Tony Pool Winner Announced! And How Did You, Me, and My Dog Do?

Alright ladies and gentle-blog readers, it’s time to announce who is taking home that fancy dancy Apple Watch!

But before we announce the winner . . .

If you remember, last Friday I posted my predictions on who was going to win, along with your predictions (based on the Tony Pool) . . . and my dog’s.  Let’s see how that little bitch did, shall we?

  • I scored an 83%, getting 20 out of the 24 correct (I missed both Featured Actor in a Play and Featured Actress in a Musical, Leading Actress in a Musical and the big prize of Best Musical).  B-.  Not bad.  Much better than last year’s score of 69%.
  • You scored a 79%.  And this is where I stick my tongue out and say, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.  I beat you!”
  • And how did Koda do?  She got 5 out of 24 correct . . . or 21%.  I guess that means this business is definitely not going to the dogs.  Heyo!  I’ll be here all week!

And now . . . the winner of the Apple Watch is . . .

Drumroll please . . . .

Drdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrddrdrdrdrdrdrdrdrd . . .

Vanessa Raffio!

Congrats, Vanessa!  You won the Apple Watch!  Email me for details on how to pick up your hot new item.

Vanessa scored a magnificent 92% (22 out of 24 correct) missing only Featured Actress in a Musical and Featured Actor in a Play (Me too, Vanessa, me too).  And, get this . . . she wasn’t the only one who got 22 out of 24 correct!  We had a tie this year, but Vanessa’s answer to the tiebreaker is what put her over the top.

Oh man, this was exciting.  I can’t wait for next year.  I wonder who the favorite is for Best Musical?

See you then!!!


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  • Eliza says:

    Ruthie Ann Miles! I called it May 28th. I am quite proud of that. 🙂
    Congrats to all!

  • David H. says:

    Actually most of the guests on the Theater Talk predictions show picked Ruthie Ann Miles to win, though not necessarily because hers was the best performance. There should be an asterisk next to name saying to win she beat 3 nominees from the same show who likely created very quirky voting. But so nice to see how many of the “experts” who expected the voters to pick a show with a mediocre book, but great dancing and pretty sets over a show deserving best musical status were totally wrong. Theater people are better than that.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    Dear Ken,
    I’ve been enjoying your blogs for about two years now. I have attended about three of your parties. I was wondering if you are still looking for someone to manage your theater space. I recall seeing an ad for this position. I have an MFA from the Actors Studio Drama School. I am an actress, stand-up, and playwright. One of my one-acts has been published. I’m a hard worker and live in Chelsea. I’d love to work a regular job in this industry as opposed to the piece-work that is auditioning and writing submissions. I have a day job that is lucrative but not much fun at all. I want to wake up and be in a theater/show biz environment. I have unlimited passion for the Broadway and off-Broadway scene. Also, I have great computer skills and am a very responsible, detail-oriented person. May I send you a resume?
    Thank you.
    Ellen Orchid

  • Priscilla Devlin says:

    I’m calling it now – the Best Musical for 2016 will be – “Hamilton” – it feels like it has already won!!!!

  • Gary James says:

    I was pleased that I got 14/24 since I really wasn’t familiar with most of the productions, based on the ‘gut.’ My big disappointment was “On the Town” not winning for choreography. I mean, “doh” … but once I learned a little more about “Fun Home” and read a couple NYTimes articles about King and I, I realized I could have upped my score to at least 20 … did pick Sidney though … and O’Hara (finally) but alas, it was great fun. So, how long was Tommy’s acceptance speech and was that the tiebreaker? I saw it on YouTube and it appeared to only be 1:55, correct? Loved this contest. Made the show a lot more interesting too.

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