The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Amazing Grace on Broadway!

Believe it or don’t believe it, but the Broadway season is already underway, with a brand new musical, Amazing Grace, already in previews at the Nederlander Theatre with an opening date just over a week away!

What’s it about?  Well, I’ll give you two guesses.

No I won’t.  You get one guess, and if you don’t get it right, I’m taking your Sondheim albums away.

To quote the show’s website, “Amazing Grace is a new original musical based on the awe-inspiring true story behind the world’s most beloved song.”

Now that’s a title that tells you what the show is about, am I right?

And like the title of this blog says, I’m giving away two tickets!

Here’s how you win:

Amazing Grace could be the first show ever based on a song (except for Barry Manilow’s Copacabana, but since that never made it to Broadway, it doesn’t count (it does have some awesome tunes, though)).  What other songs could make great musicals?

Tell me what song you’d like to see adapted into a musical . . . and bonus points when you give me a tag line that tells me what it’s about . . . and you could win two tickets to see Amazing Grace.

Need an example?  “Mack the Knife” – A musical about an angry McDonald’s sandwich who goes on a vengeful killing spree and then grinds his victims up in a meat grinder and serves them to McDonald’s patrons.

Ok, that one sucked, but you get the idea.

Good luck!


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  • Allison DeLuca says:

    Larger Than Life: Relive the greatest decade on earth (the 90’s of course) by following our characters as they journey through life, love and making the toughest decision – N’Sync or Backstreet Boys.

  • Ilene Argento says:

    This is a hard one! (And I only want to ‘win’ if tix can be used in late November!!!)

    “Bridge Over Troubled Water” – the new Broadway musical about a bridge floating above the NY Theatre District where show-stoppers from failed Broadway shows live again!

  • Sara Wolter says:

    Blue Moon-A Staten Island Ferry Love Story

  • Melissa Holland says:

    “Rebel Girl” – A new rock musical behind the song that was the anthem of the Riot Grrrl movement and the band that influenced a generation of music.

  • Meg says:

    “Ode to Billie Joe” — the musical that will make you wonder what *you’d* throw off the Tallahatchie Bridge.

  • Danielle V says:

    “Raspberry Beret” – a story of love, lust, and sherbert-colored headwear.

  • “All I Need Now Is the Girl” – a musical about two gay men who pass their physicals and mental exams and are pronounced safe and healthy to be parents of a bouncy little baby … but who will be the mother?

  • Mark Briner says:

    Any of those great story songs from the 70s. The Harper Valley PTA, about a single mother admonished for her unladylike behavior who exposes the hypocrisy of the small southern town board who condemned her with comic results, score by Dolly Parton.

  • Nicole says:

    “Bring Me To Life” – Evanescence

    The new trend among the rich is LIFE: a virtual reality game in which users can “jump” into an ideal world of their own creation. As people experience an alternate reality, their bodies stay connected to and are nourished by a supercomputer. Bring Me To Life follows our protagonist as she tries to stop the evil scientist behind this plan to take control of the impressionable population.

  • Sally Cherry says:

    “Baltimore” by Prince
    A protest song about the 2015 social unrest in Baltimore City following the death of a young African-American man while in police custody. The song was released by Prince before his “Rally 4 Peace” concert in honor of the young man.

    According to Prince’s spokesperson, the song is about the “unrest in Baltimore and the socio-political issues around the country in the wake of a slew of killings of young black men”. A musical adaption would be an excellent storytelling platform of the social unrest and peace restoration in Baltimore which occurred over a period of 25 days in Baltimore, MD (April 12th – May 5th).

    So many adaptable stories over the 25 days in Baltimore… Arrest and death of young African-American man… Community protest transforms to social unrest… Sport fans taunting protestors and bystanders… Newspaper’s white photographer beaten by police officers… Pharmacies and stores looted and/or burned… Organized drug theft by local gangs resulting in a dramatic increase in black market access to opiates and a tuft war)… Local high school students rioting and closing local mall… Night curfews established… National Guard left… Peaceful rallies and prayer walks held… U.S. Attorney General met with political and law enforcement leaders in Baltimore.

    Indeed a musical, “Baltimore” subtitled “25 days of unrest and restoration” would be an excellent platform to share the timeline and stories of the events!

