The Sunday Giveaway: Not one but TWO Autographed copies of Seth Rudetsky’s The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek!

Usually our giveaways require you to be in NYC or LA . . . but not today!  And usually we have only one prize . . . BUT NOT TODAY!

On this sweltering Sunday in August, we’re giving away TWO autographed copies of  The Rise and Fall of A Theater Geek by Mr. Sirius himself, Seth Rudetsky.

Oh Theater Geeks.  We’re a peculiar army, aren’t we?  Showtunes are our weapons, and the patches on our arm indicate how many times we’ve seen Les Miz.

In 2015 it’s ok to come out as a theater geek, which wasn’t always the case.  Speaking of Les Miz, I was the kid that used to blast the Broadway cast recording on my commute to high school and then change it out for the latest MC Hammer single as I pulled into the parking lot, afraid someone would hear me singing along with Fantine.

But that’s not the geekiest thing I’ve done.  Nope.

You know you’re a theater geek when someone gives you a black kitten when you turn twenty one and you name it Javert.

Yep.  True story.

Hey – that’s fun.  Let’s tell “You know you’re a theater geek . . . ” stories.  Start a sentence with those words, “You know you’re a theater geek . . . ” and then fill in the rest.

And two of the biggest geeks out there will win Seth’s book!

Ok?  Start geeking!


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  • One of my biggest theatre geek moments was my senior year of high school (so 2 years ago). My AP psychology class had a project where I and a partner had to carry a 1 liter bottle everywhere we went. We had to take care of it as if we were parents, and this bottle was our baby. One of the parts of the project was to name the bottle…and I named it “Matilda Jane” – I was OBSESSED (and still am) over Matilda and Mary Poppins. So, naturally, I named my “child” after two of my favorite Broadway show characters.
    Another moment was in middle school. Everyone in my grade knew I was a theater freak. I was especially obsessed with Mary Poppins in middle school….So obsessed, that I would watch the cast performing Supercal on YouTube almost everyday. I perfected the hand motion part of the dance. During lunch, everyone would have me perform the hand motion along with the spelling out
    Also, I’ve went to certain Broadway shows so many times that a few of the cast members of these shows and I are on a first name basis.

    Yes, I am a theater geek… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  • Rafi Levavy says:

    There are a bunch floating around in my head. But probably the biggest one is when theater people look at my iPod, they usually say something along the lines of “I didn’t know there were [number] recordings of [musical].” Or “You have [musical]’s recording in how many languages?”

  • Elena Robertson says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when…

    your bookshelf consists entirely of play and musical scores

    you spend your first break-up, crying along to The Last Five Years on repeat.

    you read books (for fun) that consist entirely of theatre reviews by Michael Billington and Kenneth Tynan

    almost all of your college text books were $8 paperbacks and $100 coffee-table books entitle ‘BROADWAY’

    you let out a small scream while watching The Last Five Years film when you saw Sherie Rene Scott make a cameo appearance

    you spend hours on Amazon trying to find those lesser-known, never-been-produced musical soundtracks (i.e. Rage of the Heart, Success, etc)

    …you spend your downtime reading The Producer’s Perspective and listen to the podcasts on your runs

    when, at the age of 3, you ask your mother to put the soundtrack to Carousel on for you to fall asleep to at night.

    I have more but… I think it will be better to quit while I’m ahead here – I’ve already reveal quite a lot.

    • Maryann Buetti-Sgouros says:

      You know you’re a theatre geek when you use broadway tunes as part of your routine study materials for pmeumonics to help remember information

  • Allison DeLuca says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when… oh my how to choose which one?!
    My two favorites are
    “When you know every harmony to every song from every show that has ever graced a stage”
    “When you have a playlist of musicals that is nearing 1000 songs”

  • Jo Frankel says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you get stopped driving across the border from Canada to the US because the guard doesn’t believe you’re going to see Broadway shows, until they search the whole car, get to the front, open the cassette case (I’m old) and discover it stuffed full of cast albums. The guard takes a look, pulls out a few tapes, and says “you really are going to Broadway, aren’t you?”

  • Jeremy Terry says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek in a private college with a curfew when said curfew no longer applies to you because, as my RA said, “we just assume you’re in tech.”

