The Finalists for the Spring Awakening Associate Producer Scholarship are . . .

Now this was hard.

We had several hundred applicants for this one position (and another several hundred that downloaded the app – but never finished it – next time, ok guys?  Cuz you can’t win it unless you’re in it!).  And we had to narrow it down to ten.

It was so hard . . . that I couldn’t do it.

So I narrowed it down to twelve.  (Hey – I made up this contest, so I can change the rules, so don’t give me any flack!)

Before I announce the finalists, let me just say that the fact that we got several hundred applicants makes me super excited for the future of commercial theater.  Producing ain’t an easy life, but it can be so rewarding.  But as it gets more and more challenging, I worry that fewer and fewer younger folks are going to want to pick it up.  And then where will we be?

So I was so excited to wade through these applications . . . and so excited to see how many qualified applicants there were (my first “narrowing down” only left out about 15 applications . . . and most of those didn’t fill out all the answers to the questions!).

But, we finally managed to get down to the final 10 12.

And without further blog-babble, those 12 finalists, who will move on to the group interview round are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Nicholas Bolger
  2. Colt Chambers
  3. Laura Sky Herman
  4. Wade Jennings
  5. Brian Lee
  6. Ryan Lucas
  7. John McGinty
  8. Kaitlyn Mielke
  9. Brandon Powell
  10. Alice Rix
  11. Mary Ryan
  12. Anna Strasser

Congratulations to all of you!  Stay tuned to your inbox, because details about your next step are coming . . . and fast!  Remember, rehearsals start next week!!!

For those of you who didn’t make it, thank you so much for participating.  You are the future of the theater, and just because you won’t be helping to produce Spring Awakening on Broadway this year doesn’t mean you can’t still produce something else on your own.  So go out there and do it.

And something tells me we’ll be doing this again, so watch this blog for the next Associate Producer Scholarship!


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