  • Corey S. says:

    “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

    I know that “We Will Rock You” focused on many of Queen’s songs (to disastrous effect), but I think that this song alone is inspiration enough to spawn its own musical. A Faustian deal in the form of a homosexual man marrying straight in order to be successful leads to a rags-to-riches story that parallels a former lover’s descent into poverty and then the whole shebang culminates with a deathbed redemption/final reckoning (depending on whether you want a feel-good ending or an introspective one). The song already consists of six sections that could easily be teased out into full musical numbers.

    Honestly, I’m surprised that this hasn’t been done already

  • Margarita Viera says:

    Don’t forge “On Your Feet”. I would say Billy Joel’s “It’s My Life”.

  • Ned Ginsburg says:

    “MacArthur Park” a nostalgic romp through the singer/songwriter scene of Los Angeles in the late 60s. Will finally explain why “someone left the cake out in the rain”.

  • brian says:

    The Night The Lights Went Out in Georgia – a bright new musical about what happened the day before a dark night. P.S. it will include the Julia Sugarbaker explanation from Designing Women.



    Small town girl from Hawaii comes to make it big on Broadway.
    She headlines a show after hours at the Continental Gay Baths, with Mary Manilow as her pianist, while playing Tzeitel on Broadway in FIDDLER ON THE ROOF.
    The rest is history.

  • noach reshef says:

    :Play it Sam…. sing it Sam…..
    : You must remember this
    A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
    The fundamental things apply
    As time goes by…………………………………………..

  • Faith says:

    Row Row Row Your Boat- the untold story behind the powere of the Roman navy

  • Noa Saunders says:

    “I Wanna Be Sedated”- Growing up with the Ramones.
    1, 2, 3, 4, Hey, Ho, Let’s Go! Watch the Ramones as they make their way up the charts to number one in this crazy punk rock show. It will feature: Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, Robert Fairchild (every group needs a dancer), and Darren Criss.

  • Brian Weiner says:

    “Crazy in Love” – the story of Donald Trump, a crazy madman so in love with himself that he decides to run for President of his country just so he can hear about himself every day.

  • “Waiting for the World to Change” — A pizza delivery guy caught up in the unrest of the 1960s who moves from the sidelines to centerstage.

  • David McKibbin says:

    Thrift Shop: A new musical about hipster trends in an ever-changing economy. Popping Tags for Priceless Paraphernalia!

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    :The Men in My Little Girl’s Life” by Mike Douglas (Michael Dowd). I have loved this song a father sings. There is enough in the lyrics to do an entire show, not just a scene. Multiple males and different years.

  • Lorenzo Segall says:

    Barry White’s Hung Up On Your Love, Musical Based On Mickey Rooney’s Love Commitments….

  • Howard Levitsky says:

    Frankie and Johnny – the true story of who done who wrong and who immortalized their story in song!

  • Ned Donovan says:

    “Fred Jones (pt. 2)” combined with “Cigarette” both by Ben Folds. Both are about the same character so you can extend the story told between the two songs into a show.

    Fred Jones is a down on his luck every day guy. A musical about the regular joe and how he finds meaning for his within the monotony of Day to day living.

    BONUS: it gets Ben Folds to write a Broadway musical, which 100% absolutely would be incredible

  • Lynn Manuell says:

    Harry Chapin/s Mr. Tanner

  • Well, this isn’t a famous song (yet LOL) but a Blues tune I co-wrote called “(Lost In) Hell’s Kitchen” comes to mind. Song co-writer Tom Fair lived in this legendary neighborhood during those rough and tumble days and has very interesting stories to tell. Oh, by the way, he moved to L.A. so he’s no longer “lost”! Here’s the recording featuring Harmonica master Brian Brazil:

  • Cydney Halpin says:

    Gorgeous…the photo-shopped story about the narcissistic Kardashians!

  • Lucy Blood says:

    “Great Balls of Fire”

    The day after winning the World Series an undercover reporter discovers that the fastball NY Yankee’s pitcher is really a woman.

  • Joshua says:

    “Arms Wide Open” by Creed-
    New musical about a cross dressing soon to be father-

    “Not all dads where the pants”

  • Laura K says:

    Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy – think “Oklahoma” … without the farmers.

  • Shari says:

    Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    “Call Me Maybe” – A romantic comedy for the 21st Century

  • Shari says:

    Sorry- I hit post byi accident — Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
    Several vignettes taking place in an Italian restaurant at the same time. A couple getting engaged, a couple breaking up, a son coming out to his family, a woman who is pregnant and goes into labor.

  • Joe says:

    “Proud Mary”

    The story of Mary before she was Jesus mother.

