The Sunday Giveaway: Two tickets to The New York Pops Featuring Sutton Foster!

If you’re looking for a great date night, look no further than this Sunday Giveaway!

Whether it’s a first date, a second date, or an anniversary (oh crap, I’ve got one comin’ up, don’t I?), could there be a more fun and romantic evening than a summer concert under the stars, with a symphony orchestra and Sutton Foster?

On August 6th, The New York Pops will perform an inaugural concert at its new summer home, Forest Hills Stadium, with two-time Tony Award winner Sutton Foster belting out a variety of classic and contemporary Broadway numbers, and some of her faves as well.  And Megan McGinnis, the star of my upcoming production of Daddy Long Legs, will be joining her!

And one of you and your lucky plus one are going for free!

You wanna win, don’t you?

Here’s how.

Tell me what or where you went on a great first date.  Maybe it was an amusement park, or an aquarium, or maybe you just walked around the West Village (this guy and the soon to be anniversary girl).

Comment below with deets about a great first date from your past and you could be going to see Sutton and The Pops!


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  • Melissa Holland says:

    My best first date was a trip to the Franklin Institute in Philly. They have a lot of interesting educational exhibits many of which are geared toward children and younger people – We were able to nerd out over things and also be a bit silly which was a lot of fun.

  • Ruth Fabes says:

    My husband didn’t know that our first date was a date! He thought I was just a friend coming over to have dinner with him, and didn’t know why I dressed up for the occasion . Also hanging out in the West Village. Miracle of miracles- still together after 25 years.

  • Sarah P. says:

    Probably my most memorable first date was going to see the movie “Snakes On A Plane” in theatres, hehe…romantic, no? 🙂 But one of my best was just a night walking around town, drinking in bars and talking the night away….sometimes it’s the simple things. The thrill of getting to know each other, not to mention the subtle flirtations in a dimly lit bar over cocktails and conversations.

  • Luci Jo DeVoy says:

    When I was 19 and visiting my hometown for the summer. We went to this carnival and we barely made it through the gates and before it started to rain. So we ran for this tent where they had a VFW dinner earlier in the week. While we watched it pour a man was strumming his guitar and my friend pulled up this empty bucket and they started kind of figuring out little pieces of songs…. then out of nowhere this guy from the camper adjacent to the tent runs out with a fiddle. It was super cheesy but we had a really fun time just dancing around and laughing trying to make bad bluegrass music under this tent in the middle of this soggy wet carnival.

  • Shaina Ruth says:

    I had a great first date with my high school boyfriend that involved a movie followed by midnight bowling. Black lights, awesomely bad 80s music, the whole nine yards. (Which, coincidentally, is the movie we saw!) We would challenge each other to bowl a certain way and spent the entire night laughing and badly dancing to the very loud music. I ended up beating him in every game and he was such a good sport he only pouted a little. 🙂



  • Noah P says:

    Made scones with this girl I was in a showmance with at her apartment she was staying in for the summer. Ended up dating for a year and a half. Best first date ever.

  • Bert says:

    Best first date: meeting at my place for a drink. We ended up watching Miracle on 34th Street on TV and never left the apartment. Here we are 20 years later. Yes, the is a Santa Claus!

  • Michael says:

    Saw the first regional production premier of Spring Awakening. It was in Asbury Park and played in the round. Walk down the boardwalk and got froyo during intermission. Perfect summer date night.

  • Alex Mogil says:

    First preview of “On the Town”, was nervous for both me and the performers!

  • Ruth says:

    First date with my now husband was a Sting concert at the theatre at Madison Square Garden (I think that was when it was called the Paramount Theatre). We met first for sushi at the now closed Tatani on 2nd Ave. near 27th, I believe and then went over to the Garden for the Concert. After, we went to the Old Town Saloon for a drink and he drove me home to my apt. in Brooklyn. The concert was great. That was about 21 1/2 years ago — we’ve been married for 18 yrs.

