Who won the tickets to Deaf West’s Spring Awakening?

One of the commenters in this week’s giveaway, a composer who happens to be deaf and wrote a musical about it (how amazing is that?), said in his entry, “Hope they [Deaf West] read all these comments . . . ”

Oh don’t worry, Jay, they will.  Because I’m going to send ’em all their way!

Because theater should be accessible to all.  But that means we need more great companies like Deaf West to pick up the important mission of serving the markets that aren’t being served, but that are started for the entertainment.  And it also means incorporating characters, stories, etc. into our more “mainstream” that include people of all types, including those with disabilities.

And that’s up to all of us.

Ok, off my soapbox, and on to the giveaway!

Jay, sorry to say you didn’t win the tickets.

But maybe you can be Jennifer Quinones’ plus one because Jen, you won!  Email me to get your tickets.

Enjoy it!  Or as they say in sign language . . . (click here).


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