Who won the tickets to Spamalot at The Hollywood Bowl?

Ahhhh, dream casting.  It’s one of the most fun things a theater-crazy person can do, right?

We’ve got some future casting directors in my readership for sure, because ideas like Ellen DeGeneres as Adult Alison in Fun Home (courtesy of Bob) and Eddie Murphy as Lola (courtesy of Adryan Russ) are pretty awesome.

But, take it from me, a guy who is in the process of casting a few shows right now, comin’ up with ideas is a lot easier than landing these shark sized stars.

Enough about my casting woes, let’s give away some big time tinseltown tickets . . .

Congratulations to . . .

Ilene Argento!

Ilene, you win two tickets to see Spamalot at The Bowl!  Email me to get the deets.

And I’m going to write a blog on how to get a star for your show soon, so keep reading . . .


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  • MichaelC says:

    Sorry I missed this opportunity to dream cast a long overdue revival of “Mame”. My cast would be Christine Andreas and Christine Ebersole as Mame Dennis and Vera Charles – the “gimmick” (not that either of these wonderful actors, or the show itself, needs a gimmick) is that they would alternate in the roles. Each would get a turn as Vera & Mame – I know I’d see the show at least twice for the opportunity to see each of my favorites in each role.

  • Lisa Kusse says:

    I missed the contest but I would love to see Lady Gaga and Harry Connick,Jr in a revival of They’re Playing Our Song.

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