Why your website should resemble a church sign.

Every day on my commute to high school, I drove on a highway that passed by a church that had a sign out on their front lawn.  And every day there was a was different message.  A psalm one day.  A reminder about the pancake breakfast.  A missive telling you not to drink and drive around prom time.

And of course underneath each of those “headlines” they listed the upcoming days/times for Mass.

Consumers drive down the information superhighway as they contemplate what they are going to purchase.  And your website is the sign on the front lawn.  It’s important that you change up the message on the home page for the passersby, because remember, most people won’t make a purchase on that first visit.  Too many shows (and companies, for that matter) let their sites go stale, without any new information, any upcoming special events, any news.

Imagine if that sign I passed on my drive only said, “Mass on Sunday at 12:00.”

After the third drive, I’d go numb to it and start looking at whatever was across the street.

Seems like a good end line for this blog, right?  But wait . . . there’s more.

The above seems easy, right?  Just change your home page every so often . . . done.

Well, yes, but it’s important for you to remember this principle before you build your website.  Tech can be tricky, and if you want to be as flexible with your messaging as modern marketing needs you to be, then you need to tell your designer your intentions early.  It’s hard to change the foundation of a house once the top floor is built.

So the first step is to make sure your website can be updated easily.

Second, it’s your job to keep the site cracklin’ with fresh content.

And if a church can do it, so can you.


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