Fun on a Friday: Laura Benanti and The Skivvies teach you Theater Etiquette

Everyone is talking theater etiquette these days, thanks to our Theater Etiquette Ambassador . . . or should I say Theater Etiquette Dictator . . . Patti LuPone, and her latest from-the-stage attack on a cell phone user.

And lots of people have been asking me lately about what I’d do to improve theater-going etiquette in an age when people bring buckets of chicken to Broadway shows and also “get busy” in the mezzanine, as this guy will tell you.

You know the best way to get people to improve their . . . well . . . anything?  Let them have fun in the process.  It’s the ol’ spoonful of sugar approach.  If people are enjoying themselves, they’ll learn without even knowing they’re learning.

Leave it to The Skivvies and Laura Benanti to give us a little lesson that doesn’t seem like a lesson, because it’s just fun to watch.

So on this summer Friday, watch the video below . . . and then send it to all your friends . . . especially the ones that Patti might have a problem with if she caught them texting during a show.  It’s for their safety. Really.

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