  • Glenn says:

    I think Aqualung (Jethro Tull). Granted it would probably never make it out of London, but who wouldn’t want a rock musical about the effects of urbanisation on nature, and of the effects of social constructs such as religion on society. You poor old sot, you see it’s only me.

  • Nathan Clift says:

    Feed the Birds: It’s calling to you

    We all know the best Disney song, and it isn’t “Let it Go” or “Part of your World”. This song is “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins. This song is the most melodic song in the show. In fact, it is known to be Walt Disney’s favorite song, and every Friday it would be played. Sometimes, they play it live in DisneyLand. But how did the Bird Woman come to life?

    The film Saving Mr Banks didn’t shed much life into it, and it is almost unknown of its origins. This would have to be a collaboration with Disney. but I bet it would have tears streaming down the faces of the audience if done well. Songs like this aren’t just made in a day. They take time and commitment. Every story needs to be told. Now this one can be.

  • Tony p says:

    As Time Goes By
    A battered wife and a jaded widower meet through happenstance and slowly learn that love is available to them, and can help them heal.

  • Lauren says:

    “Take Good Care of My Baby” – a couple’s inaugural, neurotic date night out after having their first child. Parenthetically, winning these tickets would be just that for me and my husband!

  • Ed Katz says:

    ‘Born to Run’- the life story of Steve Prefontaine

  • Randy turner says:

    Ode to Billy Joe

  • Eric W says:

    California Girl – a bio-musical about Katy Perry’s rise from small town Christian music star to global phenomenon.

  • Lisa says:

    “Fever” and it could feature modernized versions of the stories told in the song!

  • rita says:

    Luck be a lady tonight- Hillary Clinton’s campaign song

  • abe c says:

    There Is a Light that Never Goes Out — How The Smiths became Immortal…

  • Rachel P says:

    Lucky by Britney Spears

    A teen girl very passionate about helping the underprivileged finds out she is the biological daughter of two internationally famous celebrities (who gave her up for adoption cause they were too young when they had her). She reconnects with them and they invite her to spend the summer traveling with them as the mom goes on tour (famous pop star). Will she use this new avenue to further her community service or succumb to the rich & famous lifestyle that every girl dreams of.

  • Solange De Santis says:

    A Day in the Life by the Beatles. The story of the “lucky man who made the grade.”

  • Shira Dickler says:

    Gravity by Sara Bareilles

    A musical about Apollo 13 (why hasn’t this been done before?).

  • copa says:

    “One” by Jefferson Airplane, a tripped out version of ALICE IN WONDERLAND featuring all the Acid rock songs of the 60’s.

  • “Both Sides Now” by Judy Collins

    The musical about Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner and her desire to give birth!

  • Allison M says:

    “Firework” by Katy Perry. A jukebox musical featuring all Katy Perry songs. When a small town midwest girl moves to California, she learns that being yourself is the best person you can be.

  • Jeff says:

    Billy Joel’s Scenes From An Italian Restaurant is an obvious one, since it is packed with narratives, backstory, etc.

  • Eva Mack says:

    Moon River… the classic persuit of love

  • Joe Marino says:

    “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”-

    Tag Line: “You’ll Believe This Son-of-a-Bitch is the Best There’s Ever Been”

  • Noah P says:

    Eleanor Rigby – A female vigilante named Eleanor goes around getting revenge on all the men who have wronged her.

  • Brian says:

    Thunder road: a new American musical that takes a road trip through history to find out where weather began and where it will go.

  • Evelyn Storch says:

    “It’s My Party” tells the story of Donald Trump’s run for the presidency saying and doing such outrageous things that he is the only one left in the GOP (not in the candidate class–there are no more Republicans by the end of the play)

  • David says:

    MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB A rather adult musical about a free thinking, modern heroine who has a late night, one time encounter with a Ram. Shunned by her rural village, her courage and determination bring her to New York City where she and her fuzzy son, Lambert are accepted for who and what they are.

  • Phil Gallas says:

    Oops! I Did It Again–The Musical! –A serial romantic meets girl meets boy meets girl meets boy meets girl, with madcap singing and dancing!!!

  • Liz Wollman says:

    Blue Oyster Cult’s “Then Came the Last Days Of May,” in which some dudes do a dumb thing and get in trouble…but first they sing, dance, lament, rejoice, and get laid a few times, artfully.

  • Jeryl M. says:

    Dear Future Husband: The Story of a Serial Bride

  • Noah B says:

    Ants Matching by Dave Matthews – the story of your average Joe in the American workplace.

