Who won the “first date” tickets to see The NY Pops with Sutton Foster?

Note to any single dudes out there looking to make a great first impression on a single lady (or another single dude for that matter): some of the best ideas for first dates in the history of first-dating are right here on this page.

Hiking with homemade muffins, Disney Princesses on Ice, and kayaking during a lightning storm (?) . . . they’re all good ones, but the winner . . .

Ok, truth time . . . we usually, as you know, pick these winners at random, but this week, I’m breaking that rule, because, well . . . someone’s “best first date” was supposed to be a Sutton Foster concert but a family emergency got in the way (and that family emergency wasn’t even a fake excuse for the dude to get out of the date!).  Seven years later, Eliza Nicholson and her man are still going strong, but they never had that Sutton-fest first date.

Until now!

Eliza Nicholson – you win!  Email me to get your tickets and enjoy the show!

And hey – it’s Saturday night.  If you’ve got a someone, take ’em somewhere.  Doesn’t have to be somewhere fancy, just somewhere special.  And if you don’t have anyone right at this moment, take yourself out on a date.  You deserve it.


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