Who was the big winner of Will It Recoup?

Remember when it was freezing in February?  And remember when I revived my favorite Broadway Fantasy Game, “Will It Recoup?”

I challenged all of you to play Producer and decide which limited run plays would make back their investment on Broadway . . . and the winner would get a sweet $500 Telecharge Gift Card.

Well, the plays on the list have all come and gone now, and the recoupment press releases have all been sent, so . . . we have our winner.

As you may recall from the original post, the plays in question this year were:

Fish in the Dark
The Audience
The Heidi Chronicles
Wolf Hall, Parts 1 and 2
Living on Love

Now, before we get to the winner, let me say that this year was a banner year for the limited run play.  There are only six productions on that list (seven if you count both parts of Wolf Hall – but since they were produced together, I think they should be counted together).

And of that six . . . three recouped.  That’s 50%!  Who says investing in Broadway shows is risky, huh?  (In case you are wondering, the three that recouped were Fish in the Dark, The Audience and Skylight.)

So, let’s see who successfully picked those three, shall we?  Drumroll, please.

And the winner is . . .

Oh crap.  Hold on.  It’s a tie!  We actually had 48 people predict that those three shows would recoup.

Which means we go to our tiebreaker question, which was “Which of the above plays will win the most Tony Awards?”  And now the winner is . . .

Ok, so, that only got rid of a few people.  Well, I guess that’s why we have a second tiebreaker question, which was “Which of the above plays will announce its recoupment last?”  And the winner is . . .

You have GOT to be kidding me!  We still have 20 winners who all predicted the same shows would recoup, AND who got both of the tiebreaker questions right!

What to do, what to do . . . well, I guess I could just keep the $500 for myself . . . and buy one quarter of a premium seat for Hamilton.

Or we could do the only fair thing and whack that $500 up between all 20 people.  So that’s what we’re gonna do.  We’re gonna pull a little Solomon and divide up our gift card baby into little pieces and distribute it to the following smarty pants people:

Anais Blin
Jim Bredeson
Eugene Brogyanyi
Tom Burch
Ron Caalotti
Colton Childs
John Costa
Brian Gold
David Goldstein
Steve Keyes
Arnold Kuperstein
Jack Lechner
Randi Levine
Matthew Lloyd
Erik Piecuch
Bruce Roberts
Lynn Spector
Evelyn Storch
Steve Supeck
JT Tobias

Congrats, my friends!  Email me to get your gift cards!  And next year we’ll change up the tiebreakers to make sure just one person wins.  Although I can’t help it if you are all that good at picking winners!

Until the next “Will It Recoup?”


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