  • Sarah P. says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you spend every episode of “Law & Order” just looking for Broadway actors. 🙂 Also, when you can tell exactly when a NYC movie was filmed by the specific Times Sq Broadway billboards and theatre marquees in the background…

  • Philip Vonada says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you have a compulsion to buy any script you see because ‘you never know when it might come in handy.’ I have boxes and boxes of books – scripts, scores, backstage books, tell-alls, behind the scenes, etc. that have moved with me at least 4 times now – and every time I move, there are another 10-15 books (at least!) that need to find a moving buddy. I’d love to add another!

  • Arella Flur says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when…

    the weekly show is your church.

    you performed a complete, choreographed, and memorized one-woman version of Mamma Mia in your living room at age 6.

    autotune? How about belting that high E eight times a week with no help.

    you can tell which Broadway diva is singing on the Sirius XM Broadway Radio station from the first 4 notes she sings.

    you’ve had ushers stop you at the door to warn that you are too young to see a show, but you reply that you’ve already seen it twice and have the entire soundtrack memorized.

    in health class, you can’t help but crack up singing Book of Mormon as you learn about the scrotum.

    you have strong words for whoever though it was a good idea to cut a show’s songs from its movie musical (and for whoever thought Russell Crowe would make a good Javert).

    you’re sitting in PE class, and all your friends are talking about One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” and you look over and interject saying, “I love that Shrek song!” That one got some cricket stares.

  • Kim Rinabarger says:

    I’ll narrow it down to three:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when: you have every program of every play and every musical you’ve ever seen. [I’m talking decades-worth here. But for context, I’ll just say my very first show when I was young was Angela Lansbury in the original production of “Mame”]. This is definitely one of the FEW advantages of age.

    You know you’re a theatre geek when: the first thing in the morning you read instead of your own email.

    You know you’re a theatre geek when: Triton Gallery has been your decorator throughout your home.

    • MichaelC says:

      Cool. Angela Lansbury in “Mame” was also my first “real” Broadway show (although I had seen dozens of summer stock shows prior to that).

  • Glenn says:

    You know you’re a (hard core) theater geek when you get a tattoo during tech week to celebrate the show. First was a comedy tragedy, the second was music…….third will likely be Bacchus/Dionysus.

  • Adolpho Blaire says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you win 2 goldfish at the County Fair when you’re 13 and decide to name them Daisy and Mark in honor of your favorite smash musical “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever”. And this was in the 90s, well before any Encores! or Broadway revivals. Yup, nothing like trying to explain to your friends at the time what the reference is – a dusty forgotten 60s musical about reincarnation.

    Runner-up for being a theatre geek is that I love nothing more than driving in the summer with the windows down and BLASTING “When Velma Takes the Stand”. At stop lights and all!

  • Jason says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when your friends play in Fantasy Football leagues while you’re playing in Fantasy Tony Awards pools.

  • Cash Tilton says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when someone mentions The Scottish Play and you say, “Oh, I love ‘Brigadoon’!”

  • Barbara S. says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you sing Broadway tunes instead of lullabies to your infant son. (He’s now a bigger theatre geek than I am. )

  • Caroline McFee says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when majority of your back-to-school shopping consists of black clothing you can easily move in 😉

  • Grace M says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you would willingly give up anything in the world just to watch one more Broadway musical live.

  • Ellen Orchid says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you see “The Boy From Oz” starring Hugh Jackman seven times and Hugh Jackman: “Back On Broadway”four times. And then you wait at the stage door of said musicals to get the cast autographs. And buy the albums. And play them all the time.
    And watch the Tony clips on YouTube, especially the opening number “Bigger” of the Tony show hosted by Neil Patrick Harris – in my opinion, one of the greatest musical numbers I have ever experienced. Just a thrilling concoction that builds and builds and even includes a magic trick where NPH disappears from the stage and reappears marching down the aisle behind the Newsies. Greatest Tony opening or any opening ever, anywhere. Thank you Bway and HJ and NPH for existing.

  • R.J. Lowe says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when your biggest pet peeve is when people refer to Cast Recordings as “Soundtracks.” AAAARGHHHH!!!!!

  • Sheryl wiener says:

    You know you are a theater geek when. You suscribe to a theater producers blog and enter his contest to win a book about being a theater geek. ( and really really really really want to win it)

  • Elizabeth T says:

    At 5 years old, you listened to your CATS soundtrack cassette tape so much that the guts fell out. (Remember when that was a thing?!) 25 years later, I’m still a theatre geek!

