Who won the tickets to Audra McDonald at the Hollywood Bowl?

What I love about Audra (besides the fact that once she was a fierce competitor in the between-shows poker game at Ragtime) is that despite her success, she keeps on working and working and working . . . on the stage.  She’s at Williamstown right now doing a Eugene O’Neill play alongside her also super talented husband, Will Swenson.

Because she’s so prolific, she just might get to a lot of the roles you suggested for her in this week’s giveaway.  I wouldn’t mind seeing her as the Witch in Into the Woods or . . . oooooh, Blanche in Streetcar!  (Good ideas, guys!)

But enough with the dream casting, time to anoint a winner . . . and that person is . . .

Matt Solari!

Congrats, Matt!  Email me, because you’re going to the Bowl!

And now, I’m thinking about going to Williamstown, because I’m feeling a need for an Audra fix!


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  • Mark, the retired NYC public high school assistant principal says:


    When you announce a winner of one of your great contests…PLEASE INCLUDE THE ANSWER/SUGGESTION THAT WON THE PERSON THE PRIZE!!!!!!

    Hope you are enjoying doing the blog as much as we civilians are hearing the inside workings of the theater!

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