Ford!

  • Stanley N. Lozowski says:

    “Thomas Jefferson’s Comic Commandos” is the title of my show.
    “I Love America” is the best music and lyrics recorded for the play and I need additional composers/lyricists to finish the project.

  • Elise Kaplan says:

    Arnold Schwarzenegger “Maid To Be Governor”

  • Phillip Lee says:

    How about inspiring like Selma the Musical? Starring LBJ and MLK.

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