  • 43 and 1/2 years ago, on Dec. 10th, I met my husband on a blind date. We met
    in the lobby of The Public Theater, having arranged to meet there to see “The Marriage of Iphigenia,”
    a rock musical based on the Greek play. Afterwards, we ate a late dinner at The Peacock,
    in the Village. Then we took a train uptown to the west 70’s and sat on a park bench for
    a while and talked. Then we went into O’Neil’s Baloon (formerly called O’Neil’s Saloon, but they
    had to change the name in lights so balloon is misspelled) for brandy, conversation, and flirting. Finally at 2 a.m.we went to my girlfriend’s apartment nearby (she and her husband let me sleep over there because I lived in Queens at that time), where we talked and smooched until 4 a.m.! He asked me out for both nights of the following weekend. We both felt it had been a very promising first date!

  • Robb Johnston says:

    One of my favorites started as a double date in college where the 4 of us went to see Star Trek Generations and one from the other couple couldn’t keep his trap shut waiting outside afterwards and spoiled the ending in front of a long line of patrons waiting to get in, After sprinting to get him away from the torches and pitchforks, my date and I doubled back to the Diner across from the theater. That relationship ended up being my biggest College relationship, and even tho it didn’t quite last until the next academic year, we have stayed in touch and 20 years later when she was in town for a conference 2 months ago we saw Curious Incident.

  • Natalie says:

    Can’t beat the first date I had with my husband. We met for coffee on a Sunday afternoon after I had gone to dance class. After a cup of coffee, he asked me out to dinner and off we went to a great Mexican restaurant. After some great food and margaritas, he walked me to the subway and gave me a great simple first kiss. He was so gentlemanly, which never happens these days. So the date was simple, nothing extravagant, but obviously worked. We’ll be celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary at the end of August.

  • Drinks followed by a motorcycle ride up the west side highway, talk about exciting!

  • James Forbes Sheehan says:

    I took her to the Tony Awards at Radio City! It was the first time going for both of us, and it was a very surreal experience. I can’t imagine a better place for a first date.

  • Larry Segall says:

    March 26,1976, Met future wife at singles tennis party and then asked her out for first date–= off off broadway play, Hound Of The Baskervilles in Greenwich Village and then walked for cannoli, cappuccino at Ferrara’s in Little Italy…. Still going strong 39 years later…

  • Tom Hartman says:

    At 20 years old, I was taken on a date by this guy I ended up staying with for 14 years and with whom I still remain friends. (We became friends only after we finally broke up and he moved to NYC. We’ve now known each other for 35 years).

    In Chicago, many years ago, there was a well-known four-star French Restaurant in his neighborhood. They were always packed for their haute cuisine menu. What only ‘hood people knew, because the restaurant did not advertise this, is that the same kitchen operated a small restaurant that had a hidden entrance. The small restaurant served peasant cuisine. The short menu mostly contained rich one-pot dinners stews of thick broths and root vegetables. You sat at hewn wood tables for two or one of the three or four picnic-tables. The appetizer, salad and desserts all were the same as what was being served in the main restaurant. It was great food.

    We ate and drank wine and then wandered down the street and he surprised me by dragging me into this little shop that sat in the basement apartment of a brownstone. On one wall were vials and vials of different essential oils, there was a counter that had bar stools on it and the opposite wall was stacked with non-scented shampoos, soaps, conditioners, and empty cologne and perfume bottles in various shapes and sizes. The place was lit by low lights and candles and shined and sparked like…well, his eyes when he smiled.

    We sat there for three hours as the clerk explained what makes a good scent — usually a combination of three — a top scent that catches the nose upon its approach, a fruit or flower – a middle that makes it enjoyable to breathe while you’re with the person wearing it – heavy floral or light wood – and a base that lingers after the person is gone or stays upon your clothes if you touch them – a heavy wood or root or spice. We sat there smelling and mixing smells and talking about memories that the smells brought up, a la Proust’s madeliene.

    By the end of the evening I was not only in lust with his body, but I was in love with his mind and spirit. No wonder we’ve stayed in each other’s lives longer than almost everyone we’ve collectively known, including family members.

  • Clare says:

    My most interesting first date was at the San Diego zoo…nothing says getting to know you like monkeys, popcorn, and elephant poop.

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    We actually walked around the Magic Kingdom! We both worked there at the time, so it didn’t seem like anything extraordinary, but it’s always a great story to tell people.