  • Ray Quirolgico says:

    Whenever a problem is solved or an issue is handled, I sing “Crisis Averted!” (“Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”) and of course my coworkers think I just invented a new commercial jingle and wonder why I have such a disappointed look on my face that nobody recognized the showtune segue!

  • Geri Weinstein says:

    When the only station I listen to is XM Broadway- no matter who is riding in the car with me.

  • Roger Rifkin says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you know who are the original cast members of several Broadway musicals before you can read! My Mom and Dad took me to see the original production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC right before Mary Martin left the show. I was six. I was so little I had to sit on my knees to see the stage. I was thumbing through my Playbill which of course I couldn’t read and asked my Mom, ”Mommy, is Patricia Neway still in the show?” My Mom told me she was and she then noticed there were two middle-aged women who were smiling broadly and looked a bit shocked at the knowledgeable theater comments coming out of the mouth of this little boy. Then an announcement was made over the loud speaker. There was an understudy on. My Mom pointed to the front of the Playbill to show me that the actress playing Liesl was out and would be replaced by another performer. To which I angrily replied ”Lauri Peters is out!” The two middle-aged women lost it! Miss Peters was replaced by Maureen Bailey. Miss Bailey went on to play Wendy in the television version of PETER PAN with Mary Martin. I still remember this and I probably always will. I am and always will be a theater geek!

  • Rick Stutzel says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you’ve trained your dog to “sing” Mama’s Turn, and it shimmys on the line “How do you like them egg rolls, Mr Goldstone?”

  • Brian says:

    Get caught singing a tune from A Chorus Line with my best friend by my high school PE teacher – during PE. He just shook his head and walked away

  • Meg S. says:

    You know your a theater geek when you teach elementary school and your ENTIRE class start singing “We’ll finish this tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re always a day away!: whenever you say that we will finish this lesson tomorrow! Makes my heart happy every time!

  • Becca says:

    you know you’re a theatre geek when…

    You’ve saved every playbill from every show your ever seen, and they are filed away neatly in your closet and tagged by date, #th time it was seeing that show, and where you sat.

    You take an odd sort of personal pride in seeing a broadway gypsy, standby, or understudy you love make it big, especially on the screen, especially especially when you don’t actually know them but because you’ve seen them perform and you follow them on Twitter it feels like you do, and you think to yourself “I knew them when!” (Uzo Aduba! Lea Michele! Titus Burgess, anyone? He was my Sebastian before he was your Pinot Noir!)

  • MichaelC says:

    I knew I was a theater geek when, in 1975, three nights in a row I partied in the Village until early morning, took the subway back to mid-town (something that in 1975 even New Yorkers hesitated to do) and established the stranding room line at the Shubert Theatre to see the original cast of “A Chorus Line”. I was only in NYC for 5 nights and on three of those nights I stood leaning on the velvet covered back rail on the Shubert (if I recall for around $5) and nightly cried my eyes out over a play/musical that was to become my all time favorite. I have returned to NYC two or three times a year since then and, as long as “A Chorus Line” was running, it was the first ticket I bought when I got into town. I never miss an opportunity to see “A Chorus Line” anytime I know of, and am near, a production, And, without exception, I am immediately returned to those nights 40 years ago when I was totally immersed in the theater experience. I’ve seen many wonderful companies of “A Chorus Line” but in my mind (and my heart) none ever quite measure up to the original. I wear my geekiness as a badge of honor and those who know me know that I am happiest when I’m attending a live production – OF ANYTHING!

    • LARRY ABRAMSKY says:


  • Tim Lonergan says:

    I was a theatre geek back in the 80s : ) I worked as a bartender in many theaters with one of the producers of FUN HOME, Barbara Whitman! I knew Scott Whitman when he worked as an usher! Eventually I worked in the Sardi Building for a British ticket agency.
    But in 1989, my partner and playwright Paul Cyr, ( 19 yrs together) died of AIDS seven days after his diagnosis. I received my diagnosis during that week.
    I was down, but not out; I went back to college and earned 3 Masters degrees. I’m currently an art teacher out west, and miss my theatre geek early years. I listen to Seth on SiriusXM and would love to read the book! I wished I had stayed in NYC to follow my theatre dreams, but life had other ideas. Still follow theatre avidly. Love your blog and podcast. Tim

  • You know you’re a theatre geek when everything you read or see starts to become the
    idea for a brand new musical and you start writing them in your head….
    I lose a lotta sleep that way…

  • Emily says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when…

    – Your mom won’t pay for you to go see a show for the third time in a month.
    – You don’t have enough space on your phone to put all of the Broadway cast albums you’ve downloaded off of a blog (for free) on.
    – You get extra playbills just in case the cast doesn’t send back the one you sent in to get autographed.

