Podcast Episode #28: She runs the TKTS booth! Victoria “Tory” Bailey, the Executive Director of TDF

It’s quite symbolic that the TKTS booth is in the center of Times Square.  Because TDF, the company that runs the booth, is a core part of our industry.

What started out as a simple non-profit that wanted more people to attend the theater who couldn’t afford to attend the theater, is now a vital part of how our business operates.  Without it . . . well, I can’t even talk about it.

Running TKTS would be a full time gig, but TDF and its Executive Director, Tory Bailey, do oh so much more than that.  And you’ll hear all about it on this podcast.

Listen in as Tory, one of the most powerful people in the biz, thanks to the millions (!) of dollars TDF generates for Broadway and Off Broadway shows, talks about all things TDF and more like:

  • The origins of the TKTS booth and what’s next for “the trailer” (and how did it get that name anyway?).
  • The kind of theater that excites her, and where she thinks shows are headed in the future (and she’s a Tony Nominator, so listen in folks).
  • What happened to Audience Development Directors?
  • Why Commercial Producers like me need non-profit institutions like TDF (and it ain’t about the booth).
  • Where TDF will be in 20 years.

And, of course, lots more from this super smart lady who is responsible for leading one of the most important cultural advocacy institutions anywhere.


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  • Steven Conners says:

    Ken. Great podcasts. Suggestion for guest: Eric Krebs. Long been involved with theater. Started Georgetown Playhouse, Fairbanks, Jr. Theater, Houseman theater, etc. Good guy. Nice guy. Interesting background. —Steve

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