  • Janet says:

    My first real date with my now husband was kayaking, during a thunder and lightning storm. I didn’t realize how scared he was, and just trusted that he knew that we’d be okay. We stayed under a small bridge on the river until the storm passed. 3 years later, we were married. Good thing I trusted him!

  • Bette H says:

    Best first date was on a party boat cruising around Manhattan. It was a wonderful evening of getting to know each other while checking out the city lights and landmarks.

  • Stephanie Peterson says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and our first date was seeing Scream 4 in theatres and then eating late night snacks from McDonald’s! Not the most romantic thing in the world but it started the most wonderful relationship!

  • Julia A says:

    My best first date actually wasn’t known at the time as a first date. I was in rehearsal for a show, and we left, listened to some music, and ate dinner together. We were just this young, adorable, and green duo that really didn’t have a plan. It wasn’t the most extravagant first date, but I’m a simple girl so it was just my taste(:

  • Alyssa says:

    My best first date was at a cool rustic bar. Afterward we walked around town and looked at the Christmas tree that had been lit earlier that night. It was so much fun!

  • Megan says:

    My best first date was at the Half King in Chelsea. Neither of us was sure if it was a friend thing or a date- date. When we got there at 6pm, the waiter told us that he had a table, but we had to leave by 8:30pm because of another dinner reservation. We assured him it would be more than fine. When 8:30 rolled around we were definitely not ready to leave and had to finish up at the bar. Turned out it was definitely a date! We are going on a year and a half and happier than ever!!!

  • David Rigano says:

    I took a girl to wait in line for Shakespeare in the Park at 5:30 in the morning to see their revival of Into the Woods three years ago. I was hoping it was a first date, but she did not consider it a date. So, it was our first unofficial date, and a few months later we began dating for real!

  • Mia Capone says:

    My first date with my boyfriend now was at the beach. We go to the same beach club on Long Island and we went out after months of being just friends. He took me to the Osprey Deck, a grill at the beach club and then we walked along the beach. He kissed me at the Jetti and we watched the sunset and then laid on the beach when it was dark and talked for a while. It was really nice and we’ve been together now for 10 months.

  • Allison M says:

    Had a great first date just wandering around Central Park. It turned into a 4 hour date of just talking and having a good time!

  • By the way, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Ken.
    Wishing you many creative levels of happiness.

  • Cliff Thompson says:

    My wife and I went to a fantastic restaurant in Little Rock AR while we were still in college. Sautéed mushrooms tasted great but made me pretty sick on our drive home. Maybe not a perfect date but a great memory of a sweet lady who has been caring for me and mine ever since

  • Eliza Nicholson says:

    My first date was to see Sutton Foster in concert. We were on the way when he had a family emergency and we had to turn back to be with his family. Never got to go, but we’re still going strong at 7 years! Would love the chance to see her with him finally; almost like the redo we’ve always wanted.

  • I took the guy i liked (now my husband) to see Frank Sinatra at Radio City Music Hall. Twenty-three years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. Best first date!

  • Alexis Ritchey says:

    We played video games and drank not-so-terrible-but-oh-so-cheap Cabernet. I remember drinking slowly for fear of getting too tipsy and doing something dumb. Now we live together, and I’m never afraid to get too tipsy or do something dumb.

  • Caitlin says:

    My best first date was through a Farmers Market in my local town. We bought all of these great local eats and then he cooked me an amazing dinner with everything we brought home. So great!

  • Kath Digan says:

    First date with my husband was in Nantucket. I was out with my friend (now sister in law) and she took me to The Boarding House (it was my first time in Nantucket)… Fifteen minutes later my sister in law left me with her husbands brother because she had a “belly ache” and the rest is history! We visit the Boardinng House once a year since and recreate our impromptu first date – obviously it was a set up!

  • Jacqueline says:

    My first date with my boyfriend was a trip to the Met. We walked around for hours, allowing ourselves to get lost in the museum, each other’s company the only thing that mattered. And we were highly inappropriate with our commentary. It was romantic, hilarious, and absolutely lovely. He then took me out to sushi where we tried new rolls had a sword fight with our chopsticks. He’s a winner!