  • Alexa Bishop says:

    Fix You by Coldplay – the journey of a beautiful love that was never meant to be

  • John Dallal says:

    “There’ll Be Some Changes Made”…about a man, or woman, preparing for a sex-change operation.

  • Geri W says:

    Twist and Shout- the history of the Beatles

  • Kelly says:

    La Vie En Rose — idyllic love story in Paris

  • Joseph Peter says:


    “The Untold Story Of The Duo That Changed Music Forever: The Carpenters”

  • Mark S. says:

    Blurred Lines – the musical tale of pop music controversy set amidst the backdrop of a nation that just wants to dance without thinking.

  • Red Rachel says:

    “El Paso” ~ how far will this cowboy ride for the true love of his Mexican maiden?!

  • Jason Epperson says:

    Me and My Bobby McGee

    A young woman tries to hold on to her love, blues singer Bobby McGee, as they hitchhike from Kentucky to California.

  • Tyler E says:

    Do you hear what I hear- a plea for peace by a musician scarred by war

    Noel Regney wrote Do you hear what I hear during the Cuban Missile Crisis to encourage peace. He had previously served as a spy for the French in WWII, leading a German unit into a French trap and to their deaths.

  • Yankee Doodle Dandy – Discover how the boy with macaroni in his hat became the dandy doodle he is today.

  • Lisa R. says:

    The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    It’s about this dim-witted devil, see, and his name is Michael. No, no, his name is Marty. Marty. So this devil, Marty, he goes down to Georgia to rustle up some souls. But he doesn’t have a lot of time because he’s been slacking, like maybe he’s been marathon watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns. Something like that. It doesn’t matter, point is, he’s waaay under his soul goal.

    So Marty hightails it down to Georgia and finds a group of people in white hoods, waving confederate flags and guns around like a herd of freaking maniacs. He approaches them and by way of introduction launches into the Blues Brothers’ “Soul Man.” However, after a few moments of dialog Marty realizes that not only does not a single one of them have a soul, but worse, they have no appreciation for the blues. Marty makes note of this correlation for future reference, and decides to move on to a more target-rich environment.

    He is just about to hop a train to DC (see “dim-witted,” supra), but then he sees this kid, Johnny, who is not wearing a hood and who is sawin’ on a fiddle and playin’ it hot, and Marty jumps up on a tree stump… what kind? I don’t know, does it matter? Okay fine, a Hickory stump. They have Hickory trees in Georgia, right? Anyway, he jumps up on this tree – sorry, Hickory — stump – wait, why? I don’t know why. Why do devils do anything? Okay because he’s short. And he wants to look Johnny in the eye. Okay? So he jumps up on this – hickory — stump and challenges Johnny to a dance off. No wait, to a fiddle duel, yeah a fiddle duel. And if Marty wins then he gets Johnny’s soul, but if Johnny wins he gets… Marty’s soul? No, that doesn’t work, Marty doesn’t have a soul. Or maybe he has lots of them, but the bigger issue is, why would Johnny want two souls? Okay, so Johnny will win… Marty’s fiddle. Wait, why does he want Marty’s fiddle when he already has his own fiddle? Okay, he wants Marty’s fiddle because…. because… because Marty’s fiddle is made of gold! Yes, that’s it, a solid gold fiddle! Strings and everything. All gold. Who could resist? Not you or me, and certainly not Johnny. Man that thing’s gotta be heavy though. You know? And I’m not really sure how the acoustics would play out. I mean it just seems like metal would absorb and reflect sound in rather un-musical ways. You know what, whatever. We’ll just keep the lyrics bouncing and nobody in the audience will ever even notice the glaring discrepancy. Well okay maybe that one time a violin player is in the audience, but really, who cares about him?

    So okay, so Johnny says, “Well my name’s Johnny, and it might be a sin…” Wait, it might be a sin? Is it a sin, or not? This is kind of important. I mean if it isn’t a sin, that kind of effs up the conceit, doesn’t it? Technically I don’t think fiddle duels are enumerated anywhere as an actual sin. I mean if anything like that is going to be a sin, then how about dueling tubas? Or dueling kazoos, now that should be a sin. Okay let’s just leave it in for now and somebody add “fiddle duels: sinful? yes or no. Cite plz.” to the top of the dramaturg’s list.