  • Randy Turner says:

    You know when you are a theatre geek when: you drive a big 4-wheel drive truck while listening to the Broadway Music Channel on SiriusXM Radio.

  • Isaac says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when literally all of your high school class projects were somehow related to theatre. My final government project related the passing of a bill to getting a show to Broadway. My final psychology project was about diversity and representation on stage. My English vocabulary sentences each week were themed a different show. Even my essay on the AP test for US history was on Newsies (and I passed somehow)

  • Ruth Post says:

    My daughter and I are such theatre geeks that when we’re getting ready to leave the house and I call upstairs to her that we have 15 minutes, she yells back “thank you 15”. And this week while on vacation in Baltimore, I posted a photo of the Inner Harbor on Facebook with the caption “Good morning Baltimore. Now where’s that flasher Tracy Turnblood was talking about.”

  • Nikki Shah says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when…
    You’ve met all your school friends through shows.
    You and your boyfriend’s song is Can’t Help Falling In Love…from All Shook Up.
    Your big splurge for the fall semester is going to the Broadway Flea Market.
    You only know non-theatre songs because theatre actors have covered them.
    You have seen 4 Broadway shows in 2 days.
    You spent your Valentine’s Day watching The Last Five Years and your Christmas watching Les Miserables/Into The Woods.
    You picked your major solely so you can go into the theatre industry (oops?)
    You love theatre!

  • Angela Alpaugh says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you hear the question, “Who Am I?” and by habit, you shout out the response, “I’m JEAN VALJEAN!”

  • Margaret W. says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when…you collected show t-shirts for over twelve years and shamelessly wore a different one to each day of theatre camp every summer as a kid. When I was in a regional production of Oklahoma! when I was 12, I was given the nickname “T-Shirt Girl” by some of the adults in the cast because I would wear a different show shirt every day. To top that off, because I couldn’t find an Oklahoma! shirt anywhere, I convinced my mom to let me get a t-shirt made that said “Oklahoma! Aye-yip-aye-oh-ee-ay!” (spelled something along those lines…) with the words in red rope font so I could wear it while walking out the stagedoor.

  • Kristen Tumminello says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek…when you still have mementos from Broadway that your best friend brought you the first time THEY got to go to NYC. My best friend and I met at camp when we were 10 and 9, respectively. We both LOVED musical theatre and spent a lot of our time geeking out about shows, etc. When we got to high school, even though we lived in different cities in Alabama, we were in a church show choir together (yes, you read that right…a CHURCH show choir – who says Alabama isn’t progressive!). We, along with our other musical theatre geeks on the tour bus, would drive through the Southeast blaring musicals and assigning everyone parts to play. I was always Cinderella in Into the Woods and Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera. In Les Mis. my role was Fantine and in Chess we all fought for Florence. We knew those soundtracks by heart and probably were very unsafe as we moved around the bus doing our best to “perform” the roles. As we all got older, some of the gang was able to go to NY with a theatre teacher from Huntsville, the city they lived in. Since I didn’t live in there and didn’t know the teacher in any way, I was unable to go on the trip of a lifetime. When my best friend went to see Phantom in NYC she collected things for me. I still, to this day, have the Playbill and a souvenir Phantom mask that she brought me from her trip. I have never been able to get rid of anything that was Broadway related and even though it really wasn’t MY memento, I can’t let it go. I am thankful to have a friend that realized how envious I was and did what she could to make me feel like I was a part of her experience. (FYI, it was another 9 years before I was able to go to NYC and see my first Broadway show. My first trip was when I was in Graduate School and my boyfriend, now husband, flew me to meet him during Christmas break. We saw A Funny Thing… with Nathan Lane and Present Laughter with Frank Langella and Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Met. A pretty great first experience I would say!)

  • James Mack says:

    When your cd collection includes the Catalan cast album of Sweeney Todd (El barber diabolic del carrer Fleet)

  • Melissa says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you chose to sing For Good as your 8th grade graduation song but insisted doing it in full green makeup as Elphaba…then in 9th grade chose to a project on the book Wicked just so you could dress up as Elphaba AGAIN (I mean I already had the makeup!!).