  • After dinner, a Bernadette Peters concert with full orchestra backing her up. Blissful!

  • I went on a first date on a chilly December evening. We got dinner and then went to a park and walked around for a while and then sat in a gazebo and talked for a long time. It was cold but we just didn’t want to get up and part ways 🙂

  • Shira Dickler says:

    My best was a hiking trip that lasted for 4 hours. It was a blind first date. He brought homemade muffins.

  • Joe Marino says:

    We met in the theater. I was directing a production of NUNSENSE and this young tiny blonde walks in. The casting guys who were working with me were furiously looking for a ring- nada.
    Then she sang- “I don’t know how to love him” from JCS. I was smitten. Deeply. I was in deep smit.
    Needless to say she got the part. A knockout who could sing, act (and fake a pretty good jete) for Sister Mary Leo.
    Weeks later, we went to see FOREST GUMP. 2 years later, we were doing DAMES AT SEA (of course she played the Bernadette role). I proposed to her on the very same stage.

  • Ronald Kustina says:

    My wife and I will be married 40 years on August 3 and our first date was an intimate concert featuring Billy Joel January 24 1974 in front of 150 people at the Main Point coffee house in Bryn Mawr Pa. I then proposed at a Billy Joel concert at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia a year later..

  • Brittany says:

    Walking on the boardwalk at the Jersey shore and kissing underneath the fireworks 🙂

  • Michael Reed says:

    I had a first date on Feb 13 once, we went to Cafe Minerva in the West Village and it was the perfect setting for a first date. We had such a great time (with a magical first kiss) that our second date was the next day on Valentine’s day at The Spotted Pig restaurant. It was the perfect 1st/2nd date combo!

  • Bobbi Smith says:

    Met my husband at a Grossinger’s Single Weekend, long before the Internet. He was from the area originally, but lived in Manhattan and worked on Madison Avenue. He came up because of the weekend and stayed at his family home .
    Our first “real date” was up there in the Catskills at the Triangle Diner the next night. I was so impressed that he wasn’t “trying for something” that all the other guys were trying for and was a perfect gentleman.He continues to be one and we’ve been married 44 years!

  • Tim Heller says:

    I invited her over to my apartment in college and made her steak, grilled corn, and twice baked potatoes. To set the mood I put a video of a fireplace on the TV and played some Michael Buble (super smooth I know), little did we know that was going to be the last first date for both of us! Four years later and we are engaged and living in NYC!

  • Elaine says:

    We had known each other from the gym for quite a while — shorts, t-shirts and sweat. He invited me to see The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center and when he came to pick me up, to my surprise, he was dressed for the occasion in a tux with a festive red bow-tie. it was great and very memorable.

  • Alexa Bishop says:

    We went ice-skating at Lynah rink at Cornell 🙂

  • My best first date: we were both in San Francisco for work, and we decided to explore the city together. Started at Tartine Bakery, stood in line waiting for the most delicious pastries ever for 45 min. Then rode bikes through the marina and across the Golden Gate Bridge. And ended the day over clam chowder on Fisherman’s Wharf. It was as picturesque and beautiful as it gets!

  • Becca Stoll says:

    I was in the middle of my first contract at a regional theatre up in Connecticut and had just been offered to extend my employment. Though I didn’t really know anyone there, I was excited about the work opportunity and to get to know the place more, so stay I did. I made a list of things I wanted to do while I was there and a little place called The Side Door Jazz Club came up. One day in casual between-show conversation I asked our drummer if he’d heard of it, to which he replied, “yeah, it’s awesome! I’ve played there once or twice.” I scouted out a performance I wanted to see that week and texted him that I was going. He then proceeded to invite himself along and text me to ask, “Can I tell my friends that this is a date?” We had a lovely evening eating dinner and listening to Nicholas Payton play in an incredible and intimate live atmosphere and well, that was eight months ago and we’re still at that same theatre in Connecticut and feeling glad we went!

  • Yosi Merves says:

    Spontaneous Friday night Brooklyn house gathering

  • Nanda Douglas says:

    Best first date: Going to see Anchorman 2 at a sold out movie theater so that we were forced to sit on opposite sides of the theater. Needless to say, the chemistry wasn’t so great.

