The Sunday Giveaway: Sit and watch Spring Awakening tech rehearsal with me!

I’m about to enter what I find to be the most exciting part of the production process.  Tech.

“Exciting?  Isn’t tech the time when so many people are just standing around?” I can hear so many of you saying.

Yeah.  That’s true.  But tech is when pieces of our giant puzzle come together.  The sets, costumes, band, actors, lights . . . it can be tedious for sure, but the first time you see all that stuff “gelling” is pretty special.

Producers have their own table during tech, and once we start ours (around next Thur/Fri), you’ll find me there a lot of the time . . . usually munching on pizza (or wings, since BW3 is right across the street!  #DreamTheaterForKen).

And for this week’s giveaway, I thought I’d offer something a little different than tickets to see the show. I thought I’d give away a chance for one of you to sit with me during one of those tech rehearsals, share a slice of pizza, and watch our puzzle pieces get put together.  And you’ll have a chance to ask me any questions about the show or producing or whatever.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be joined by the winner of our Associate Producer contest, Alice Rix, who has been blogging her journey with us every single day.

So how do you win?

To win this giveaway, you must be an email subscriber to Alice’s blog, and you also must give us a short statement on why you want to watch some of Spring‘s tech with us.

The entry process is all explained here.

Just visit this link on Alice’s blog and follow the instructions.  And I look forward to hanging out with you!


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  • Sarah M. Chichester says:

    As someone that was fortunate enough to see the show in LA and already planned on seeing it here, I feel that sitting at tech and watching the magic come together would be an incredibly educational experience as a theatre artist and audience member. The shows I’ve worked on have always been very small scale in regards to technical elements since I tend to be minimalist. Being able to watch a Broadway tech rehearsal to a production I’ve already seen would allow me to watch and see how other artists handle problems that come up (that I’d be there with notebook at hand to take notes), and have a deeper understanding and connection from seeing the show in LA. It would be a life-changing experience to continue my craft by observing so I can learn and grow with a show I already know I love.

  • ed baney says:

    This show in LA was worth 400% times the ticket price . If you love all aspects of live theatre go experience this tech .

  • Kimberly Jennery says:

    Oh dear – I fear I left too long an entry on Alice’s blog! Is this a drawing, or are you selecting based on the comments left? Either way is fair, for sure, I was just wondering. I love this production SO much, and would really love to be there for tech (or anything!) I already have several tickets for the show, so getting to be there for something like this would be SO awesome!

    Also, thank you, a million times, THANK YOU, for bringing this show out from LA! It’s truly THAT special!

  • Carla Perez says:

    ‘We’ve all got our junk, and my junk is’…Theatre! I am currently in route to study a MA in Text and Performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and one of my career goals as I pursue this Master’s is producing. I have seen the tech process for various shows at Cornell University, where I got my Bachelor’s in Theatre, and even got to see a final dress for a performance of Spring Awakening at the Hangar Theatre this summer. However, it would be a privilege and an immersive learning experience for me as a future professional to experience a tech rehearsal not only on Broadway but also with the producers who are, in the moment, working on the show. In addition, to be able to experience this new production as the hearing and deaf actors work together to create a new and exciting version of the show! Thank you for your consideration!

  • Jacob Persily says:

    As a technical theater nerd, who has spent the last 3 years watching road companies load in and out of 2 different venues, getting to watch the tech process for a legitimate piece of theater would be incredible, considering I’ve teched 13 shows in the past 3 years, and probably 6 more this coming year.

  • Olivia Moriarty says:

    This show has been one I’ve followed since it’s Kickstarter days. I didn’t have enough money to fly out to LA to see it the first time around, much to my dismay. This past spring, after working on my own show involving ASL at my Alma Mater, I saw the tweet looking for a Production Intern, and I applied on a whim….. skip to a few days later and Michael Arden himself is calling me to talk about it. I was flying high! I might get to work on this outstanding production that combined all my interests and was relevant to all I had just studied! Due to timing and family issues, I had to say no to what was surely an outstanding position and experience. Fast forward to now, I plan on seeing the show as many times as I can get to NY. It would mean so incredibly much to me to be able to sit in on a rehearsal, since I missed out on the chance to work on this production. As a theater teaching artist with a passion for Deaf culture, nothing could be more important to me than this show. I cannot wait to see the beauty that is Deaf West’s Spring Awakening on Broadway!

  • Lynne says:

    I am just a theater lover who attends as much as I can on and off Broadway (as well as in the Berkshires). i saw the original Broadway performance of Spring Awakening, play the CD all of the time, and took my son to see a touring company production when it came to a local town. Currently retired from a career in public (special) education, I would love to find a second (volunteer) career in something theater related so this would be a perfect opportunity to see things from a different perspective so as to maybe come up with some ideas as to how to spend my free time. I also plan to see the new production – I told my (now) adult children to get tickets for it as a birthday present for me – and I can’t wait!!!

  • Kristen D. says:

    The reasons I would LOVE to win this give away are simple: I am a teacher of the Deaf here in NYC and Spring Awakening happens to be my FAVORITE broadway show! When it first appeared on Broadway I fell in love the first time I saw it (the day after it won the Tony for best musical!) I completely fell in love. I went back to see the show multiple times after that and it still holds a very special place in my heart. As a teacher of Deaf students, I would absolutely treasure this experience more than you know. I would be able to share my experience with my students, and re-enforce what I say to them all the time in my classroom: “Deaf people can do anything but hear.” I, as well we my Deaf friends and colleagues are so beyond thrilled to have you shed a light on the amazing community that is the Deaf community. As a Broadway fanatic as it is, when I heard the news about Deaf West’s production my heart nearly burst. My love for Spring Awakening holds a special place in my heart, but of course my love for ASL and the Deaf community holds a space much bigger than that. This experience would be absolutely invaluable to me (and in doing so my students) and I would cherish it forever! Please consider me!!!!

  • Loved this piece here and love Deaf West when i saw them in LA.
    I have been sequestered caring for a very old and feeble man for many months now
    and seeing this tech/rehearsal would be my first time out in as many.
    Having been in theatre all my life techs are my favorite time- the coming together of all the pieces that have been splintered across the individual creative minds of sound, lights, design,costumes, directors,composers,and yes, producers who envision the totality. Nothing more exciting1

  • ecproducer says:

    Hi Ken, Hi Alice- as an early career producer, I’d love the opportunity to sit with you both during a tech rehearsal of Spring Awakening. Besides pretending we’re all in an episode of Smash together, I think the opportunity to observe and ask questions would be invaluable. I also lived in Buffalo for 4 years, so I bring some pretty strong buffalo wing knowledge to the table as well (looking at you, Ken!)
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.
    [P.S.- will be out of town starting Friday morning, in case that’s the day this is happening.]

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