And the winner of The Spring Awakening Associate Producer Scholarship is . . .

Ladies and Gentle-Blog-Readers . . . it is my pleasure to introduce the newest Associate Producer on Broadway . . . Alice Rix!  Let me hear a woo-hoo!

And boy am I glad that decision is done.

Picking a winner of this thing was hard!  First, we sorted through several hundred applicants, and narrowed it down to 12.  Then we threw them all in a conference room to battle it out with marketing ideas and producing conundrums (one applicant jokingly referred to it as Ken Davenport’s “Hunger Games”).

And then a few of those folks made it to a one-on-one interview with me.

Alice herself can tell you how tough it was to pick a winner because one of my interview questions was, “If you didn’t get the job, which of the other candidates would you hire?”  It took her a good minute and a half to make her choice.

But when the interview was over, I knew that she was the one for the job.

And now, that job begins!  Alice will be helping me and the entire Spring Awakening team on a whole bunch of projects, from Tony Voter invitations to Spring social media . . . and yes, you can bet your bippy she’ll be blogging.

In fact, her first blog is live right now!

Alice will be blogging on a daily basis on all things Spring Awakening . . . from her take on the meet and greet to an inside peek at an ad meeting, and all things right up until opening night (which is only 6.5 weeks away!).

And you can follow along on her journey . . . guess where?

Duh . . . at!  🙂

Click over to read her Day #1 blog, and make sure you subscribe to get her daily updates.

And once again, a big thank you to everyone that applied.  As I told all of the applicants, this process not only makes me feel that the future of the theater is in safe hands, it makes me excited for that future.

Oh, and for those of you who didn’t get a chance to apply, or who didn’t make it all the way this time, I have this feeling I’ll be producing a few more Broadway shows in my lifetime, and they are all going to need Associate Producers.  So keep watching for the next Associate Producer Scholarship.

And congratulations, Alice!

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  • Tom Hartman says:

    Congratulations on selecting Alix as your Associate Producer. Her excitement is palatable and literally jumps off the screen. I also applaud your selection of a young woman. I think its important that more women are brought into positions of knowledge and power in the theater community. There has been a lot of buzz on the net lately about the lack of plays written and/or composed by women being produced and I believe that some of that lack is due to the lack of female producers.

    Also congratulations for getting Marlee Maitin. I am a Chicagoan and once saw her in a 50-seat theater doing the younger girl in Children of a Lesser God. She must have been no more than a freshman in high school and her talent and presence were already in place. They only been increasing in every movie and TV show I’ve seen her in since then.

    A couple of observations:

    1.) I get your blog by e-mail. Other than the show logo, your blog and her blog have different looks and colors. It’s like two people from the same company using different letterhead. Your blogs have different colors, different layouts and, from what I can tell, different typeface. Just sayin’.

    2.) And I believe you mentioned this awhile back – perhaps the most important fact about the show – that it is being done by deaf actors and actresses took me three flicks of the scroll to come across that information. I’m almost sure you did a blog about “above the fold” and I would think that this special cast would be “above the fold” news.

    3.) I’m old, I’m on the disabled list and I’m a cranky grammar Nazi. Alix’s blog has two paragraphs whose first sentences aren’t capitalized. And, in the course of the blog, she admits she makes up words. I am trying not to be snarky, so I’ll just point out that I noticed it and, honestly, if that writing sample had crossed my desk (and I had a steady stream of interns during my career), that candidate would not have made it. She’s entering a business of the written word – playwrights, journalists, PR writers and all of them in show business. She needs to be gently taught or she’s going to be painfully bit when released to the sharks.

    4.) Admittedly something of a Luddite, it took me five clicks through five pages to find ticket prices.

    5.) Alix’s blog bleeds back into your last AP’s. At the bottom of her first entry there is a “Previous” button and I followed it and got really confused. I believe there is a way to archive his pages that readers can access them still, but the unsuspecting don’t trip onto them and go WTF????

    Otherwise this production looks like its about the only way you’d bet me to see Spring Awakening. I went on YouTube and listened again to that “My Junk” number and it makes me squirm.

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