  • sheryl wiener says:

    Best first date was not exactly a formal date. It was the day I met my future husband. i was working at a singles conference t the local JCC promoting the theater group I was involved in and he showed up looking for a singles volleyball or softball league. He kept coming over to my table to talk and when the conference ended we spent the next few hours walking around and talking. I had to be back at the JCC for rehearsal, so he took me out to dinner and then back to the JCC, asked for my number and the rest…as they say…is history.

  • Luke Williams says:

    Easy! My best first date was pretty recent– dinner in midtown followed by an Escape the Room game here in New York. It was a great time, lots of fun, and a wonderful person to be with. Distance got in the way of anything more serious coming out of it, but still a night I love to remember.

  • Dana Vance says:

    The Bronx Zoo! He asked me if I would meet him for breakfast at his place but found out he didn’t have a coffee maker or a toaster so I made him breakfast at my apt. Then off to the zoo. He was so kind and friendly and when we were watching the seals, a feeling came over me that I was going to marry him. And 2 years to the day
    that’s exactly what I did!

  • ECP says:

    New York boy, New Jersey girl. “Summer of ’42” on the big screen in Manhattan. (Excellent make-out movie.) Being together felt good. After a couple more dates, her parents forbade her to see “the city boy.” Sweet while it lasted, and a life lesson. Or maybe a few.

  • Sean S says:

    There was no greater date than going to see A Little Night Music with Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch on Broadway. It was my first Broadway show too, killing two birds with one stone. Enough said.

  • Serena says:

    I don’t have any great first date stories, but there are definitely some memorable ones…
    Recently a guy picked me up in Manhattan and said we’re driving to NJ because he didn’t know of any date spots in the city (strike 1). After 1 hour of awkward conversation in the lobby of a Hilton Garden Inn, we got stuck by the Lincoln tunnel for over 3 hours trying to get back to the city (only 10 min away from my apt!). After the first hour we just sat in complete silence. I don’t know who was more relieved for that date to end.

  • Kerry Campbell says:

    Inspired by you & your wife’s first date being in the West Village, I had to share that when you were venturing into the B’Way Matinee at 16, I was on the verge of a first date with my soul mate & partner of 20 years now…I was living in Chelsea at the time & suggested we go to the local Lesbian club over in the meat packing area-much to our surprise-this night it had changed over to now being an S & M Club…trying to remain the progressive lesbians that we were-we still went in & ordered drinks – Yet, as we took the first sip-we both slowly turned to each other, giggling like two school girls, as a guy in chains & leather chaps began to get spanked…which led us to slowly laughing…to hysterically howling-to running out & thru the cobble stone streets…as we srolled side by side, talking for hours it seemed…a purely spontaneous walk thru the West Village until after talking & talking, we realized how hungry we were-right as we had stopped on West 10th St, smack in front of Cafe Torrino-a cozy bistro with the most delicious Italian food! It was a delightfully unplanned first date we shared in the West Village on that Summer June night in 1995….remembering it as if it were yesterday, we laugh most often, are engaged by each other & in love till this day.

  • Andrew Joy says:

    Disney Princesses on Ice. How did it go? Of course – Magical!

  • Ed Ertle says:

    First date was a blind date set up by a mutual friend. It was June 21, the first day of summer and thus the longest day of the year. We’d gathered on the phone that we were both beach lovers, so decided to take the LIRR out to Long Beach for the day. If we hadn’t clicked, it could have been a disaster. But it must have worked out, because 31 years later, we’re still together.

  • Emily Herschbein says:

    My best date ever was probably very unexpected. I’m not the kind of person who enjoys the outside. I’m allergic to grass and the pollen outside always bothers me. So imagine my surprise when my boyfriend asked me out on a picnic. Picnics are totally not my thing, but he laid out a blanket and we ate sandwiches and it was actually a very lovely experience. It was simple, you know? And I really enjoyed just talking to him, phones off. Most memorable date ever, I think.

  • Solange De Santis says:

    I was writing about music at the time (1981) and our first date was at a Bay City Rollers concert. Hard to believe. We both made fun of the music … were together for ten years and are still in touch.

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