  • George Matusek says:

    You KNOW you’re a theater geek when … you have trouble deciding whether to spell it “Theater” or “Theatre” … and when, at age 78, you still get a thrill from remembering the shapely legs of the chorus girls in your FIRST national road tour musical (“Guys and Dolls” in the 1950s). I was a teenage magician, so I went to the American Theater (Theatre?) in Saint Louis to see the spectacular show of Blackstone the Magician (and I was thrilled at the sight of the shapely legs of Blackstone’s assistants) — during intermission I saw a poster in the lobby about “Guys and Dolls,” so I bought a ticket for that, my first musical — and I was hooked as a theater geek. I was also impressed sitting in the 4th row at the Empess Playhouse and watching BELA LUGOSI, in person, in “Arsenic and Old Lace” (despite the lack of chorus girls with shapely legs).

  • Donald I says:

    “You know you’re a theater geek when each of your dogs has been named after a theater icon.”

    Ginger (Rogers)
    (Bob) Fosse
    Stevie (Sondheim)

  • Xander Chauncey says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when…

    you hear the first notes of “Somewhere” from West Side Story in the squeal of Subway breaks.

    you’ve only ever chosen rescue cats that would qualify as Jellicle (small & black, moonlit eyes, et al)

    you can’t seem to stop calling halftime “intermission”

    you NEVER turn your ringer on. Ever.

  • Miguel Pérez says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you go to a Halloween party dressed as your favorite Broadway character and you bring costume changes so your outfits changes as the character’s do in the show.

    Also I want to say that reading through the comments I feel like many people out there get me, even if I don’t know any of you and live in another country!

  • mary mccabe says:

    When despite having one of the worst flare ups of the chronic pain condition you have had for over five years and a possible infection from a procedure two days prior for chronic pain but refuse to go to the emergency room until you see audra McDonald win yet another Tony award and the rest of the Tonys award show on cbs because you are not missing the awards no matter HOW much it hurts.

  • Derrick Weishaar says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you host a Tonys party in your apartment’s community room which you reserved MONTHS ago. Even better, when you play Broadway themed games like “Pin the Tony on Audra” and have cupcakes with cutouts of all your favorite Broadway stars at aforementioned Tonys party (I have pics to prove it). Tonys night is like Broadway Christmas — even in the midwest!!

  • John Sweeney says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when, as a child of ten, while your friends were outside playing, you were inside your room, listening to your parents’ cast albums and blocking and directing musical numbers using your younger sister’s Barbie dolls!

  • Andy Okoskyn says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you name your wedding tables after your favorite musicals!

  • Allison M says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you’ve seen Hedwig and the Angry Inch so many times that for your friend’s birthday you put on a one woman 90 minute interpretation of the show complete with elaborate costumes and a quick change.

  • Benjamin T says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when all your coffee mugs are from Broadway musicals.

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you do your Christmas shopping at the Broadway Flea market.

    You know you’re a theatre geek when your proudest life moments involve seeing original productions of flop shows like, Chess, Love Never Dies and Carrie.

  • Natalie says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you go to Boston specifically to see shows at ART before they come to New York.

    You turn all the moments of your life big and small into songs.

    Your idea of relaxation is watching documentaries on musical theatre.

  • Todd says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when your ATE PIN is 26401.

  • anonymous says:

    …..when you sit down, open your Playbill, and go right to: “At This Theater”. Then you freak when you realize you’ve seen all the ones from the 70’s on.

  • karen c. says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when Playbills are your porn.

    • MichaelC says:

      “At This Theatre” is the first thing I search for once seated and I’m always terribly disappointed when it doesn’t appear. However, I’m even more disappoint when it does appear and a show I’m absolutely positive I saw in this theatre isn’t listed. Of course this leads me to the Internet to verify (or disprove) what show I think is missing which of course leads to searching for background information on the performers in that “missing” titles and, of course, the background information on those performers mention their show credits which cause me to search those shows to see who wash was in the cast, how long it ran, and of course the theatre in which it play – a very vicious circle that I’m sure many theatre geeks are familiar with (and guilty of). Thank goodness for where the information is accurate and reliable.

