Who won the tickets to Jesse Eisenberg’s The Spoils at The New Group?

Sutton Foster, Cherry Jones, Stephen Colbert, and Nathan Lane were just a few of the actors you suggested start writing dialogue instead of just speaking it.  (That Colbert idea is genius . . . He might have written for his own show, but what about a play? Boy would I pay premium ticket price to see that.)

I doubt that many of the actors suggested in this week’s giveaway will ever take the plunge and start writing (they don’t really have to, now do they?).  But that doesn’t mean their fingerprints aren’t all over the scripts they do.  Great actors give writers a perspective on their plays that no one else can . . . from the inside out.  And great writers listen to what their actors have to say about moments, scenes and dialogue.  One of my favorite things to say to actors when working on a new show is, “Hey – what do you think your character would say here?”

But now let’s see which one of you won the tickets to actor/writer Jesse Eisenberg’s new play The Spoils!

Drumroll please . . .

Adam L. come on down!  You win!

Email me to get your tickets.

And hey – if you’re an actor – try writing something.  Even if it’s just a monologue.

And if you’re a writer – try acting.

Standing in another artist’s shoes is a great way to more comfortable in your own.


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