Podcast Episode 23 – Steve Schnepp


Ok, now that all that Tony nonsense is out of the way, we can get back to our regularly scheduled podcast program.

Where was I?  Ok . . .

How do shows get out on the road?  Is it because of their box office receipts?  Awards?  Politics?

Sure, all that factors in, but the simple answer is . . . Broadway shows get out on the road because a Booking Agent, like Steve Schnepp of Broadway Booking Office (the guy behind Beautiful, Curious Incident, Gentlemen’s Guide, etc.), gets behind them and sells them.

We don’t talk about the mechanism of the Broadway national tour much, because there’s so much more excitement and sexiness about Broadway.  But like syndication in television, or foreign sales in movies, National Tours can be a heck of a lot more profitable (and less risky) than the primary run.

That’s why I wanted to get one of the best booking agents in the biz to tell us his secrets of The Road, and thankfully, Steve was willing to sit down with us and share his unique perspective on the touring biz.

On this episode you’ll hear Steve talk about . . .

  • The key ingredient a show needs to make a tour possible (besides him, of course).
  • Whether or not stars matter on the road in 2015.
  • What Les Miz sold for twenty years ago, and why that’s not so different from what it sells for today.
  • How to get your show touring.
  • Is there a place for the non-union tour?

The business of Broadway isn’t just in Times Square. It stretches all over the world, and thanks to people like Steve, it’s healthier than ever.

Tune in to hear why, and how you and your show can be a part of it.

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  • Regarding guarantees and how they haven’t increased that much in 25 years, the advent of the “royalty” or “variable fee” off the top is one way fees to the show have gone up. Different shows have differing guarantees and each show can be higher or lower depending on the market.

    Regarding getting new people into the theaters – we all have to make sure we get kids into the theaters when we can. Presenters and producers alike have to be committed to growing our audience so the kids of today are the subscribers of 15 years from now. Wicked worked with me in Birmingham, AL and priced a Thursday matinee of the 2nd play in the market at $25 for all seats. We sold out that show by contacting all the schools in the area and introduced 2800 kids to an amazing show and an amazing experience.

  • Christian Wolf says:

    Can’t wait to hear you present the presenters side. It seems there is a breakdown on what the perceived reality is on both sides of the fence.

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