  • … when your most common reply if asked a yes-or-no question is “maybe and possibly, let me explain” but nobody gets that it’s a reference, because why would ANYONE in their right mind pick up on a reference to a throwaway line from the second number of ‘Bat Boy, the Musical’?!?

    … when you refuse to throw away that VHS copy of ‘Liza at Radio City Music Hall’ because you swear, one day, you’ll find a VCR that works again!

    … when simply hearing the words “love me” launches you into a one-man performance of the entire first act finale sequence from ‘Dreamgirls’ (this may or may not have happened in a place of employment…)

    … when you have to pause ‘The Birdcage’ to explain to your not-at-all-interested spouse that the song Nathan Lane sings early on is “Can That Boy Fox-Trot” which was originally written as Yvonne DeCarlo’s big number in ‘Follies’ but was replaced (thank GOD!) by “Still Here”… and then, later, when Robin Williams is in Christine Beranski’s office they’re singing “Love is Around”, which is a trunk song from ‘Forum’… which means that ‘Birdcage’ is paying some kind of homage to Sondheim, which is truly f*cked up when you remember that ‘Cage Aux Folles’ beat ‘Sunday in the Park With George’ for the Tony for Best Score and– … this is where the aforementioned spouse leaves the room and decides to just play more SkyRim, leaving you to revel in your geekness all alone…

  • fran says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when …
    your boyfriend in college surprises you on Valentine’s Day with the album to The Sound of Music!
    I wanted the roses or the heart box of chocolates! Didn’t open the seal on that album for over ten years!

    You might want to have a contest on what you get when you tell someone to “Surprise Me.”
    For my senior prom, my date asked me what flowers I wanted. I said I’m wearing yellow and white … surprise me.
    I got a purple orchid.

  • larry little says:

    You know you are a theater geek when you see a man with a goiter and you say, “He would make a great Quasimoto in HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME instead of saying..that poor man.”

  • Alexa Bishop says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you do a one-woman show of Newsies in your living room…

  • Shira Dickler says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you forget to bring your ipod to your 10k race, so sing the entire soundtrack of In The Heights in your head to motivate you along. And end up getting your best time yet.

  • Xander Chauncey says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when…

    your barista asks if you’d like room for milk and you echo “milk… milk… milk…”

  • Reilly Hickey says:

    You know you’re a theatre geek when you name your new dog Hamilton after the musical without even seeing it first (I have since seen it 4 times and I definitely made the right decision). I also took a bus 10 hours each way just to see the concert version of Wild Party at 54 Below…totally worth it.

  • Cara says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you sit for 3 hours in front of the Barrymore waiting for rush tickets while reading the Barrymore chapter in Jen Tepper’s book.

    You know you’re a theater geek when deep down your boyfriend is a little afraid that you might actually figure out how to marry Jeremy Jordan.

    You know you’re a theater geek when you can’t see your refrigerator anymore because of the Broadway magnets.

    You know you’re a theater geek when you put down hot food or a cold drink on your laptop to avaoid putting on the table you découpaged with show advertisements.

    You know you’re a theater geek when you have two theatre related tattoos.

    You know you’re a theater geek when you have your preschool students dancing on newspapers.

  • Hahaha, okay here goes…

    You know you’re a theater geek when after being a stage door Jill for your entire Jersey girl childhood. You fall for Hugh Panaro (Marius from I guess the 80s) and stalk him at the stage door hoping he’ll fall madly in love with you only to see him walk off hand in hand with the show’s Cosette, (forget her name, but they married and then divorced;)

    But my favorite is…
    You know you’re a theater geek when you, as a young teen have a crush James Brennan of Me and My Girl fame, which you saw at the Marriott Marquis Theatre about 7 times, met him at the stage door with roses many times (and you have pictures to prove it) Then a few years later in college, you find out he is reprising his Me and My Girl role at Paper Mill and you grab your friend Anne and drive down from Massachusetts (about 4 hours) to see him in it, all the while singing the entire scores of Into the Woods and Aspects of Love. You go to the stage door after and gave your name, SURE he would have forgotten you by now… but he didn’t! The SM walks you to his dressing room door, you knock, he yells “COME IN!” So you do! …. and um well, he is standing there in nothing but his dance belt. He is as shocked as you are. You say “OH, I thought you said, COME IN. He says, ‘No sorry, I said, JUST a MIN.”
    You definitely know you’re a theatre geek THEN!

