Who has more Twitter followers . . . Hamilton the Musical? Or Lin-Manuel Miranda?

In the spirit of last night’s boundary-bustin’ opening of Hamilton that got this God-like set of reviews, I thought I’d ask a Hamilton-themed question today.

So who do you think has more followers, the show?  Or the star?

Drum roll please . . .

Hamilton = 10.1k

Lin-Manuel Miranda = 71.9k

Let’s use an example from another industry, shall we?

Keeping Up With the Kardashians = 181k

Kim Kardashian = 34.2mm

Everyone wants to build up the social media presence for their show.  And you should.  But remember, it’s called “social” media.  And it’s easier to be social with a person than a thing.  (Ever try to shake hands with a rock?  Good luck, buddy.)

Instead of just pushing your show, you might actually be better off trying to build up the presence for your cast (or creatives), rather than your show.  Not only is it an easier follower to get, but a real person is much more trusted than a brand, so whatever that individual tweets or posts is going to have a much higher value than whatever your show tweets or posts.

This is one of the strategies we’re taking on Spring Awakening.  Please, follow the stuff we’re doing on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter (cool #MyPurpleSummer contest happening right now, actually).

But if you only had limited clicks to make?  I’d rather you follow the insanely talented and courageous cast, so many of whom are coming here to make their Broadway debut.

Because people fall in love with people, and then they will follow them . . . anywhere.


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