Who won The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek?

Ok, so, I say this with so much love . . .

You guys are the geekiest of all theater geeks ever.  🙂

We had fantastically funny stories for this week’s giveaway, including teaching dogs to ‘sing’ “Rose’s Turn” and telling your softball team that they should “rehearse” more.  (Dogs featured in a lot of the entries, actually – those poor animals that suffer as a result of our geekiness.)

But the winner of this week’s post struck a different chord with his entry.  It read . . .

I was a theatre geek back in the 80s : ) I worked as a bartender in many theaters with one of the producers of FUN HOME, Barbara Whitman! I knew Scott Whitman when he worked as an usher! Eventually I worked in the Sardi Building for a British ticket agency.  But in 1989, my partner and playwright Paul Cyr, ( 19 yrs together) died of AIDS seven days after his diagnosis. I received my diagnosis during that week.  I was down, but not out; I went back to college and earned 3 Masters degrees. I’m currently an art teacher out west, and miss my theatre geek early years. I listen to Seth on SiriusXM and would love to read the book! I wished I had stayed in NYC to follow my theatre dreams, but life had other ideas. Still follow theatre avidly. Love your blog and podcast.

And for that, Tim Lonergan, you win this week’s giveaway!  Email me to get your book and thank you . . . for your incredible courage, and for your inspiring story.  Man, I feel like I need to go get three masters degrees, don’t you all?

Thanks for motivating me, Tim!

Oh and by the way, we have a super unique giveaway tomorrow . . . something that has never been given away before so tune in!

(In my excitement over reading Tim’s entry, I forgot that we’re giving away TWO copies of the book this week . . . so Kim Rinabarger, email me because you won too!)


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