Who is the Broadway Investor? The Infographic. Finally!

I’ll admit it.  I’m obsessed with infographics.  I like reading ’em.  And I like making ’em.  Ok, truth time, I like telling my Assistant, Dylan, to make them.  🙂

Since I got addicted, we’ve made some really cool IGs (that’s how us cool people who make their Assistants make infographics refer to them, BTW).  There was the one about Tony Award winners.  There was the one about recouped musicals.

And then there was the one about the makeup of the typical Broadway Investor.

Wait a minute.  We didn’t do that one!  Newman!

But it’s not too late, right?  No!  It’s never too late.  I just read Vera Wang didn’t enter into the fashion industry until she was 40.  Rodney Dangerfield broke through at age 46.  And good ol’ Colonel Sanders didn’t start frying chicken until he was 62.  So it’s certainly not too late to post an infographic!

A year ago we announced the results of the first ever Broadway Investor survey.  But go ahead, look at it.  The results looked so boring.  So non-info-graphic-y.

Not anymore!

Below is our Broadway Investor infographic.  Use it to help focus your search for investors for your show.

Investor Demogaphics (2)

P.S.  I’ll bet this post gets more views and shares than the previous post with the same information, just presented differently.  Remember that when you’re trying to get something out into the world.

And stay tuned for more Infographics.  I’m keeping Dylan busy this summer.


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  • Eleanor T. says:

    Interesting stats. Out of curiosity, how do the investors ages affect the type of show they invest in…or does that play a role?

  • Ezequiel says:

    Who are these people in the 2.2% who invest in shows but do not attend the theatre?
    Great infographic!

  • Wendy Caster says:

    Great infographic. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Daniel says:

    Really? I can invest in Broadway without having to be resident in the US? That’s a revelation. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but figured that it wasn’t possible from Australia.

    Of course, having no money to invest has also been a factor, but it’s good to know that it’s a possibility in the future.

  • Rich Mc says:

    Ken, An interesting analysis. However, absent among the details is how many shows each investor/respondent has invested in on average: e.g., 1,2,3,4, 5 or more. (This stat offers the potential of assessing results’ veracity, e.g., if hypothetically, 80% of respondents invested in only one show, this would not reflect the perspective of more seasoned investors who chose not to respond.) I’d also like to see average ROI’s for respondents who have invested in multiple shows. I think there’s a lot more that can be shown from the responses you’ve collected.

  • Great Infograph! It occurred to me while enjoying it that there’s seem to be many more male than female investors. How does that compare to ticket buyers? And if there is gender inequity there, between the investors and the ticket buyers, does that have any impact/bearing on the producing process?

  • JD says:

    Great information. What is the size of the sample set? How many responses did you use to make the analysis?

  • JD says:

    I looked a little further into the raw results in the previous post. In that one, donations and investments are blended. So now I am confused as to what you are presenting: donations or investments? Charity is not investing and the motives for the one are hardly similar to the motives behind the other.

  • Meredith says:

    From whom did you get your data? Are these your investors or did you survey the investors of other producers as well? How large was your data pool?

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