    Where were we? Oh right, so Johnny takes the bet and they start fiddle-dueling to “Fire on the Mountain.” This is also the big ensemble dance number where all the whitehoods do a Cotton-Eyed Joe/Interpretive Dance number, which ends with their torch accidentally lighting their giant confederate flag on fire. (Hold for applause.) So they finish with the big dance number and the klansmen scamper off with their flaming flag (producer: get FD and OSHA clearance), and Marty bows his head because he knew that he’d been beat, and he lays that golden fiddle on the ground at Johnny’s feet. Then Johnny’s ego swells and he churlishy takes the golden fiddle, and thinking himself clever, tells Marty to go to Hell. Exit Marty, to the sound of a train whistle.


    ACT II

    I haven’t quite worked Act II out yet. I’m thinking that Marty needs redemption, and Johnny needs to find a purpose for his life. At some point I’d like to include Billy Joel’s “Its All About Soul” as a bromance duet for Marty and Johnny. Probably the closing number. I’m also going to add “Lady Marmalade” at the top, sung by Johnny’s sub-plot romantic interest, Blanche, who may or may not have sold her soul for rock-n-roll.

    Tag: It’s All About Soul. Yours.

  • Roger Rifkin says:

    ”An Affair To Remember.” The beautiful title song from the 1957 film. How about a show dealing with various kinds of love affairs? Gay, straight, transgendered, interracial, all different ages etc. With that lovely song as its running theme. Tag line: ”After all, you never know when or where love will find you.”

  • Jared Wietbrock says:

    “Shake It Off” – Players gonna play and haters gonna hate, but this young woman won’t let that crush her popstar dreams.

  • Patrick McGregor II says:

    “The Long and Winding Road”

    The true story of bringing a Broadway show to the stage!

  • Keni Fine says:

    MONSTER MASH – The Liveliest Dead Beats You’ve Ever Heard! A Monstrous Hit!

  • Cara says:

    Repeat Stuff ( song by Bo Burnham) – A behind the scenes look at the dark side of popular music.

  • EllenFD says:

    “Candle in the Wind”– You’ve seen The Queen. Now here’s the true story of The People’s Princess. Lady Di lived the fairy tale…until real life brought about tragedy.

  • fran says:

    two songs come to mind:
    The Boxer by Paul Simon – it’s about a boxer struggling to make it. Remember Rocky 1-5?!
    Cat in the Cradle by Harry Chapin – Exploring the father/son relationship

  • “OLD SHEP” – In church, a ten year old boy discovers that this song can move people to tears and wearing his glasses at the fair he sings it and becomes the world’s greatest singer.

  • Kyrsten Louchen says:

    99 problems by mr.jay-z

  • Shane H says:

    Girl From the North Country: A Canadian woman falls in love with another woman while visiting the USA. Set prior to the recent SCOTUS decision, their trials and tribulations of international love culminate in a celebration of equality.

  • “It’s Nice to Get Up in the Morning”

    could also be “I Love a Lassie” or “Roamin’ in the Gloamin” (still working with my UK partner).

    As a Rotarian and the first British entertainer to sell a million records, “Scotland’s greatest ever ambassador” toured America promoting the kilt and the cromach during his “Final American Tour”. Earning millions of dollars, his American agent, William Morris, arranges 21 additional “Final American Tours” almost every year until the 1930’s.


    A tender coming-of-age story that follows a couple from their early days in college to marriage and kids and grandchildren. On his wife’s deathbed, the husband’s reprises the show’s title song.

    P.S. AMAZING GRACE wasn’t the only Broadway musical based of off a song. There was also ALL SHOOK UP in 2005.

  • Samantha Levine says:

    Song: Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift
    Plot: A sequel to Into the Woods, all about the Baker moving to New York.
    Tag Line: “He could survive the giant. He could survive the witch. But can he survive the big apple?”

  • Paula B. says:

    Up OnThe Roof
    The play tells the stories of people who live in the city and spend time “up on the roof” of their apartment buildings
    during the course of their lives.

  • Rob Cote says:

    Star-Spangled Banner – the story of numerous candidates running for President and only one can hold the Star-Spangled Banner through the night.

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    Graduation Day (Friends Forever)

    Old friends reminisce of their graduation at a high school reunion. Now jaded, mature adults who have lived their lives, they laugh at their naïveté at that time. Ultimately it is revealed that there was no reunion, and that our main character is just grasping at memories or anything to connect him back to high school…before graduation and when his friend group and high school relationships were still intact.

  • Bobbi Smith says:

    My Way, a show about truck drivers who say it’s my way or the highway!

  • Elaine says:

    Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head– all about my vacation in London

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