Yep, There Are 5 Things We Can Learn From Donald Trump.

Ok, before I launch into this blog, let me say something for the record.  If Donald Trump were ever elected President, I’d send the entire cast of Spring Awakening to the White House to sing “Totally F@#ked.”

That said (and a shout out to the Associate Producer candidates who inspired that idea in last week’s group interview), despite his mouth, despite his mind, and despite that hair thingee, Donald Trump is still leading a whole bunch of polls.

Shocking, isn’t it?  I mean, don’t you find yourself saying, “How in the name of all that’s holy is this happening???”

Whenever I see someone crushing it in our business (or any business), I dig in to figure out what the heck they are doing to achieve the success they’re having.  But I dig even deeper when it’s someone I don’t agree with.

So I did that with The Donald, and came up with 5 Things We Can All Learn From Donald Trump.

1.  People Respect When You Speak Your Mind

What’s amazing about Donald is that he knows half most of the things that come out of his mouth may piss a lot of people off, but he doesn’t care.  In a world where people dance around the truth, or second or third guess themselves before they speak (even strong minded me overthinks a lot of things I say on this very blog), no one can say that Trump doesn’t say exactly what is on his mind. You know where he stands at all times, and a lot folks are giving him props and votes for that.

2.  It’s NOT None Of Your Business

Trump is known for being a businessman.  Scratch that.  He is known for being a successful businessman, to the tune of billions.  We’re living in an era where people want to know their leaders have business sense.  It’s why Trump is leading.  It’s why Romney was a candidate.  And it’s why all Producers should understand the business of Broadway.  People want to know that their leaders know the ins/outs of whatever business they are running.

3.  Making Yourself Known in One Market Can Help You In Another

Trump is a real estate star.  He’s a reality TV star.  And that celebrity status is without a doubt driving votes his way.  Ok, so you probably can’t become a celebrity by the time you want to produce your next show, but you can use whatever you may be known for to help increase your status.  I’ve seen countless of folks come into Broadway from other businesses and “use what they got” (to quote Gypsy) to make a new name for themselves.

4.  You Can Win By Not Winning

I believe that Donald Trump knows he can’t win.  So why is he still running?  Well, of course he likes the attention, and yes, he does believe wholeheartedly that the country needs a slap in the face.  But I think it’s more than that.  When he withdraws from this race, he’s going to sell his endorsement to the highest bidder.  And he’ll get owed some serious political favors when it happens.  He’s always thinking about the next negotiation and the next deal, and you should be too.

5.  All Publicity is You Know What

Trump has owned every election news cycle so far.  He helped draw the most viewers ever to a primary debate.   Every water cooler convo is about him.  And surprise, surprise, he’s winning.  All this while insulting immigrants, women, fellow candidates, the current administration, war heroes, etc.  Keeping himself in the news has kept him at the top of the polls.  You’ve got to do the same thing with your show and yourself . . . but, and this is what Trump can learn from all of you . . . there is a way to keep yourself in the news without being an ass.


It’s a big thing to admit you’ve learned from an adversary, but it can be rewarding.  So take a look at the people you can’t stand, ask yourself why you can’t stand them (is it because they’re doing much different things than you would ever do, yet they are still successful?), and then steal their best stuff, but put your positive stamp on it.

Oh, and don’t worry, don’t worry.  He won’t win.  But he is going to stir things up along the way for sure, so buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  But it may also be the most dramatic election we’ve ever had.

Hmmmm . . . is there a musical in this? Not sure, but if so, Trump will probably produce it himself.  And star.  And direct.  And oh the merchandising!


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  • Let’s give Trump financial history a little more scrutiny. He has declared bankruptcy three times on the millions which he inherited (not earned), and was given millions and millions in subsidies and write-offs by the government.
    Actually, a lot of HIS money is really OUR money that has made its way into his bank accounts via the government.
    I somebody who inherits a fortune – squanders it and declares bankruptcy three times REALLY a successful businessman? – or just a conman with a good kneejerk p.r. instinct?

  • Jed says:

    “You know where he stands at all times”

    I would say ‘not’ at ‘all times’ depending on which way the wind is blowing. He does things on the fly and thereby leaves a clear record of flip-flops. As you watch the news reporting his story each hour, notice all their heads exploding. This is what it looks like when someone’s head explodes. it’s happening right now. Look at Lawrence O’Donnell, or Chris Matthews, or George Will, all their heads are exploding. My head is exploding. His campaign means that we’ve finally caught up with satire. The old sci-fic series Max Headroom predicted this kind of thing decades ago. But that was an over-the-top Farce. This ISN’T!

  • Sue Cohen says:

    His campaign motto: We shall overcomb!

    If he wins, or even if he gets the nomination, there’ll be hell toupée!

    Have you googled pictures of how the White House will look if he wins? Here are some. Talk about fun on a Friday!

  • Thomas says:

    By Donald Trump leading in “any” political poll, just goes to show how uninformed the masses are. They must think they are watching “Reality TV”! Mr. Trump has turned this presidential race into a circus!
    How sad for the intellectuals, who believe in great leaders, but now must contend with this clown. Not even the serious contenders and news media know how to deflect his rhetoric.

    • T. Fielding says:

      The uninformed that I’ve come across are all cheerfully backing Hillary. A woman with 40 yr of scandals and criminal history. One of the reasons she laughed at the prospect of being indicted is that the head of the FBI is her guy (on the board of the Clinton Foundation), the former head of the CIA (Morell) is her guy and is now working as an apologist for her, the AG is connected to her and stands to get a job if she is elected. In a NY Post editorial in 1987, Hillary funneling money to the PLO via the the New World Foundation was written about. She was best friends with the Arafats and had them over for dinner many times despite the fact that they were banned from entering the USA under Reagan’s administation due to little thiings like blowing up school buses. Trump is actually a patriot. Not a sell out. (Hillary has been caught with a “Pay for play” set up via the Clinton foundation. Huge donations for political favors). Trump gives voice to the war by demographics which has been the bread and butter of the Left – which offers everything to the notorious “Dream Act” to illegals to preferences based on race with the understanding of procuring votes. During bubba’s relection bid as pres, he ha a small stadium in Southern California of “immigrant illegals” sworn in en masse in time to vote for his relection. Believe it or not it was covered in the NY Times. Trump’s views are out of a fashion with the East and west coast moneyed elites. But there are still a sizable number of actual Americans around to vote for him in high numbers. The Left though seemed to be counting on the mass border crossings and the enormous birth-rate disparities to ensure their success at the ballot box … at the expense of the country.

  • Charlie Fink says:

    There is a musical about this. It’s called “Who’s your Baghdady” by Marshall Pailet and A.D. Penedo. It opens at the actors temple 147 street September 26

  • Trudee Lunden says:

    I get my Friday night laughs reading your blog post Ken. Thanks for the FUN! “You gotta have a gimmick”…

  • Barry McNabb says:

    As noted by Tristan, let’s discuss “successful”. His major bankruptcy in the late 80’s was avoided because he would have taken down Bank of America with him. He was the original too big to fail. And as far as being assured he won’t win. Let’s not forget this is the country that put W in that office, TWICE!!!

  • John Lallis says:

    You left out the most important reason: he is saying what most of the people in the country(MYSELF INCLUDED) believe, and he has no fear; most others running have no backbone. Why do hit Broadway shows become hits?? Because they resonate with people. So does Trump.

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