The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to Spamalot at the Hollywood Bowl!

I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I’m jealous of Hollywood.

They’ve got great weather.  They don’t require their producers to raise money.

And they’ve also got musicals at the Hollywood Bowl!

The latest concert performance of a big Broadway hit is coming up on the 31st of July!  It’s Spamalot!  And it stars original Monty Python-er and Spamalot author, Eric Idle . . . along with Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Christian Slater, Craig Robinson, Merle Dandridge and Warwick Davis.

And we’ve got two tickets to giveaway for all you West Coasters out there . . . and all you East Coasters who wouldn’t mind jumpin’ on a plane for it (I’m thinking about it myself).

Here’s how you win . . .

Wouldn’t it be great if we had access to all those Hollywood stars for our shows out here?  Well, for this blog, we can . . .

Let’s Hollywood Bowl-cast a show that’s running right now, shall we?  Like, oh, I don’t know, let’s take . . . (rolling imaginary dice to come up with a random selection) . . . Kinky Boots and dream cast it.  Who would play Lola?  Who would play Charlie?  Who would play Lauren?

Dream cast Kinky Boots below, with any living actor . . . like it was being performed at the Bowl and you could be headed to the Bowl!

Gooooooood luck!


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  • Glenn says:

    Spamalot Dream Cast….

    • Glenn says:

      Well to be selfish, I’d put myself as Arthur. Got to take on the role in Las Vegas in summer of 2014 and performed for over 15,000 and the show itself was nominated for 11 local theater awards as well as a number of Broadway World awards. So would love the opportunity to reprise. As for the rest:

      Lady of the Lake – Sutton Foster or Anna Kendrick or Kelli O’Hara
      Patsy – Peter Dinklage.
      Lancelot – Michael Cerveris
      Robin – Darren Criss
      Galahad – Andrew Rannells
      Bedevere – Brian d’Arcy James
      Herbert – Jim Parsons
      Sir Not Appearing in this Production – Ken Davenport

    • Adryan Russ says:

      Well since it’s Hollywood — at the Hollywood Bowl:
      Lola – Eddie Murphy
      Charlie – Matt Damon
      Lauren – Taylor Swift

  • Ben Lebofsky says:

    Hedwig and the Angry inch with Alan Cumming as Hedwig and bring back Lena Hall as Yitzach (because she is honestly perfect for the roll)

  • Michael DiGaetano says:

    I’m such a Python fan, I’d fly anywhere to see them and have. Saw the Broadway Spamalot many times as well as the original Monty Python at the Hollywood Bowl, The reunion at the Aspen Comedy Festival and in December, Eric Idle’s “Not The Messiah. He’s a Very Naughty Boy” at Carnegie Hall. (and Terry Jones and I worked on a script together once).
    As for Kinky Boots…
    Lauren… Anna Kendrick
    Charlie… Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Lola… Samuel L. Jackson

  • Michael threw almost the same pitch that I was thinking of throwing! So I’ll go in a different direction….

    Lauren– Brittany Snow
    Charlie– Chris Pine
    Lola– Let’s keep it with Billy Porter. If we can get anyone! Although it would be fun to see Chiwetel Ejiofor!

  • Ray Quirolgico says:

    Taye Diggs as Lola
    Jake Gyllenhaal as Charlie
    Anna Kendrick as Lauren
    Special Guest Appearance: Cyndi Lauper!

  • Emma says:

    If I could dream cast any show that’s currently running, it’d be “On the Town”. Their original cast is pretty much perfect but if I had to find a perfect replacement cast, I’d say:

    Ryan Steele as Chip
    Lindsay Mendez as Hildy
    Andrea Martin or Tovah Feldshuh as Madame Dilly (they certainly proved they’ve still got it in Pippin!)
    and of course keeping Misty Copeland as Ivy!!!

  • Ilene Argento says:

    I don’t know, Ken, the Broadway cast of Kinky was pretty close to “dream cast” for me! But, if you’re looking for Hollywood, assuming that these actors can sing…

    Charlie – Hunter Parrish or Jake Gyllenhaall
    Lola – Billy Porter is perfect … But, maybe Jamie Foxx -20 years, or Corbin Bleu?
    Lauren – easy, Amy Shumer!

  • Jeremy Bennington says:

    Kinky Boots: the Hollywood Bowl Cast
    Lola: Tyrese Gibson (or Taye Diggs)
    Charlie: James Corden
    Lauren: Anna Kendrick
    The Angels: All of the winners of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” (Bianca Del Rio, Sharon Needles, etc…)

  • Bob says:

    For Kinky Boots, I’d cast;

    Charlie: Justin Timberlake
    Lola: Taye Diggs
    Lauren: Emma Stone
    Nikola: Mindy Kaling
    Don: Jack Black

    And for another show, currently running, I’d cast Fun Home with the following;
    Adult Alison: Ellen Degeneres
    Medium Alison: Lena Dunham
    Young Alison: Sydney Lucas (can’t imagine anyone else in the role)
    Joan: Ilana Glazer
    Burce: Hugh Jackman
    Helen: Meryl Streep
    Roy/Others: Andrew Garfield

  • Bethany Tucker says:

    Dream cast for Beautiful: The Carole King Story
    Carole King – Pink
    Gerry Goffin – Jim Sturgess
    Cynthia Weil – Ann Hathaway
    Barry Mann – Ryan Gossling
    Don Kirshner – Joseph Gordon Levitt
    Genie Klein – Scarlett Johansson

  • Luke Haynes says:

    Lola – Titus Burgess
    Charlie – Jessie Eisenberg
    Lauren – Sara Silverman

  • Jenna Rich says:

    The current cast is incredible, but for the Hollywood Bowl production of Kinky Boots here are my picks:
    Zachary Levi as Charlie
    Billy Porter (or RuPaul) as Lola
    Zooey Deschanel as Lauren
    Leighton Meester as Nicola
    James Corden as Don
    Tyrel Jackson Williams as Young Lola
    CJ Adams as Young Charlie
    As for the ensemble, I’d bring along the current Broadway ensemble to play the factory workers and Angels.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    A dream Hollywood-Bowl cast for “Kinky Boots::
    Lola: Chadwick Boseman (he was so great in “Get On Up” and “42”
    Charlie: Zac Efron
    Lauren: Carrie Underwood

  • Patrick says:

    Lola – Billy Porter (Really…is there anybody better?)
    Charlie – Aaron Tveit – he’s big enough now
    Lauren – Margot Robbie

  • wendy schecter says:

    Lola- RuPaul
    Charlie – Corbin Bleu
    Lauren – Anna Kendrick

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