    Well… it sure sounded like ‘Come in’ to me. Anyway, he dressed and came out and we had a good laugh. He totally remembered me, which made my life at that moment. I showed him the teenage picture I took and he couldn’t believe I saved it. Um, hello? Of course I did.

    He was the sweetest man and completely indulged my teenage puppy love crush with kindness and was floored at the flowers I would give him. He still has a warm spot in my heart to this day!

  • Oh and one more…

    You know you’re a theatre geek when (last night) you tell your softball team that we really should rehearse more. And that instead of laughing and correcting you, they know exactly what you mean b/c well, you’re a theatre geek!

  • EllenFD says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when you hear someone saying in TV show or on the evening news, “Don’t get any ideas,” and you mentally fill in “Well I stuck with that—and I haven’t had one in years.”

    You know you’re a theater geek when you see a star name listing such as “Angela (‘Murder She Wrote’) Lansbury” and think it should have read “Angela (“Mame!”) Lansbury instead.

    You know you’re a theater geek when you and your hubby’s first outcry when something goes horribly wrong is “City on Fire!!”

  • Eliza says:

    You know you’re a theater geek when…

    you sleep outside Studio 54 in June 1999 for Alan Cumming’s final performance in Cabaret.

    I showed up at 10:30pm with my friends. We went straight to the stage door on 53rd street to meet Alan (for the 4th or 5th time), and then we went around to the front on 54th street and set up camp. We were in line behind two people and we thought “yes! we are in a good spot for rush seats!”. and then we saw a sign that said “only 2 seats available for Sunday matinee”. We were crushed but decided to stay anyway and thought maybe we could get a standby or standing room or even a full price seat. We were 19 and thought, why not? My mother gave me her Zach Morris sized cell phone in case we needed it. Our bathroom was the Crowne Plaza 4 blocks away. We knew we had about 12 hours before the box office would open. We were set. We stayed up most of the night reading the Cabaret libretto and quizzing each other on the lines. At around 10am, they opened up the doors. The 2 women in front of us indeed got the last 2 rush seats. The four of us were then offered the last table they had. House right, about halfway back. YES! We were in! And only for $90 a seat. It’s amazing how $90 felt like so much back then.

    After we bought our tickets, we went to a diner for brunch before the matinee. It was an incredible show. I remember the orchestra had the play extra bars upon Alan’s entrance because the audience was going nuts. (shout out to Mary McCormack who was also leaving that day – one of my favorite Sallys ever!). Alan spoke at the end, as did Todd Haimes. It was worth sleeping outside.

    After the show, we went back to the stage door (keeping an eye on the time as the Tonys were starting in just a couple of hours!). Alan came out, everyone went nuts. And he said “I want to sign all of your playbills, but first I need to see the ladies who slept here last night”. and he came right over to us. We took pics and he signed our ticket stubs. He was so gracious.

    We then ran home and watched him on the Tonys Creative Awards broadcast. Remember when those were on TV too?

  • Eliza says:

    Also… you know you’re a theater geek when…

    you are on your way to CVS and you ask yourself what you need to bring back.

    followed by your singing…

    “the cow as white as milk, the cape as red as blood, the hair as yellow as corn, the slipper as pure as gold…”

  • Yosi Merves says:

    You know you are a theatre geek:

    When you don’t read anything that doesn’t have a yellow box on top of the cover.

    When “Story of My Life” doesn’t just make you think of Shrek the Musical, but also makes you think of Malcolm Gets and Will Chase.

    When the only reason you know any Billy Joel songs is because you listened to the Movin’ Out cast recording. Ditto for 80’s songs and Rock of Ages.

    When your knowledge of the Vietnam War is heavily based on what you learned from Miss Saigon.

  • Alex B. says:

    You get excited that you get to work with John Raitt. But your coworkers look at you dumbfounded when you talk about his Broadway history so you just have to say that he’s Bonnie Raitt’s dad.

  • Jenny T says:

    …When you’re the only freshman in HS who knows all the words to “Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Stage, Mrs. Worthington”, much less thinks it funny.

    …When you’re the one yelling, “Sing out, Louise!” at the talent show. The only one.

    …When you’re willing to lose a friend over who was a better Nellie – Mary Martin or Kelli O’Hara. Because, come ON. Team Mary!

  • Robert Rubin says:

    “You know you’re a theater geek when a guest in your home asks you why you have 567 Broadway posters on your walls ranging from Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady to Fun Home.

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